March 13, 2005

Dedication for my book, "Dusty Angels"

I am a survivor!

My sister and I grew up fleeing from Child Protective Service workers who only saw a glimpse of the conditions in which we were being raised by our grandmother.


This is not about the ancestry of the Brantley family, the Mascunana family or the Cash family.
It is a biography about my life and those who helped create the paths I chose
I must write this so that my brothers and sisters
will know who I am!
My mother will understand why I can forgive her.
My children will know the long journey I took
before they were born.
It is a gift to myself and a legacy to the future!
Dedicated to Jim - The True Love of my Life.
I am and will always be - Your Angelwings!
To my baby sister Sandra - You will always have
a safe haven in my heart!
To my children Billy and Philip - You are the Joys of my life.
Both of you are following your dreams for higher education,
and each of you are married to perfect mates!
Katie Yoshihara for Billy and Shelley King for Philip
"I Must Have Done Something Good".

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