June 10, 2018

New Book Coming in 2018

It's finally in the hands of the publisher!  The revised Dusty Angels and Old Diaries with the long-awaited epilogue is complete! We hope it will be out in time for Christmas, 2018.

In the meantime, I've been busy post-retirement still working full time as a hospice nurse near Denver, CO.  I'm also working on my Master of Science in Nursing online through Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  I don't physically go to school there.  They offer the online program.

Maybe I still feel like I have unfinished business in life. Or, maybe I'm afraid if I slow down, something bad will happen. For sure, it keeps me young at heart!

We've had some changes at our house!  Back on September 19, 2017, I had a stroke that landed me in the hospital!  (Something bad?)  But through prayer and the clot-buster medicine given within three hours of my stroke, I had a complete recovery.

In October, we got a new puppy. Paris is a purebred Finnish Lapphund we named Paris!   She is a handful, but the idea was for me to exercise more and 'walk the dog'.  We love her dearly!

Most of my online updates have been through Facebook, but we're back with you at Linda's Notebook and will keep posting here as well.

I'll try to add a photo of Paris when she was 4-months old. She was born October 28, 2017.

Take Care on the Journey,