January 26, 2008

The Kitchen MOTH

How To Organize Your Kitchen
Or, "Do The 'Kitchen' Dance"

I believe that kitchens are like children. Each one is different with their own shape, personality and usefulness. And, they need to be cleaned up all the time! (I started to say, “Kitchens are like men…”).

Because I’ve worked as a home nurse for many years, I have seen most every kind of kitchen. Some are so sterile and spotless, I dared to walk in them with my socks on. Many kitchens are warm and cozy as the center stage of the home. Sometimes I find kitchens that have become a combo package of the bedroom, washroom, laundry room, mailbox and garbage dumpster.

In my experience, the one area that is 100% consistent is that I have never found a refrigerator that had room for my lunch bag.

I take that back. Some time ago I walked in to client’s kitchen that had two beautiful full-size refrigerators lined up together. The top of one was covered with a multi-colored Spanish doll, and the other had the usual array of cereal, paper plates and bottles of old wine. I opened the door of the Spanish doll refrigerator to place my lunch bag inside but stopped cold when I found the inside to be warm, dark and old smelling. That one was ‘dead”. Opening the second, I jumped back at the sight of a dried up roasted pig and green slime that once was a picnic delight. There was plenty of room for my lunch, but it was disgustingly spoiled on the inside. Some people I know are like those refrigerators, but that’s another story.

Picture your kitchen right now. Look under the sink. Peek into your refrigerator (unless you already have that picture in your mind) and tell me what you see. Well, never mind. Unless you are like my little sister, Sandy. She has spent years rebuilding and designing her small kitchen to fit her personality as a great cook. Her little 8x10 kitchen nook is a clean, well organized, user friendly, picturesque place to fix a quick breakfast, or serve a great Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.

I've learned a lot from her although I have no idea where she learned so much about organization and cleanliness. She lived in her car when other young women her age where getting married and having kids.

Would you like to have that “ahhh” feeling when you walk into your kitchen every morning?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew what to put on your grocery list, and you stayed within your budget?

How would it feel to have a place for everything in your grocery bag when you got home?

Imagine what it would be like if you could prepare a meal and have every ingredient on hand?

When you finish reading this article on how to organize your kitchen, you will find that you may actually enjoy cooking, and your ‘family’ will feel more relaxed at the dinner table that was under there somewhere. You may even find yourself eating healthier and feeling better. Not every suggestion from my kitchen will apply to your kitchen, but hopefully many ideas will be useful to you.

By the way, are you a Kitchen MOTH? Or, do you as the MOTH (Mother-Of-The-Home) have little say on what happens in your kitchen? If you are not happy with your present kitchen, you can take a stand right now and become the MOTH in your kitchen because you are always the MOTH (Mother-Of-The-Home)

If you want to make a change, here's one suggestion. Run everybody out of the kitchen for a weekend as you flitter about emptying drawers, cupboards, tops of counters, the microwave, the stove top and the top of the refrigerator. Dare I add, 'the kitchen table"? Like they do on those clean house shows on TV, make piles to discard, send to storage and to keep. And only keep what you have room for! That’s the “Big Secret”. You don’t need 49 drinking glasses on one shelf in a small kitchen. Keep a half dozen on a shelf closest to the refrigerator or drinking water, and put the rest on the top shelf or in a storage box.

Rule #1 “Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.” That works for the entire home. I even have a place for safety pins and those extra pennies. As the MOTH, you can make that happen too, but that’s another story too.

When we moved to a new home a few months ago, my husband and I started to clash in the kitchen. His rule of thumb is, “If you can see it, you can find it.” I found myself getting grumpy when he stacked all the cookies and tea bags at one end of my clean counter top; placed all the bread and chips on top of the dishwasher and piled the extra paper plates and lunch bags on top of the refrigerator. He was confused. "Isn’t that the way it is in every kitchen? “, he asked.

"Not in my kitchen,” I said with a flutter of my MOTH wings.

"Just tell me what you want”, he grumbled as he walked out of the kitchen and into his study where he couldn’t hear a word I said in response.

Before we moved into our new home, I had counted the number of drawers and shelves in my ‘new’ kitchen. In my mind, I had replaced everything from the old kitchen to my larger one. Personally, I like the counters to be open and clear. I want each shelf to be assigned for the things we use and the frequency that we use those items. I also don’t like bending down and lifting the items that I use most often. (Big bowls, bags of potatoes, large pans and heavy bottles).

The oils and seasonings are within reach on the shelf to my left as I stir the soup on the stove. I add the salt and place it right back on the shelf with one hand. Also, under that shelf of seasonings is the shelf with two sets of pots and pans. Not in the cupboard across the room from the stove, but right where I can reach UP and bring them down to the stove as I start to prepare a meal. Extra pots and larger cooking pans are stored in the pantry area (or pantry shelves) so I have more room for the eggs and cereal dishes in the kitchen.

Think about how you cook; what you normally prepare for the family and the movements you make in the kitchen as you prepare the usual meals. Make it a dance to glide gracefully from the cereal boxes to the bowls to the juice glasses, bread, toaster and jam.

If you are short on storage space, don’t be afraid to use your walls and the insides of the cupboard spaces! Next to the stove on the kitchen wall, I have hung several plate holders that serve to hold the favorite lids for most-used pots. I have put pretty hooks inside the cupboard wall for the splatter lid for the fry pan when the oil starts splattering on my favorite blouse. Also, I keep the strainer on a hook next to the sink for that quick grab when I’m holding a pot of boiling spaghetti water over the sink and have forgotten to grab the strainer.

Speaking of the sink. Why is it that we keep the most poison, the heaviest containers, and the least used items stored in the most used area of the kitchen in the most favorite place for small children to play? Under the sink!

Is it something from the cave days when we had to grab the biggest stick to fight off wild animals? I decided to change the rules here. First, I place old pillowcases (since that is something I have too many of) under the sink. It can absorb leaks and is easy to clean up when we move again. In that spot to the left of the water pipe, I placed a narrow wire extra shelf to hold trash bags because that is something I hope everyone in the house will want to use, and it’s easy to say, “The trash bags are under the sink”.

Under that wire rack, I place a box of plastic gloves for messy garbage (for those who think it’s messy), unclogging the sink drain quickly or handling raw meat (should you eat meat). Next to the trash bags (and close to the dishwasher), I keep the dishwasher soap. Under there, I keep my flower watering can for household plants that need water. Way in the back, I put extra clean things that I don’t use often like extra pots for my plants and ‘safe’ items that I’m the only person interested in. Bleach, wasp spray, cleaning supplies and paper towels do not belong under the sink because they are poison or too difficult to get to when you need them in a hurry!

If your family snacks a lot, designate one shelf in the kitchen for those snacks. But, As the MOTH, you should keep that area refreshed and organized often. Because my hubby has a sweet tooth, and because I sometimes crave dark chocolate, we have a drawer reserved for our favorite candy. Old or non-favorite candy is discarded immediately!

The American Way for designing the front of the refrigerator is where I differ from most Americans! Kids' art belongs on its special art board placed on a highly visible wall in the home. Photos belong in a photo album. Phone numbers should be put in an address book. (In a kitchen drawer, if you want.) Schedules belong on a calendar. Magnets go in the trash because little children can choke on them. Maybe you could be like my little sister and make your refrigerator door look like a colorful vacation brochure that you can relax and dream about while you do the dishes.

If you want the kitchen to run smoothly, there are two MOTH rules to remember. Number one. As the MOTH, you must be responsible to empty the dishwasher, or the entire kitchen process comes to a grinding halt. Number two. The MOTH will always empty the kitchen trash. You may delegate who takes out the trash after you have placed it outside the back door.

If you don’t use a dishwasher, please accept the MOTH responsibility to wash the dishes, or make it a team project where you sweetly do the washing while others follow your gentle commands to clean the top of the stove and wipe the counters with disinfectant.

Because my husband wants me to be happy, he finally took the time to let me show him where everything goes in “my” kitchen, and he has learned not to let the dishwasher intimidate him.

What is the secret about the top of the refrigerator and microwave, or that space between the top of your kitchen cupboards and the ceiling that your mother didn’t tell you? As you sit at the kitchen table; or watch TV in the family room; what part of the kitchen can you see from your chair? Yep. That’s it! As the MOTH, I want those spots to be “happy places” for my family and guests to see as they glance into my kitchen.

With that in mind, I have teddy bears lined up close to the ceiling on top of the cupboards. Plants and a couple lunch bags are the only items on top of the refrigerator. (I hear your gasp.) Pretty candy bowls sit on the microwave.

How many times have you pulled opened a kitchen drawer only to slam it shut in fear or frustration? (When I was a child, that is where we could always find baby mice.) Once in a client’s home, I opened what I thought should be the silverware drawer only to find it full of hot chili peppers. No matter what you choose to put in the kitchen drawers, make it a MOTH rule to keep them neat and clean. Do the “kitchen dance” to discover the best place for utensils you use. I keep a drawer supplied with a small spare hammer, nails, kitchen hooks, magic marker, (for labeling food), scotch tape (to seal boxes of dry food), used only by the MOTH. Sandwich bags and like items take up one drawer (near the sandwich makings). Everyday silverware is kept especially clean in a drawer in keeping with my kitchen dance. Better silverware and sharp knives are kept separately in another drawer.

Mugs are kept with the hot chocolate and tea. Juice glasses on a shelf close to the refrigerator. Heavy dinner plates and large bowels store near the dishwasher or dish drain on the lowest shelf. (For that bad back I don’t have.)

By the way, if you have a pet and keep the dry dog food near the kitchen. I made the best $30 investment of my life to install one of those shelves under the kitchen cupboard that holds a small trash can that pulls out. It could also be used for trash or anything you use several times a day. It takes up some space, but is well worth it!

If you think discussing the inside of your refrigerator is too difficult to talk about, please believe me it can be a delightful subject for a good MOTH to discuss with another MOTH.

Refrigerators are like …men. They like you to take good care of them – and they get spoiled easily! The number one rule here is that the MOTH must always take responsibility for keeping the refrigerator happy! Men won’t toss out the cheese because it looks funny, or dump the milk because it’s too thick to pour into the glass. They will go "out" to eat before they will clean out the refrigerator.

I suggest that you do the kitchen dance inside your refrigerator too. What do you use most often? What do others use most often? Teach your family what goes where and flutter those MOTH wings as you gently repeat the instructions over and over again.

I special ordered an extra shelf for the refrigerator because I wanted a four-inch space for lunch meats, cheese, eggs and small containers of leftovers. Hubby likes to snack in the evenings, so he has a container on the bottom shelf for his little treats. I want cold Dr. Pepper ready at all times, so the top shelf is reserved for a 12-pack that I don’t have to reach way back for. One bottom drawer is reserved for those small condiments you pick up at fast food or restaurants. It holds all those extra small containers of extra real butter, soy sauce and even honey packs for tea. Don’t expect anyone to remember where everything goes, but over time they will learn it’s so much easier to keep the MOTH happy when they can

A good MOTH cleans out the refrigerator (and the freezer) the day before trash day because it’s going to smell bad somewhere if you don’t. Taking responsibility for this task is also worth the effort and saves one more opportunity to complain because the kitchen is a mess and the refrigerator smells like dirty laundry!

Here are some more helpful tips for your kitchen.

Make your pantry or designate some shelves as your “kitchen store’ where you keep extras to save your valuable kitchen space.

Keep large holiday pots and pans in a storage area.

Keep your cans of food organized into soups, vegetables, tomato items, olives, pickles, etc. Get Lazy Susan’s for things you can stack together in high areas of your kitchen shelves.

Don’t keep perishable items in your storage or pantry area.

Put all light bulbs together in a box or plastic container in your storage area.

Label leftover foods in your refrigerator with that magic marker in the kitchen drawer closest to the refrigerator. It will help as you keep the refrigerator fresh and clean.

Keep pad and paper in the MOTH drawer of the kitchen with an address and date book.

Use a trash can with a lid that can lift with your foot in the kitchen. Use 30-gal bags in your kitchen-size trash can. Keep another trash can away from but near the kitchen for the family to put junk mail and paper products.

As the MOTH, you may have to keep the tabletop cleaned off. Lay out a table setting on the table and put candles in the center. Light them if people don’t take notice. This saves time and sends a message to all family members. The MOTH has entered the building.

Happy dancing!

PS Feel free to comment with your tips (or stories) below. Or, send me your article to my email (in Word form) to lindasbook@usa.com and I might post it here. Thanks

Take Care on the Journey


January 17, 2008

Abraham Lincoln's Religion

I got this quote from an ethics in-service handout I had to study. Hubby says this doesn’t sound like Abraham Lincoln. What do you think?

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion”
~Abraham Lincoln

Today's posting is about things I've been doing and thinking about since I last wrote. But first, every time I sit down to write at the computer, my loyal dog, Sheba, starts giving me these little ‘woof-woof’ sounds that mean she knows I might be sitting here for awhile and she would really appreciate a little outside run before I get too far along! I’ll be right back….

Okay. We’re back. Sheba’s settled at my feet under the computer table now.

Hubby has been sick with the flu all week. It started with what seemed like a head cold, then proceeded down to his throat and chest. He’s had pretty bad joint pains and has no appetite. Staying in bed most of the week, he is finally starting to sit up and take nourishment but is still extremely tired and without any energy. Now he’s coughing a lot and still hurts all over. FYI, he did NOT get a flu shot. I did at the insistence of my doctor but I’m not telling anyone very loudly in case I get sick too.

I enjoyed a mother/son conversation with youngest son last night. He reports that he’s learning more about how to be a better teacher every semester! This term he plans to ‘be a lot stricter’, he said. He was pleased when he overheard a student telling another algebra student that he (my son) is very strict. Youngest son and wife seem to love living in the south. With the single digit weather we are expecting in Michigan and Ohio this weekend, I’d rather be down south too!

The private duty nursing case I’m on right now has been going very well. You won’t find a more caring, helpful, courteous and considerate mother! She loves all her three children and doesn’t mind if they all climb into her lap at one time! There are three little ones in the home (only one is my “case”), but I love them all and am learning how to have imaginary pickle juice tea parties with a three-year old and I'm learning bits of Spanish with Dora! The dad fills in a lot helping mom, and always has a big hi and hugs for the kids when he gets home from work.

With respect to the agency I work for, I was just about to quit nursing when I took this case. So much conflict and bickering where ever you work these days! Burnout was just around the corner! It’s so refreshing to have a “good case”!

Allstate is our new auto and renter’s insurance now! Can you believe we were paying $736 every six months with Hartford! Allstate is only $450.00 (Saturn and van). As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no difference. Maybe I should have called State Farm first. (I have a friend there), but I was just following up on that TV ad where you get money back for no accidents. Since we have both been accident free for many years, I thought we should get in on that. It was a total surprise to discover that we’d been paying way too much for insurance. We added renter’s and still pay less than we did with Hartford for auto alone!

Did you notice a little Ohio Gopher, otherwise known as BAP stopped by and left a couple comments on my blogs? Better late than never!

I’ve found a new place to post articles. Check out
http://www.hubpages.com/ . I’m not sure how to find my page or even how to post very well, but it looks like you can sometimes get paid for your articles. I posted, “Flight Across America” on my first “hub”. Maybe you can find it by typing in that title. I also use a site called, http://www.helium.com/

Please feel free to leave a comment even if it’s just a word or two. It’s nice to know you were here.

Take Care on the Journey,

January 13, 2008

Happy Faces Even if You Can't See Them

It's Sunday night and I'm trying to lighten my mood. I'm being somewhat grumpy and fussy with little things around the house. I suspect I'm taking deep sighs without even knowing that I do it.

My sister would advise me to have a beer and soak in her hot tub. Well, she knows me well enough to just offer the hot tub and a Dr. Pepper!

It's one of those times I wish it was my birthday already, or, that we had some dark chocolate chunky ice cream in the freezer.

Hubby is being sweet. Job is going great. My cast is off and I can type and drive with two hands again. The house is clean, and they laundry is caught up. The weather has been so warm that our tulips are peeking through the ground. (We had to get some more dirt and cover them up.) In spite of all the positive things, my physic system seems to be off. Like there's a sad song buzzing in my head, but I can't name that tune.

Tonight, I took my dog, Sheba, for a car ride because it always makes me smile to see her jumping around and excited about going for a ride. She used to follow me around the house and look straight into my eyes when I was getting ready to leave with that, "Can I go too?" look, but now that she's completely blind, I have to say the words, "go for a ride". Then, I have to sadly watch her as she starts bumping into the doors, chairs and walls trying to find her way to the front door ahead of me.

It feels weird to have to guide her to the car door and push her bottom up into the back seat. But, after that, she's her old self standing between the front seats and leaning against me as she stares straight ahead while we drive around the block. Even with her blindness, Sheba is very happy when she gets to go for a ride. I can't imagine what she thinks she is looking at, but more power to her!

I've watched her in this new phase. We're positive that her eyes are total darkness, but she seems to have a sense when she's near something solid. Sometimes she jumps back before her nose actually touches something she's close to. Or, if she bumps into the bushes or tall grass, she just plows right on knowing she'll come out on the other side.

She has learned to trust me when she's on the bed and trying to figure out how to get down. When she positions herself on the correct corner and hesitates about jumping down, I say, "jump" and she does it gracefully and without that fear of falling that's usually there.

She likes for me to stay in one place so she can lean against my legs or lie down on my feet. Because she can't tell the difference between our fingers holding some treat and the treat itself, we've learned to say, "floor" when we give her something and she knows to put her head down and sniff until she finds it.

Sometimes she really gets confused and stands in the corner ( or closet) and barks loudly for me to come and help her. Other times, when we come home from work, she's gotten herself locked into a small area and is quietly waiting for someone to come guide her to the water dish.

After showing her the water dish or opening the the refrigerator door in her face, she usually can re-orient herself to most of the house. She has places where she hides her bones and it's usually out of the way places so her big sister, Ching-Ching doesn't get them. I guess she thinks if she bumps her head enough, it's a safe place to hide something.

While blindness is something we fear happening to us, it hasn't affected Sheba that much except for the getting lost in the house part.

Maybe when we feel sad or discouraged, we should think of Sheba and allow ourselves to bump into the walls a bit as we get back on track. (Click on the picture to "see' Sheba's sightless eyes. It's a little gross, but at least she doesn't have to worry about 'red eye').

Okay, hubby wants me to watch this new program with him. Thanks for stopping by. ( I check on the site meter so I know who's been here.)

Next time, bring chocolate, please.

Take Care on the Journey,

January 4, 2008

The Universe Within

My friend, Floyd, says our dreams come from fragments of the day that weren't washed away by a special chemical that cleanses our brain while we sleep. If that is true, I wonder where this one came from.

I walk across the platform, mindful of the person speaking at the pulpit, but disregarding any rules of etiquette, I step in front of the startled speaker and continue past him and on down the steps into the audience.

There is an empty seat next to a former teacher, and he gently taps the back of the vacant chair as he pulls me forward with his eyes.

Quickly and quietly seated next to the gentleman from my old hometown, I am surprised to feel a powerful but gentle flow of positive energy fill my entire body and every cell therein! I am now completely heedless of the monotone speaker and everyone else around me.
Without question, this is the most powerful but calming intellectual energy put out by the universe. It is energetic healing infused with strength and peaceful appreciation for life. I feel loved by the entire universe and everything associated with the past, present and future!

Before I have time to consider the inexplicable change, there is a slight touch on my shoulder and my friend is gone. His seat vacant next to me.

Where has he gone? Is he coming back? It doesn’t matter. I understand that now it is my turn to give back what the universe has given me. It is up to me to beckon the next entity waiting in the shadows. To give the same healthy soul-filling dose of that universal empowering feeling of peace and joy. I realize that it is to be this way without being told what is next. One entity at a time constantly replacing another as each body is replenished with love, forgiveness, peace and total acceptance of the universe with its countless other worlds and inhabitants.

My entire being feels stuffed with contentment and peaceful freedom within. I couldn’t ask for more! I feel light with happiness and purity. I must share the goodness, or I will burst!

Before I have time to question how I will do this, I notice a young woman at the edge of the stage. Her wide shoulders bent low from years of worries and frustrations. Her once perfect face is pinched with fear and pain. Her wide brown eyes full of sadness and regret, are swollen from tears of discouragement and anger as she searches the audience for a sign of recognition.

As her gaze falls on me, I nod perceptively and pat the empty seat beside me. I silently plead for her to come my way. She starts forward, then stops and reaches back into the chasm of darkness. Straining with all her might, she produces a large black iron-wrought chest. An enormous padlock swings back and forth from the heavy lid. The ponderous chest will not budge as she buckles under the strain to bring it with her. Finally, she turns and sits heavily on the chest. Her head low as she heaves with great frustrating sobs and heart wrenching wails of defeat.

Then, suddenly stepping around and in front of the weeping women, a small child comes forward. I haven't noticed him. Nor have I invited him. But arms outstretched, he limps and winces in pain as he crosses in front of the unenlightened speaker and continues his journey to the open place beside me.

As he edges closer, I gasp at the ugly sores, dark whelps and large blue marks that cover his thin, gaunt frame. His clothes are ill fitting and worn. But most pronounced of all is the helplessness in his eyes. Already, this little one who looks no more than 10-years old, appears to have endured more hard knocks, abuse, abandonment and grief than most living adults ever will.

Now he eagerly awaits the mysterious force that enticed him to the welcoming spot next to me.

As he sits carefully on the padded seat and reaches for my hand, it is clear that he is completely ready for the unconditional universally empowered love that had been passed on to me!

Happy”, he says with an angelic smile.

Incredibly so”, I whisper as I quietly slip out of my place beside the joyous child. “Please pass this on,” I offer, half instruction and half explanation of the event.

I glance up in time to see that the pitiful women has slipped back into the dark shadows with her earth-laden baggage of worry that restrains the soul and ties it permanently to the darkness. The heavy chest of time filled with trinkets of the past that she could not release. Selfishness. Greed. Insensitivity. Ungratefulness. Hate and Anger.

As I consider retracing my steps across the stage to follow the woman into the dark edges of the universe,
I am suddenly awake! It’s 6:10 a.m. Hubby sleeps beside me, his pillow wrapped around his ears as he often does in the wintertime. My faithful dog, Sheba, lies heavy against my feet. The air feels cool and my hands are ice cold.

But, the inner peacefulness of the dream continues to encase me like a warm swaddling blanket. Closing my eyes, I try to ease back into the cocoon I’d just stepped out of, but morning thoughts crowded in. Things. People. Work.

“No, let it go! I want back into the warmth and pure peacefulness of my dream!"

I could stay in that place forever. Past living. Past death. Beyond this earth. Back to the “People of the Universe” who have never touched Earth! A place where every heart is perfect. Every thought is love. Perfection in soul, mind, body and spirit. There are no worries or problems in the light place of my cocoon because everyone is alive with complete acceptance. Every thought is a blessing waiting to be shared. The eyes that meet yours are filled with unconditional radiant love and pure joy!

Back in my dream world, there is no darkness. Only a soft living light. Sometimes I hear footsteps outside my space. Heavy steps of those encumbered with the weight of imagined fears. I sense the desperate desolation of those who refuse to enter the light, or accept the welcome nod of a friend who offers a simple resting place for the soul.

Alas, this dream must end. The alarm clock jettons me to the preset time of 7:10 a.m. I press the snooze button hoping for another repose, but only the “comfort” of the feeling remains. It is a comforting ache that fills my heart.
I am sad that it must end. Where does this come from? Where does it go? There’s just enough left over to assure me that something real and pure and sweet was just here! Silently, I am assured that it will return in another time and space when I least expect it. When I do not ask. When I need it most.

And, Sweet Dreams,

January 1, 2008

Walk the Hamster - & Other New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's Resolutions is all backwards anyway. What I'd like to see at the end of the year, is someone who has honestly kept even ONE New Year's resolution all year long!

I told hubby that I’d like to make five resolutions that don’t (do not) include the three “R’s”. “Really should loose weight. Really need to go back to church. Really ought to stop eating dark chocolate.”

My explanation for not writing about the three “R's” is as follows.

The best ‘church’ I know is at www.clayfootsteps.blogspot.com and www.maidenbringerofpeace.blogspot.com . If I’m going to eat better, live more healthfully, exercise, loose weight, take better care of myself, work less and pray more, I will do that without the somewhat artificial means of a New Year’s Resolution.

Having defined what I’m not going to resolve by resolution, I've have come up with a 'to do" list divided into categories, so there’s a chance that one of them may finish the race that ends on December 31, 2008.

1) R eally should do
2) A bsolutely must do
3) W ish I could do

My RAW list…

Really should do…

Ask for $20 “Cash Back” every time I use my debit card and hide the money.
Clip my dog’s toenails on a regular basis.
Clean out the garage and get rid of anything I haven’t used in 5 years. 10 years? 20 years?
Buy a drawer full of new delicates. Colorful and lacy with no hooks missing.
Get an annual physical and include all those darn tests.
Learn to play a new song on the piano.
Save money for Christmas.

Absolutely must do…

Get a better desk computer.
Pay bills on time.
Remember everybody on my birthday list.
Spend quality time in my quiet ‘angel closet’.
Save money for Christmas.

Wish I could…

Travel to Paris with hubby.
Write a best seller
Buy a house in Columbus, Portland, Tampa, and Columbia SC.
Have a ‘family reunion’ and everybody in my address book would attend!
Save money for Christmas.

Really should not do…

I really should not… get up during the night every time our blind dog gets ‘lost’ in the house.
I really should not… talk on the phone, eat, read and take notes while driving.
I really should not… write things on my blog that embarrass my kids.

I really should not forget...that hamsters are "little things" as is most everything in life!
I really should not forget... that I am loved and I am special!

Take Care on the Journey,