April 27, 2010

New Coupon Blog by My Friend, Buffy

I posted this information on my coupon blog, but it's too good not to pass on to everybody. Please click Buffy's link HERE and see how you can start saving big-time by using her ideas and savings information!

Happy Savings and Free Stuff!

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April 26, 2010

Better Than the Duggar's

Mama "Duggar" Duck
(Linda Meikle photos)

Is our New Albany Mama Duck trying to compete with the TV Reality Show, "The Duggars"?The Duggars have a family with 19 children? (HERE)

We've been watching a nest near the pond where we live, and today Mama Duck brought her new brood of 13 baby chicks to our patio for a real live show and first meal for the family!

Sir Ceasar has gotten quite chummy with Daddy Duck as he comes over for several snacks a day and snuggles up to the window next to his reflection - or cozy with the cat! We've taken a series of photos of the daily event and it gives us a real hoot to see them interact together!

But, this evening as we sat down for dinner, we noticed Sir Ceasar more animated than usual at the window and was shocked to see all the babies running around the patio with Mama Duck! They were pecking up the cracked corn like they were starving!!!

Enjoy the photos that really tell the story:
I believe you can click on the photos for a close-up view.

In this last photo, Mama Duck came all the way around to the front door as they hurried back to the pond after their evening meal. I opened the front door a crack and stuck out the camera to catch one more photo!

More 'baby photos" later,

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April 24, 2010

April 25, 2010, A good day to get the Sunday paper or find a Smart Source Insert.

For some reason, I can't copy and paste here on the blog.

Over at my coupon blog, I posted have information about this week's Sunday Smart Source and Red Plum coupons. If you are interested, please click HERE or http://goldencoupons.blogspot.com for the update.

I'll post more later, but need to get ready for the day.

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April 22, 2010

Thank God For An Angel Friend

So many times, I'm the person giving and helping someone along the way, but once in a while I've been in a position to appreciate the gift of self from someone else. Today was one of those days. In fact, I'm so tired tonight that I'm not sure I have the energy to post this, but I believe my angel-friend deserves it.

While I love being a 'Redcoat' as I posted earlier, it's been quite a physical adjustment to the long hours and, in this particular job, having to actually stand at what seems like endless hours of standing at attention!

When I'm assigned to an area that already knows most of the basics of Epic, the questions stem from problems rather than a lack of knowing what to do. Those questions are few and far between, and when we aren't assisting with an Epic problem, we are expected to LOOK like we are available. No sitting down, playing with the iPhone, or reading a book.

The last two days have been particularly hard for me because I have an infected foot, AND because my 'business attire' includes shoes that are not made for standing in for a whole day at a time! I'm in a lot of pain to say the least.

Today, I asked my 'lead' about taking a break and her comment was, "That is the furthest from my mind right now" and it continued to be the furthest from her mind all day. So, I smiled, and stood at attention many, many hours yesterday and today.

At one point this morning, I actually felt like I was about to faint. My head felt woozy, and I heard a loud buzzing in my ears. I got a drink of water and walked around a bit, and wondered if I have ever actually fainted in my life.

At noontime, I telephone a classmate and FRIEND in another building to see if she could take lunch with me. As she stepped out of the elevator, she saw the look of discouragement and pain on my face. She immediately cancelled whatever plans she had for lunch (a nap in her car, I think) and asked me where I wanted to get lunch.

She offered to go get her vehicle and pick me up at the curb. She drove me to the drive-through where I got a child's lunch because there's no time to eat more than that and get back in 30 minutes.

She told me to 'take my time'. She would wait even if I took more than 30 minutes, she said. She turned on the a/c even though I think she was a little chilly and waited while I grumbled about my aches and pains and difficult people, between quick bites of food.

She said I was often helping others, and she was happy to help me out today.

It was so simply wonderful to lean on someone stronger than I was today. And, to see the honest selflessness of a friend.

I told her thank-you over and over again, but her 'gift' has lasted with me since that time.

It's easy to be a good friend when there's good times to be had, but to forget self and come to the rescue without being asked, is the kind that is heaven-sent.

Or, angel-sent, as I like to think.

That's the kind of friend I want to be.
Thank-you again, my friend!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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April 18, 2010

Have No Fear, A Redcoat is Here!

"I'm a Redcoat, can you tell me where Neurosurgery is?"

I was standing at the nurses station on the 10th floor of the building I had been assigned to as a Redcoat last Tuesday. My whole body was trembling with nervousness! I was so worried about being in the wrong place on my first day that I felt a little sick to my stomach.

If you don't know what a Redcoat is, you might not be associated with Ohio State University.

The entire OSU medical complex will have changed from paper charts to e-charting within the next year or so. They've been slowly changing over with several locations "going live" every few months over the last couple years.

Redcoats are medical professionals who've had training in the new program called, Epic. We are there to answer questions and assist everyone as they 'go-live' with the new computer program.

It's a massive, very expensive project that has many medical professionals anxious, resentful, uptight, alarmed, worried, distressed, reluctant, and even hostile! Doctors are hiding from it., or simply saying they aren't going to change! (Oh yes. They will.) Medical assistants are locking their doors. Physician Assistants (PA's) are nervous. Fellows worry about their jobs. Nurses know it's not a choice! Some old-timers are crying!

Most people do not enjoy change. And, this is a biggie for those who have to use it and for those who are trained to teach others to use it.

Last week was my first week to be a Certified Trainer in Epic or otherwise known as a "Redcoat".

Being certified is only the first step in being trained in Epic. Other people are actually more experienced, higher-level, better trained, professionals in Epic. But, most people who need our help don't know that. A Redcoat is a Redcoat!!!

While I didn't know where my unit was located, or even if I would be able to answer one question, when the nurse heard me say I was a Redcoat, she smiled real big and said, "Right through those double doors. Go give them hell!"

We are welcomed with open arms by the simple red jacket or lab coat that we wear! Everyone knows that if the computer doesn't respond to their command, or of they don't have a clue what command to give the computer, all they have to do is yell "REDCOAT" and help is only a red blur away.

I'm not full-time, nor am I an actual employee of OSU. I'm a contract employee through an agency that OSU uses to get the job done.

But, I do love this job!!! Not that I didn't make mistakes last week. (Nothing un-fixable!) Nor will I always know the answer to every question. But, we are a great team of Redcoats who are always happy to come to the rescue for each other.

I shadowed a trainer who's been doing this for three years, and she was the greatest!!!! She taught me a million 'work-arounds" as they say in Internet Technology (IT), and she made me look like I was a lot smarter than I was. Next week I'll be in a different building with other trainers, but I'm confident I will do a great job.

In the meantime, I'm exhausted. I have a sore throat, a bad cough, my right eye is bothering me again, and I have an infected toe from an ingrown nail that was confined in tight shoes for too many hours last week.

(Actually, the toe is much better after a treatment of Melaleuca Oil.)

As Redcoats, we have to stand in the hallway if we aren't helping someone. This is so if someone needs help, all they have to do is open their office door and look for a Redcoat. As people get more used to the program, and we are there more for 'standby', I think I won't have to be on my feet every minute.

I was going to write a lot more about other things like this cold weather that forces us to bring in my tender plants every night, and Grandpa Cash's three-day visit last week. But I'm too tired and feel like it's way past my bedtime.

Just so you know, I love my new job! And, grandpa had a wonderful time.

Check out the new coupon posting on my blog http://www.goldencoupons.blogspot.com

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April 9, 2010

My Tulip Garden Spring of 2010

As I crawled under the warm blankets and settled down for a good night's sleep a few nights ago, I suddenly sat up in bed and grabbed hubby's arm.

"Oh my! I forgot to take pictures of the tulips, and it's supposed to rain and turn cold tonight. This was the best day our tulips will ever look!" I exclaimed as I reached for my robe and slippers.

While hubby rubbed his eyes and eyed the clock, I dashed out into the night with my camera to capture a few photos of my tulips before the rain and cold dampened their spirits.

Not only do I enjoy the first flowers of Spring, but it's so much more rewarding to know that I planted each tulip bulb many months ago in the fall of 2009. (With the help of hubby and son, John). Each future colorful plant waited patiently in the dark soil for about six months to sprout and peek green tips from under the snow. Now they greet us along the path to our front door.

This is my tulip garden 2010.

Some picture are the ones I took late that night, but the daylight photos were taken the next morning, and my tulips were no worse for the weather!

The sprouts are the Morning Glory seedlings (April 12) that I hope will climb to the second story of our home.

Remember, you can click on each photo for a close-up view.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

April 4, 2010

K-Mart Deals!!!!

Check out my K-Mart experience with coupons today. I got at least 25 free items such as laundry soap, Rubbermaid containers, bath items, Johnson & Johnson products, and more.

I posted it on my coupon blog HERE. The coupon special continues all week.

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April 2, 2010

The Easter Bunny Has Arrived in New Albany, OH

(Linda Meikle Photos)
What a beautiful day for Easter fun!
My ears are almost ready for the big day!

Let's see if I can remember how to do this...
Don't I have a nice tail?
It's called 'A Quick Trip to Meijers".

Oh yes, that was easy!

See you at the park!!!

Take Care on the Journey,
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Felicidademi / Congratulations! - Billy Cash

First, Don't miss the K-Mart posting over at my coupon blog HERE or http://goldencoupons.blogspot.com/

Many of you are looking forward to a busy Easter weekend - or a very quiet one while others celebrate. I'll be waiting at the doors of K-mart for the double coupon special. I hope it's worth it!

My good friend, Neil, (who doesn't have a computer to know when I'm writing about him) has been busy in his SDA church conducting a Passion Week service twice a day. He sounded optimistic about it when we talked Sunday even though only seven people attended the first service. He lives in WI and called to congratulate me on getting my R.N.

My son, Billy, is very happy about winning a prize campaign ribbon from armorama.com.

http://www.armorama.com is the largest community of Armor/AFW modelers on the Internet.

Billy has almost 150 photos of his models on his flicker account
HERE. I'm still checking out all the photos of his intricate and astonishing detailed work. If you have any trouble finding his work and have Facebook, he has an acccount there.

My son also has a day job. He is a Spanish Professor!!!

Way to go Billy. Keep up the great work!

I believe in Spanish, we would say "felicidademi Billy"!
(I sure hope that's right. I researched it a long time on the Internet!)

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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