March 15, 2012

Frog's a Jumpin'!

Well yes, here in Colorado and all points east, the frogs are awakening. Crocus are blooming, and Daffodils are starting to spill across the forest floor!

The title of this posting is the name of a new Geocache that came out today. Since it was fairly close to home, I hurried over to see if I could be First to Find.  The following is how this cache was described by the geocache owner, "Broncoman61"

"On a beautiful day...the sunset will be awesome and give you a gorgeous view of Croke Reservoir with the mountains far in the background. On an average's still a great view of the reservoir with the mountains far in the background. On a bad might not see the mountains, but the relaxing calm of Croke Reservoir is still worth the view. Take a seat and relax for a bit. You'll be glad you did!"

You can hit me now for not taking a photo, but the strange story is as follows:  "Not FTF but found a new friend at this cache site! When a man walked up to where I was searching, I asked which Geocacher he was. He responded, "What is that?" As I explained what I was looking for, he (being at a lower level than I was), pointed and said, "I see something right there!" ha ha The non-Geocacher found my cache!!!! There's a story with every find!"

The Frog's a Jimpin'! Geocache was not a micro on the bench as I expected. (That's why I pack a small mirror in my geocaching kit.) It is actually like a magnetic business card attached on the bottom of the small trash can that's attached to a pole. 

It's a beautiful 70 degree day here in Denver, CO.  The cats beg to be allowed into the backyard, and the dog wants a very long walk. 

Hubby has a job interview today at Home Depot. After almost three years of being unemployed, our fingers are crossed!

We hope this day continues to smile on us and all of you! <3 (that's a heart sign online).

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life

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