May 30, 2007

Toys, Chocolate and House Cleaning

(Title change and revised posting)
After many days on the job as a nurse, I finally have a couple days “off” during which I’ve been busy ‘spring cleaning’ in the middle of summer.

Plus, I'm trying to implement some aspects of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) into some aspects of our home. (Gleaned from my little book, "Feng Shui for Dummies".)

As I contemplate the difference between ‘how it used to be’ and today, I realized the comparison is so great, I wanted to share with you a day in the life of Linda!

Remember in my book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries, how Sandy and I would be wakened by an angry grandma who always accused us of ‘sleeping until noon’ even if was only 5 a.m.!

We were accustomed to bathing in the cold snake-infested waters of Carver Creek? Shampoo was an old chunk of Ivory Soap. Conditioner was unheard of. A good laundry day was when the clothesline didn’t fall into the mud or the clothes didn’t freeze dry? Our garden consisted of hot burning sun on our heads, hours of backbreaking weed pulling and deep splinters in our hands from the old broken hoe? Our skin was flea-bitten and our feet bleeding from going barefoot. Our little bodies ached in pain from frequent beatings and festered bruises.

House-cleaning meant carrying buckets of water from the spring deep in the woods to wash the dishes with, and chopping firewood for the cookstove from large slabs of hardwood with an old ax that weighed more than we did? Mopping was done on our hands and knees with cold water. Dusting and window washing were considered un-necessary and a waste of time. There were no bathrooms to clean and no lawn to mow!

But, no matter how hard we worked and tried to please grandma, she would always find something find something wrong with what we had done that day, and it was most often bad enough for a whipping or off to bed without any supper – usually both!

So today, I’m ending a ‘housecleaning’ day and reflecting on my past and present. There’s been no complaining, no whipping, and what about that fine meal Jim and I just enjoyed at Cracker Barrel!

Starting with the early morning sunrise, there was no urgent command to get out of bed. Just Jim tiptoeing so as not to waken me as he prepared for work. Sheba snoozing at my feet and the curtain closed to keep out the morning sun. A good-bye kiss accompanied with “sleep in and enjoy your day”.

But I had busy plans for today ,so I slipped out of bed before 8 a.m. I like to do the housework first, and then take a long soaking bath or warm shower. (It helps ease the back pain that always comes with most any work I do!)

Laundry…Let’s see. Should I use the Free and Clear for Jim’s sensitive skin or Downey Simple Pleasures’ Vanilla and Lavender for my sensitive nose?

I sweep the kitchen, vacuum the carpets and shake the rugs. I still appreciate carpets instead of cement floors, and I love selecting various assortments of rugs for every room! It’s been many years since we lived without those fine things, but I will never forget the difference!

Fresh sheets on the bed. Do I use the dark blue sheets that match my dark blue curtains with embroidered butterfly's in many colors? The streaming sunlight makes each butterfly glow. I bought the material and made these especially for our bedroom! Or, I could make the bed with Jim’s favorite wolf sheets?

In childhood, we slept on old rags and discarded clothes! Our blankets for those below zero nights were more of the same! Windows were cracked and ill-fitting and let in the cold wind and snow. Sometimes we stuffed the holes with more rags to keep out small animals.

And oh those pillows! As children, our pillows were old clothes stuffed into dirty pillowcases. Today, I have a set of king size for the headboard. Another pair with pillowcases that match the sheets (the blue ones), and of course feather pillows for sleeping! Jim gets the soft handmade fuzzy pillowcase to keep his ears warm, and I’ll use a silky pillowcase to keep my hair nice.

My little work bucket includes Windex Spray and Windex Wipes for the windows and mirrors; Old English and Kleen Guard for dusting; Scrubbing Bubbles and Flushables for the toilet and Leaf Shine and Miracle Gro for the indoor plants. There is an unlimited supply of cleaning cloths and paper towels! (Growing up, we had no luxuries such as paper towels, paper plates or toilet paper!)
Of course, there’s a lot to dust these days. There are teddy bears on the headboard, dresser and bedside tables. Angels of all ages and sizes are scattered throughout every room. There are nightlights, angel lights, wolf lamps, 3-way lights, candles and twinkling lights.
(In Missouri, we had oil lanterns and the occasional flashlight. What few toys we had were hidden in the attic so grandma wouldn't take them away from us.)

I say good-morning to the dolls, stuffed animals, flower vases, waterfall planters and plant life in every room as I clean and care for each one!

I chat to each member of my family pictured in beautiful matted frames (many created by Sandy). Each one must be cleaned carefully and tenderly with love and kisses! My boys look at me with all those expressions almost forgotten in the passing years! Jim can’t wait for the days he can grow that beard and let his hair get long again. In the meantime, we keep a picture of those days right next to the kids when they were young enough the smile unabashedly for the camera! There’s baby pictures of the boys, grade school pictures, high school pictures, paper route pictures, pet pictures, leaving home pictures, travel pictures and wedding pictures.

Examining each plant as I give just the right amount of filtered water, I am amazed at how my indoor garden has overtaken the house! Vines sneak through the window shades and hug the picture frames on the walls. I count at least 12 potted plants in the living room alone. Not to mention the patio garden of flowers that already has produced a few roses and lilies.

In Missouri, as a teenager, I planted my first flower seeds in a plot of earth I had tilled with a heavy railroad pick. Now, I go to Wal-Mart and pick out the plants almost ready to bloom!

So, before Jim gets home I’m ready to take that long warm bubble bath. Let’s see, we have Warm Vanilla Sugar, Apple Blossom, Lilac or even Frozen Daiquiri bubble bath fragrances. I decide on the Warm Vanilla Sugar. And, no bath would be complete without candles (unless you are bathing in the creek)! Today’s candle will be the Victoria’s Secret “Halo” from a selection that includes Roses, Sunflower, Cucumber or Pineapple!

Oh boy! What lotion will Jim notice today? There’s Lady Stetson, Magic Moments and Dream Angels for starts. There’s a dozen more under the sink! Lets go with Dream Angels.

Traffic is heavy and Jim's running a little late in the big city. Sheba watches for him from her post on the foot of the bed at the window that overlooks the parking lot. (We set up the room so she would have a looking post on her world.) I sit down to play selections from, "The Sound of Music" on my KR-370 keyboard.

As a teenager in Missouri, the old upright piano had many keys missing and the keyboard was sticky with age. The peeling brown piano leaned forward like it might fall over onto me as I sat on a large can to play songs like, "Day Is Dying In the West" in preparation for Friday night sunset Sabbath.

Today my keyboard has One Touch Set-up Buttons, one hundred Tone settings and one hundred programmed styles. It includes a Karaoke mode, a high-quality concert grand piano sound and also features a Composer!

I can have a snack before supper and before Jim gets home? In the nice clean refrigerator I can choose milk, juice, tea, pop, Gatoraide or cold bottled water. I’ll be good and not sneak apiece of Godiva chocolates Jim got for me last week or the Godiva Chocolates Sandy got for me some time ago. Or, my favorite dark chocolate Milky Way candy pieces. There's also fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

Growing up, everything in the icebox was dark and moldy. Our only choice of drink was goat's milk. Chocolates were what grandma had hidden in her third dresser drawer (and we didn't get any cause we weren't good enough!). Vegetables contained a variety of worms and bugs from the garden and they could sometimes be spotted crawling across the table as we tried to eat "all our food" or we could expect another whipping!

Slippers for my tired feet, as I sip the tall glass of cold orange juice? I have big and fuzzy, soft slip-ons or a huge selection of pretty socks. Jim could guess this one…I’ll go barefoot, thank-you.

Take Care on the Journey,

May 25, 2007

Bye, I Will Miss You Too!

Photo by Linda...

Today was my last day filling in for a nurse at a workshop for Mentally Retarded Developmentally Disabled (MRDD) Clients. For privacy reasons, I can't list the name of the place or it's clients and employees, but the good-bye's were as if I'd been there for 20 years! In the last three weeks, I've gained some wonderful friends and discovered some exceptionally great insights into the 'community'. Such beautiful people and their caregivers you will not find anywhere else.

I got hugs, cards, treats, applause and sad good-byes all day! Most of all, my fellow partner nurse (my supervisor) was such a cool person to w-o-r-k with. Yes, we were constantly busy and on the run, but she is a great nurse and even better friend and defender for the clients. She is honest and true and fair. Those kind of people are few and far between these days - in work or in private!

When I got to work this morning, there was a big sign on the nursing office door. "We will miss you, Linda. Thanks for a great job." On 'my' desk was the lovely gift. The pretty butterfly pin you see pictured at the top of this posting. She had added a special card, and a heavenly dessert she stayed up late to make for me last night!

There's a story about the picture of the pin. It took me over 3 hours to post because of computer problems, but I was not going to give up until I got it DONE!

First, I took the picture of the pin on the usual small digital camera. But, because we crashed the computer last week, the 'on-line' computer wouldn't recognise the camera at all. So, I loaded the memory card into the laptop and saved to a flash drive, but the computer wouldn't recognise that either! (Poor Jim. I haven't told him yet.) So, I said "fuzzy for you! I'll save the picture to a DVD and use that port." But the laptop said it couldn't read the 'new hardware' and needed to load that and for me to restart the computer. After doing all that, I had to ignore messages that said it couldn't do THAT either and move on until I finally got a picture saved using SONIC on the DVD. But, when I switched the DVD to the online computer, it would OPEN the picture, but wouldn't save it to the hard drive! Finally, Blogger recognised the picture from somewhere and uploaded it for me. And, that's the story of the pin picture.

I want to thank all those who helped make my journey at the workshop more pleasant, and I promise not to forget you! I hope a few of you will make it to this website and know that I appreciate everything you did to make me feel welcome and comfortable!

For those traveling on this Memorial Day weekend, please be safe. For those just 'catching up', I hope you get all those things done on your list - even if it's just resting up!

For those (like me) who will be working as usual - here's a toast that work will be easy and everyone will be kind to each other.

Take Care on the Journey,
Where ever it leads in the next few days!

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May 23, 2007

Leave The Change in The Pop Machine

..Or any other Random Act of Kindness...

The other day I needed help with something and a young man came walking by. "Oh good, just in time," I said to myself. But, he walked on deep in his troubled thoughts as evidenced by the frown on his face as he passed by.

Funny how I cannot remember for the life of me what I needed help with just then. Perhaps a large box I was moving. It was difficult for me, but would have been so simple for the young man to quickly and kindly help me with.

Maybe that was made to happen in my 'Karma Universe' because it made me think about how long it's been since I practiced something that always brings me (and others) joy....That Random Act of Kindness where there is no expectation of reward.

I recall that my youngest son enjoys doing that once in a while. Sometimes to one of his students or a co-worker or simply a stranger he meets on life's journey. I can tell when he's been up to his acts of kindness because it shines in his eyes and hides in his voice!

That's my message for today. Let's see how many different kinds of unexpected helpful things we can share tomorrow - and days to follow. I think it will change our "heart song" during the business and toil of our everyday life.


May 20, 2007

Rush-Limbaugh and Me

The other day I was listening to Rush as I waited the 30 seconds for the news to come on. The program topic related to his numerous failed marriages and who he would select as wife #7 (or close to that number) if he got married again.

(Suggestion #1, If you are a married man, don't act like this.)

What is of interest to this story is his reflection that maybe he is more devoted to his radio show than he has been to any woman and that's why he doesn't stay married - although he says he really would like a good women by his side.

"I spend every waking minute thinking about what I will do on this show," he said. (Or something like that.)

Now jumping to a completely different but somewhat related subject, I've been reading a posting over at Clayfeet. His posting, "Reading the Unread" is so long that I'm sure most of you would not read the whole thing. (It has taken me several tries.) But he questions why we blog and why we might go back and re-read what we have written.

I've asked myself the same question a few times, and others have rather bluntly pushed the question to me many times!

"Linda, Why put your private thoughts and personal information out on the web for the whole world to read? Are you crazy?"

Actually and respectfully, I'm quite normal. That is the whole message of my website.

Strangely, while people laugh behind their hands at someone who keeps a diary, many would take a peek at it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity! As a lifelong 'diary keeper', I can attest that to be true. Like the cow coming in for milking every evening and the rooster crowing at sunrise, people by nature will peek into diaries left unlocked on the bedside table. (Actually, most of my 'locked' diaries were eventually mysteriously broken into and 'unlocked'.) People are innately interested in what goes on in other people's heads!

Like Rush (but not as obsessed with it), I often think about what I'll post here at Dusty Angels. I think of my readers as my invisible friends. I want to give something that you can relate to. I'm reaching out in hopes that when you have 'peeked' into my life, you will find that we are often a lot alike. We do the same things. Encounter the same obstacles. Fight the same demons. Share the same joys. We are not alone.

I have two sayings that are "for sure". "Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. No one really wants to be alone."

I have tested that time and time again, and it always comes back to a "for sure' even if at first it doesn't seem that way.

After all the questions and explaining that Clayfeet does so thoroughly, I think it comes down to the one answer.

If you feel loved and appreciated, you will come back for a peek because it means you are not alone.

Okay, lights out time for tonight.

Take Care on the Journey,


Back In Service!

Welcome "Youngest Son" who has added this site to his Navigation Bar.
Thank goodness for techno savvy Jim! A new hard drive and hours of re-installing programs and I'm on the web FROM HOME! We upgraded to Windows XP and a higher version of Explorer too.

I'm still searching for all my favorite haunts, and some I may never find again because I lost all my 'favorites" section. Uggg!

Please, dear reader, remember to write down addresses, blogsites and places of interest, so if your computer drops dead, you have a back-up! Also, keep refreshing your external hard drive or save to disk any information of importance! I'll be months catching up on all I lost and some I will simply never get back.

I'm sure in the coming days, I'll think of other things I 'lost' in that moment of time when the computer just started rebooting itself and wouldn't do anything else. Just now as I added a picture, I realized I lost perhaps hundreds of pictures that I had in my picture file. ....Including all the photosbylinda photography pictures...Shelley has a disk with those, so all is not lost there.

Well, I'm still around and plan to keep writing and reaching out to those who stop by this way.

Take Care on the Journey,
~Linda/Mama Linda

May 19, 2007

Cyberspace Still Limited...

I'm back at the library where it is rather noisy today. A mother is teaching two of her little children how to use the computer right next to me. Haaa... How spoiled I am! Soooo used to the quietness of home where the only thing to spoil the peace is Sheba "asking" to go outside! I'm sure someone will hush these little ones pretty soon because they are getting quite animated in their excitement to see the magic of cyberspace right before their eyes!

Jim is at the computer store looking for a hard drive. Ours was about 8 years old and wouldn't reboot with the rescue disks, so we are pretty sure it is a bad sector problem and ... (boo-hoo)... I lost all files not saved to the external disk. And, I'm ashamed to admit how many that was, including the first outlines of my second book, "Baby Crying".

Sheba and Ching-Ching spent a busy morning at the (new) veterinarian's office on Johnstown Road. A lady vet and her staff who specialize in big dogs just wrapped our dogs around their little fingers! Sheba sat back and wasn't going to put a foot inside the exam room, but when a cute "doggie nurse' took her leash and offered a tasty treat, Sheba followed without a whimper! They suggested I wait outside the door and look through the two-way window at how "nice" Sheba was when she thought I wasn't there! They kindly offered an explanation that it's a 'territorial thing' about master and dog. Well, whatever it takes for Sheba to have a good experience at the vet! I suggested no shots or nail clipping on her first visit so they put her on the 'elevator' exam table and made it go up and down a couple times to get her used to it and the staff there.

They each got a new Prevent-Tick collar that supposedly puts a vapor around the dog so no tic will stay on them. Unlike the liquid you put on the dogs, this works by keeping the tics off. The liquid doesn't work until the tic bites into the dog. Did you know that?

I'm anxious to post a story about my nursing experience with the MRDD population. They are absolutely amazing! Things they know about their world astonish me! Friday, a loud alarm screeched through the building and suddenly, like little robots, they started walking in a quiet lines to the bathrooms. A tornado drill! The kids who minutes before were in timeout, rocking back and forth in their chairs and pestering each other, became dead serious about their 'drill'. They told ME what to do!

I'm thankful for finally getting to work with a kind supervisor who's been very patient with me as I learn the tedious little nuances about the job. She's invited me to her home to soak in her hot tub, but I had to decline. I explained that with Jim and I both working full-time, we are too exhausted to do anything but get up and go to work and collapse on the bed (fully dressed!) when we get home!

Good news for me! In June I'm flying to Tampa for Sandy's birthday! (She has a hot tub too.) We're already planning shopping trips and good food to cook! Too bad for Jim...He's staying home to babysit the kids who aren't allowed to fly in airplanes!

Well, I have 21 minutes left on this computer to check my emails and other blogsites! Wish Jim good luck on restoring the home computer!

Don't forget to visit (and perhaps leave a comment) and the Sisters of Sunshine website.

Take Care on the Journey,

May 11, 2007

Diaries Live Forever

My first 5-year diary started in 1964...

I’m writing off the cuff here after working 20 hours of the last 36 but feeling a relief instead of being dog tired. Funny, how much a happy, rewarding job can bring invigoration and strength! I love working with the mentally retarded, developmental disabled (MRDD) clients again. (This is my 3-week, full-time day job.) But, I don’t want to loose my baby case, so I’m trying to do both on some days!

Today, the second nurse was at a meeting all day, so I was alone in the nurses’ office except for a steady stream of headaches and stomachaches all wanting Tylenol and a big hug! Since I don’t know very many by name yet, I had to make a game of getting them to tell me their first and last name and being able to understand the language of MRDD. Several offered to stay at the nursing office all day and assist me getting the ID’s straight and finding Band-Aids, nail clippers and other supplies I needed, but couldn’t seem to locate. Helping themselves, they opened the correct drawer or cupboard or box to find what I needed. “It’s their world and they master it.”

Still, I stayed on time with medications and other treatments that were due. The other staff commented at end of day that I did a great job today! Most didn’t know MY name, but they knew I had done a good job…Maybe it was the smile!

At the mailbox on the way home, I got several letters from long-time friends. One especially I was worried about because I had sent her my book and had not heard from her in several months. I was holding my breath because she has known me for many, many years, and she had every right to be critical of the memoir! She is a Laurelbrook graduate too.

I closed my eyes as I tore open the letter and almost asked Jim to read it first. Quickly scanning it for telling words, I began at the top and was pleasantly surprised.

She wrote, “Your story really touched my heart. I enjoyed reading the whole book. You sure are a detailed person, keeping a record of every detail.” She commented that it was amazing to think you know someone, yet not know they lived that kind of childhood. She adds, “Thank-you so much for the book.” (whew again)

Another friend from here in Ohio, whom I used to work with, sent me a note telling me that her sister surprised her with the purchase of my book as a gift and she enjoyed it cover to cover. (To Authorhouse Publishing. Someone HAS bought my book!)

On the other hand, I can’t resist confiding a secret.. More than one source has informed me that my “X” is telling people that my book is, “full of lies”. Those same people tell me that he said he has not read the book. Too bad. Making a judgment about a book you have not read is quite hypocritical.

Notice I’m not naming names here because if I was, in a few days one could type names into google and come up with this blogsite. That is not my desire.

But I do wonder if in the eventide days of Mr. “X”, as he sits in the old rocking chair with his March 2035 Time Magazine on his lap to hide the book he’s secretly reading, if he will be surprised at how very true the story is. Memories will come rushing out at him that he has almost forgotten over the last 45 “good years”. Words from my old diary pages will refresh his memory and perhaps bring a tear or two as he is reminded of how kind I really was to him. And, how very true the story was!

When one is old enough to be able to look back with the wisdom of a lifetime, life takes on a whole new meaning.

I don’t believe Mr. “X” ever knew about my childhood as it really was. Most of the old book will be a ‘surprise’ about the woman he was married to for almost 23 years.

On page 237, I wrote, “Today, many years after our divorce, “X” is probably as happy as he will ever be and I am happier than I have ever been.”
Happy Mother's Day, Mom

May 9, 2007

Back to Work!

Pictured is the TREE my son planted in our front yard about 12 years ago. The house belongs to someone else now, and we live several states away, but the tree will always belong to me!

Nice trip! Wonderful program. Now tired! Perhaps my friend at the peaceful blogsite is ‘catching up’ too because she hasn’t posted since we returned from our Michigan trip.

As predicted, I enjoyed visiting family and friends in Michigan. I toured favorite places and took pictures as I usually do. The Blossomtime Parade was going on in St. Joseph, so I had to turn back from my scenic tour along Lake Michigan.

Here in central Ohio, the baby goslings have hatched and are following mom and dad around all the little ponds. Daddy Goose is obviously the Proud Papa as he keeps his head high while mama goose and baby goslings peck away at invisible tidbits on the ground! So far, I haven’t had time to stop and take some really cute pictures for you. They are darling little fluffs of yellow!

I’m filling in for three weeks at a ‘day job’ in nursing, and this has interrupted my morning times at the computer. In fact, the schedule has messed up my innate ability to think and plan! I can’t seem to accomplish anything – day or night! But soon, I’ll be back in sync! And, off the early morning schedule!

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday. The last few years, I’ve had a mother to celebrate with - something I didn’t have while growing up. (Usually it’s the other way around!) Sadly, I put off sending that little package until today. She probably won’t get it until Monday! But, phones will be ringing and children will make up for procrastination - and moms across the nation will cherish the special messages of love!

My publisher, Authorhouse Publishing issued the quarterly report that says no one bought my book, “Dusty Angels and Old Dairies” during the months of January, February and March 2007. I just don’t believe that! I didn’t expect to have sold a lot through Barnes and Noble or, but too many people have TOLD me they ordered it, for not ONE to have gone through the system. After being sick to my stomach for a few minutes, I called Authorhouse and asked them to double-check their facts! Of course, I have no control over whatever the publisher wants to tell me. But, I’m going to personally place an order through Barnes and Noble (as a paying customer) and see if I ‘show up’ on the second quarter statement!

With the change in my schedule, I’m not sleeping well and dreaming lots! I think I’ll start a book depicting the crazy dreams I have. Like most of you, if I don’t write them down when I first wake up, they are gone….gone…gone. But, this morning and yesterday morning I woke up thinking those darn dreams would make for some great reading. I’d give an example, but of course, there’s nothing there now!

Time’s up! Time to start supper and some laundry. Maybe grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Can’t seem to plan supper ahead of time either. Menu ideas would be welcome.

Give someone a smile. Add a hug if you can. Close your eyes and enjoy one from me!

Take Care on the Journey,

May 4, 2007

Hometown - Here I Come

I'm headed back to what I call my hometown in southwestern Michigan this weekend. Not that I was raised there, of course. But, my boys spent most of their school years there. and I still have many friends in the area. The picture posted is a business for sale near my 'hometown' that I found on the Internet while searching for some pictures for this post. The new by-pass has put that once thriving business out of business now.

Many changes have occurred since I was the township clerk and later a correspondent for The Herald-Palladium. My wedding photography business, Magic Moments Photography was "born" there!

Political News in my hometown is not positive these days - from what I can observe living several states away now. The 'mayor quit, and the COP is under suspect. But life is like that. As my Jim likes to say, "If you can't keep up, take notes."

While in the area this weekend, I'll drive around the old haunts including a run down to St. Joseph to view the crashing waves along Lake Michigan and listen to the never-ending call of the gulls and laughter of kids at play along the beach. I'm sure the water is still ice cold!

I'll take a drive to places of solitude along the beach and remember how those quiet times brought renewed energy and peace. I'll visit Andrews University, drive along the St. Joseph River and check out our old house like I always do when in the area.

It's always refreshing for me to see old friends and reunite with my son and wife, but coming back home to hubby and my dog, Sheba, reminds me that we all change and constantly move along the current of life. It's up to each of us to choose our paths wisely every day, for that will lead to the end of our journey.

Take Care on the Journey,

May 2, 2007

Which Style Do You Like?

The card on the left is the card I created for the SOS Club, but I later found the 'massage' card. I can use either card for future orders. Which one do you like best?

SOS Cards

By now I'm mailed several of you some pretty Sisters of Sunshine "SOS" cards to pass out. I've posed the following story as a comment at the SOS site. (HERE).

I’m encountering some wonderful experiences as I give away the Sisters of Sunshine “SOS” cards in the Columbus, Ohio area!

Yesterday I had lunch at a little restaurant and noticed a lady across from my table fanning herself. I commented, “Too bad it’s not snowing outside so you could go stand out there.” She immediately agreed and told me it was a combination of her cancer meds and hot flashes. Because she was so open and friendly, I handed her my last SOS card from my purse, which she was delighted to get. She promised to go check out the site and leave “us” women a message. We hope to “see” her there!

Earlier in the week, I was having a small salad at the local place in New Albany. I had worked late the night before with my ‘crying baby’ case and just wanted some peace and quiet before I went back for another 8 hours. I noticed an elderly woman trying to catch my eye at the table in front of me, but I politely avoided eye contact. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. But, as I was leaving and passed her table, she grabbed my jacket and said, “I noticed we’re both left-handed. How about that?” She was lonely and wanted desperately to talk. So, I sat at her table and listened to her tell how all her girls have grown up and her husband is gone and she’s getting dementia. She was in town to see her doctor. Before easing myself away, I gave her an angel card that sent her into more long tales about her mother having that picture and how precious it was to her.

My friends at the New Albany post office promised to visit the site. One lady has a new laptop and is glad to have a site to visit with her new computer. My other friend there has read the book and knows all of us like we are her family.

At Maxim where I do private duty cases, the HR person and the RN were happy to get cards and said they wanted to visit the SOS site.

At the post office, I laid a bunch of cards on the counter and they were gone before I left the place!

The cashier at one of my favorite stores wanted extra cards to pass out and another lady asked for extra for her women friends.

I always mention that these SOS cards are FREE and the site is “Sisters of Sunshine – Women Helping Women”. They scheduling guys at work said, “Oh yea, a man-bashing thing” but I assured them that it is not that, nor should it be a place to push religion.

Just women supporting each other and sharing our stories.

Take Care on the Journey,