August 24, 2012

The Secret

An 'unusual event' happened to hubby and I while Geocaching today. 
You decide what happened... 

     This afternoon, hubby and I decided to do some local Geocaching. I wanted to put some of my polished Colorado sto
nes in the local Geocaches. We also found a couple new Geocaches, and then decided NOT to find one that was too far in rush-hour traffic.
     At the last minute, I suggested that we go to our Geocache that is named, "Two Sisters Kiddie Cache". It's the only Geocache belonging to my sister, Sandy, but I check on it and keep it filled with kiddie swag since she lives in Florida.
     As we pulled into the small parking lot of about six spaces where the Two Sisters Kiddie Cache is hiding in a rock wall beside the parking lot that overlooks a large lake, there was one car pulling in ahead of us. I told Jim to be careful that the lady in the car didn't notice him remove the cache from the wall. I stayed in the car watching the lady and her car. The lady stood in front of her car looking at the lake. (Good Geocachers are always on the lookout for people who would find and remove Geocaches.)
      I saw him walk to the spot and get the cache. When he got in the car, I asked him if he saw the lady. He said, "She asked if I had seen a book." Then he announced, "There it is!" There was a book lying on the ground exactly where he had walked to the cache! He swears he would have seen the book if it had been there when he walked to the cache. He jumped out of the car and picked up the book not 10 feet from where we were parked and right where he had walked twice!
     As he turned to find the lady to give it to her, she and the car were gone. Now if she had backed out one way, she would have backed out right next to my side of the car - within a few feet! If she had backed out the other way, she would have been within two feet of where Jim was standing. But neither of us saw her leave!
     We're still in a mystery as to this whole event. Jim says maybe she put the book there while he was focused on getting the Geocache from the rocks. But, I was actually watching to see that the lady wasn't looking. (She was standing in front of her car looking at the lake!) And, neither of us can figure out how she backed out of her parking spot next to us and disappeared when both of us were keeping an eye on her!
     I told Jim that strange things like this have happened in my life before, so I have faith that it could happen again without explanation. (Read my book.) With it happening to BOTH of us, we just shake our heads and believe that we need to read this book.
     This is where really gets strange. The book is about believing, visualizing and asking for anything you want and the universe will send it to you!
     Even MORE exciting is something Jim knew nothing about. Today, I wrote a note to our long-time friends Floyd & Tania Phillips. In my note, I asked if they would find me a good book that wouldn't tell me I was a bad person, but would be positive and uplifting. (They are always reading good books.) 
     This book titled, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has just what I asked for in my note to Floyd and Tania! It was waiting for me before I asked! Just as the book says will happen if you believe!
     A mystery? A miracle? I'm simply thankful and grateful that it happened to me.

Thank-you to the Universe!
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August 15, 2012

Donations For Star (My sister's little dog.)

Sweet little Star Baby - as my sister and her husband call their precious little rescue dog - just got out of the dogie hospital, and the vet bills are overwhelming for Sandy and Craig. 

Star was in the hosp. from Thursday to Sunday, August 9-12, 2012 and is slowing improving from something called Immune-mediated homiletic anemia (IMHA)
Her body is killing off her red blood cells just before being released from the bone marrow, the doctors don't know why. She still must get a blood test every day to check her anemia. She is still on several medications, but is starting to eat her food and bark at the neighbor dogs again!

On Thursday, August 9, when Sandy rushed Star to the vet, her red blood count was 10. She was so near death they wasn't sure she'd make it to the hospital that's 40 minutes. away from Tampa to Largo, FL.

If any one can donate toward Star's expenses that are already over $2,500 please click the Pay Pal donate button. Any amounts will be appreciated so much.

I'm placing my Pay Pal Donation button on this site and will double check that it works. All donations will go to my Pay Pal and straight on to my sister for Star's vet expenses.

Thank-you in advance.

Take Care on the Journey,


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