September 17, 2012

Fall Colors and Diamonds in Colorado

For those of you who follow me on Facebook (as DustyAngel), you may have already glimpsed these photos taken as we travel through this area of the country.  I'm adding a combination of fall colors, a trip to collect diamonds from a creek near the nation's largest diamond mine here in Colorado (Kelsey Lake Mine), and some photos from a two-day jaunt to Yellowstone in August.
For some up-to-date news, I'm finally working at a nursing job that I love. I'm employed by Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) which means that three days a week I make home visits in the Denver area. This is just my kind of nursing, and it's such a great feeling to be APPRECIATED by those I work for. 
My next two books are a bit slow in being completed so that I can get them published, although it looks like life is going to allow me the time and space to keep up with my love of writing.
Oh yes I am!  I'm taking one class at a time to finish my Bachelor's in Nursing. Graduation date is now set for March 23, 2013.  Not that far off. Then I plan to continue for my Masters so I can teach nursing.
All this could not have been undertaken or accomplished without the loving support of Hubby Jim!
In the spirit of "the more the merrier", we have opened our hearts and arms and home to youngest son and wife. They hope to 'settle" in the Denver area, and Philip is hard at work looking for work!  Jim fixed up a bedroom and a computer room (two rooms) for them to have some privacy downstairs. We love it when they put their chief  hats and cook up some delicious new meals for us.

Finally, here of some of my favorite photos from the last few months...

Lilly pond at Yellowstone
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Jim enjoys the scenery
This is not Old Faithful but another one close by that blew for over 1/2 hour.
Old Faithful on August 18, 2012 at 2:35 p.m.
Old Faithful continues. I had three cameras and one video going!
On the way home, we took the long way through Medicine Bow Mountains
Turn around from looking at the lake, and you have this land of beauty!
My sister wants a cabin and a fishing pole here.
Miles and miles from nowhere but here!
A month later nearer home. Fall Aspen colors high in the Rocky Mountains.
The road continues. I don't think the road was even marked.
The area around Central City, CO September 16, 2012
Now off to the north looking for diamonds in Palmer Canyon on Highway 14.
This was our first time on Highway 14. It was awesome and georgous!
100 miles from home for this pan of dirt!!!!
We got as close to Kelsey Lake (Diamond mine) as we could get
and then got this pan of dirt we hope will contain gold or diamonds.
I told Jim maybe my tombstone will say
"She Found Diamonds"
(I don't plan to have a tombstone, but that's another story.)

Take Care on the Journey,

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