March 29, 2010

Tap Tap Tap Quack Quack

It's hard to believe another week is approaching Tuesday! Where did Monday go? At least we can expect some gorgeous (I'm learning how to spell that word) weather here in Central Ohio in the next few days. I believe we're suppose to get up in the 70's this week! A chilly, windy, 40 degrees was not my kind of spring today.

Grandson Zach was with us Friday night and Saturday. He and I did some fun things. Well, not to leave grandpa out. They played a new numbers game with dice that was suppose to be equal in talent, but Zach seemed to win most of the time. Anyway, we hope to have him here more often now that I'm out of school. Needless to say, Zach says he had a great time and expects a phone call invite every week.

With Kroger having a triple coupon event (up to 50-cents) this weekend, I made off with some real steals! I thought saving $35 and paying 69-cents was fantastic, but my friend (who learned couponing from me) got 58-cents back IN CHANGE! I didn't even know that could happen!

Some pretty much FREE deals (between all the local stores) included Huggies Wipes, Band-Aids, Martha (something) Muffin Mix, Snickers, Milky Way, and Reese's candy bars (another package off to youngest son & wife), Sunggle fabric softner, Halls cough drops, Steamfresh frozen veges, cat litter (99-cents for a 25# bag of Tidy Cat), Scotch mailing envelopes, Schick Quattro Titanium razors, Tuna, Reddi Whip, Monopoly and Connect 4 games, and something really special at CVS that I stocked up to use as Christmas gifts!!!!

While I won't tell what it was, I noted that something really neat was on a very good sale at CVS. I also had a $5 coupon to go with the sale. (Don't look!). I decided this would be my main Christmas gift to my favorite five this year! (I also wanted one for myself, of course.) Each store only had two in stock, so I made a mad dash to every CVS store within a 10-mile radius of our home before everybody got out of church, and all the couponers grabbed them up.

Whew, I made it just in time!!!! They are safely tucked away in my closet, although hubby says he can't believe I'm saving them all the way to Christmas!

I explained to him that, 'women do that'.

John came over earlier this week to get some planting pots ready for me, and I was planning to start some Morning Glories this weekend. But, that is one thing I didn't get done. The pots are in the living room (to keep the soil warm - ha ha). The cat is eyeing them, but has kept paws out so far.

Oh for a camera handy when you want one but can't move a muscle for fear of messing up the moment!!!!

We have this pair of ducks who come to eat corn outside our patio door in the evenings. In fact, you can almost set your clock to 7:45 p.m. every day. Our patio door is covered with a mirrored-like, two-way plastic covering to keep the heat out (when we had the dogs), and to keep people walking by in the back yard from seeing inside before we close the drapes.

Every evening when the ducks come by to eat near the patio, the cat gets on alert and watches them from the other side of the door/window, tail just a twitching!

Tonight, the male duck caught a reflection of himself in the window and came right up to the sliding door and started tapping on the window (at himself). He tapped with his beek right where the cat had his nose against the window. It was ELECTRIC!!!!!!

We were sitting at the kitchen table and didn't want to scare the duck away, so didn't even reach for the iPhone. (Although they probably couldn't see us anyway.)

Mama duck finally got flustered at the self-centered actions of daddy duck and started quacking loudly as if to tell him she'd had enough of his foolishness. He finally followed her back to the pond, just a fussin at himself.

Of course hubby has another version of the story, he says the duck was tapping at the window to invite the cat out to play...

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,


March 24, 2010

RN Free and Clear!

I promised to write on the blog after I got off work tonight updating everyone on the NCLEX-RN test results, but just as I logged off and left for work, the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBON) updated its website. My sister, who had been faithfully checking every few minutes for the last 28 hours sent me a text confirming the great news!

As my friend and former classmate, Edith, drove us to work at OSU where we are training to be consultants for the computer program, Epic, I called everybody on my iPhone to let them know the wait was over!!!!

From work, I was able to send a TITLE message from my blogsite, but couldn't do any typing in the body part of the posting. That's why a lot of you got just a title and no message. So much for technology. ha ha

I will be getting a letter in the mail with official confirmation and maybe a total score from the test. So far, I have a valid license number and an active license.

While I do have a nice contract job at OSU, I'm open to any good job opportunities. Please feel free to spread the word.

So many special messages popped up in my e-mail, Facebook, texting, phone calls, and voicemail. It's been even more fun and exciting to see all the goodwill and congratulations!

My son's Algebra class in South Carolina even sent congrats (and a hint for more cookies?). (Just kidding). Philip says he informed his class when I sent the text, and they were delighted and impressed that their teacher's mother just got her RN.

Billy almost reached though the telephone connection to give me a happy hug! His girlfriend says she is doing the happy dance by remote!!!

Philip's wife responded through Facebook, so the family's communication system was complete.

Hubby and I went out to Olive Garden for supper. He tells me over and over again how proud he is of me. We are a team!

So many are happy for me - and I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


Success on the NCLEX-RN


Still Waiting for Results and Off To Work I Go

For those interested in my day...ha ha

The results are not posted, and it's time for me to leave for work. I won't be home to write on this blog until about 6 p.m.

My sister and hubby Jim are watching the OBON for me and will text me with results. My phone is on vibrate.

BTW, I did the Person Vue "trick" and it won't let me 're-register'. Some say this means you can't re-register because 'you already passed'. But, this is totally unofficial of all officials!!!!

More later,


Savoring The Moment

While waiting for my results - which I expect now within a couple hours (unofficial through the Ohio Board of Nursing), I have been learning how other nurses have spent their time waiting for their results. (Try reading

Many are upset, nervous, agitated, and driving everybody crazy, while they rant and complain about the questions. Too many questions. Not enough questions. Knowing they failed and not able to cope with that.

For me, I'm savoring the moment knowing this window of time will never happen again and understanding that I have achieved this dream and goal in life. Well, maybe I've been a little more talkative, but I did sleep well last night.

Of course if my results want to pop up here in the Internet anytime now, that would be fine with me!!!

I'm thankful for my little sister, Sandy, who has faithfully checked the OBON website over and over again since I walked out of the testing center 24 hours ago to the minute. (It's 8:55 a.m. as I look at the computer clock.) She even checked it every two hours during the night.

Sandy knows that nothing happens with test results before 10-11 a.m. each day, but maybe they will push the results just for me. ha ha

So relax and enjoy the moment. Soon we will all be doing the happy dance together.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,


March 23, 2010

So, How Did I Do On NCLEX Test?

(How did I do? Return to this station in 24 hours)

For those who haven't heard by phone, email, blog, or Facebook, I completed the 75-question NCLEX test in 45 minutes today.

I felt relief and pride even though I cannot say with certainty that I passed the test.

I should find out on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, about 11 a.m at the Ohio Board of Nursing Website. (Not the official way to find out, but it's a wildly popular secret of NCLEX-takers!)

On the way out after finishing the test, two employees and I chatted about my ability to attend nursing school as a slightly older person. They also asked me what I thought about the test. I said there were so many, "select all that apply" questions that I wasn't sure how I did, and I didn't understand how I could have passed meds as a nurse for almost 40 years and not have one medicine on the test that I had seen before.

It was challenging to try and pick apart the names of the meds, and try to match them with a choice on the test, but I'm sure I did that as good as the next nurse. LOL

About the time I was getting into a groove; looking for ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) answers and delegation priorities, I was cut off.

(We studied all these things in school. I'm not letting any cats out of the bag as to specific questions or doing any 'brain dumping'.)

The computer kept track of which question number I was on, and at number 74, I looked up and said, "Are you going to cut me off now?"

It did.

I raised my hand for the kind, older gentleman to escort me out of the room. He quickly returned two coupons that had been removed from my jacket pocket. (He said I couldn't have any gum in my mouth either. I asked if I could keep my partial in.)

The coupons are for $2 off on All Laundry soap if anyone would like them. I have enough laundry soap to last a year.

Buffy has placed a bet of all her coupons that I've passed the test. Sorry, her bet is null and void!!!! (Even as much as I'd dearly love to inherit all her coupon stash!)

Looking UP - and Watching the Web!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


March 22, 2010

March 23, 2010 - A Dedication

In just a few hours I'll be living the dream I've thought might never happen!

I'll be sitting for my RN State Boards (NCLEX-RN).

No matter what score I get, I don't care!

I've been given the opportunity to complete a dream that I almost let slip away!

After 39 years and six weeks, of hoping and working to achieve the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, it looked like I might have to put the dream on a little golden shelf called, "Something I almost accomplished in my lifetime."

I've always been the most hard-working, dedicated, loving, caring,
Double-shifting nurse in town.
My family could count on me to work extra to make ends meet.
My co-workers could depend on me to pull my share - and more!
My patients begged me to come back and be their nurse the next day!

I valued a job well done over taking a break or leaving the floor for a good meal.
My charting was exceptional and almost always completed on time!
If I didn't know how to do something, I asked for information and did it by the book!
If someone needed to float to another unit, I always raised my hand
Ready to learn a new task or another kind of patient care.
ER, ICU, Peds, OB, Med-Surg, Post-op...
I didn't know that LPN's didn't qualify to work those places.
No one complained when I did admissions, patient teaching, treatments, and IV's.
Jobs that LPN were not 'qualified' to do.

I took extra coursework such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
When it wasn't in the job description of an LPN (and still isn't).
I became an Emergency Medical Technician
To learn the basics of life support and First Aid.
I volunteered as a CPR Instructor when LPN's were only doing 2-man CPR.
I took college classes in most every city we lived in for over 30 years.
Always working toward "the RN program".
I even got a few name tags that said, "Linda Meikle, RN"
And had to return them to HR.

My kids cheered me on.
My friends said I could do it.
But, without the strength and confidence of my HUBBY JIM
I would not have walked this very path.

Without HUBBY JIM opening that door,
And propping it open with his very body.
Without his total belief in me every minute of every day
And, without his working hard ALL day
So we could afford for me to not work at all,
I would not be sitting here in anticipation of tomorrow!

Without his loving support and secure arms around me
I would have left my dream on the shelf
For all eternity.

I thank the Love of my life
And the love of Billy and Philip
And the love of my sister, Sandy
And the support of so many friends
I can't began to mention all the names
For it would fill this page to mention them all.

I thank each of you
As I have completed this giant step of a lifetime,
With indescribable joy and pride!
It's been done with your support, trust, faith, and love

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.
And I give praise and honor to God who created me
And I give "thank-you hugs' to all who believed in my dream!

I ask you now to...
Never give up on your dreams!
No matter how long it takes,
Or who or what stands in your way.
Keep the dream alive in the darkness of night
And bring it to life with the sun of each new day!
Leaving behind fears, or thoughts of your mistakes!
Believe in yourself - and those who believe in you!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life


March 21, 2010

ONE Day Until RN - Here's the LINK to check my results.

The day of my lifelong dream is almost here! I'll be sitting for my NCLEX-RN (state boards) on Tuesday morning, March 23, 2010, at 8 a.m. (You know I'll arrive much earlier!) They have to sign me in and do checks to make sure I'm who I say I am.

I've been reviewing regularly every day for the last month - but there's no absolutely, positively way to guarantee that I will pass. At least two of my classmates have failed already. As of Friday, March 19, seven out of thirty-five have made it to RN. Most of the rest have not taken the test yet!

People tell me they're sure I'll pass - and I should! I expect to!!!! I'm PLANNING on it!!!!

I have already gotten business cards that say Linda Meikle, RN. I have ordered 35 graduation cards and reprinted 50 of my graduation pictures. These will be mailed out to my family and friends after I pass the state boards.

I've gotten the results process fine-tuned too. If I take test on Tuesday, the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBON) should refresh and change my name from Linda Meikle, Registered Nurse - application PENDING, to Linda Meikle, RN on WEDNESDAY, March 24 at about 11 a.m. EST. If it still says PENDING at noon, I might think that I'll be retaking the test...

For those few who might even want to do the checking with me on Wednesday, here's the LINK where you type in ONLY my first and last name (meikle, linda). (Make sure the top drop-down box says Ohio Board of Nursing.) You will see three Linda Meikle's to select from. Choose the last one for my RN application.

On Wednesday, I have to be at Epic training at noon, and if the results are posted a little late, I might not have time to post my results everywhere before dashing off to 'work'.

You can follow the link, to become comfortable with it anytime. It's the site where all employers go to confirm certifications.

If I have the link wrong, I'll re-post. I can't check it before posting.

This is my last "BRING IT ON" shout-out!!!!!!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


March 15, 2010

RN State Boards March 23!!!

I started my new job as a Certified Trainer in Epic for The Ohio State University today. Epic is the computer program that the University Medical Center(s) are rolling into to meet up with the new technology and into compliance with the new health care policies of the 21st century.

I think I'm going to love this new experience! The pay is top dollar for RN, but I'm classified as Information Technology (IT). They say that's so we can do our job training the medical employees in Epic and not be pulled into nursing duties.

In the meantime, my schedule has changed so much that I'm feeling extra tired in the evenings. It will be nice to get caught up with the new time change too.

For the record (and for those who don't already know), I'm taking state boards for RN a week from tomorrow, March 23. I can't wait!

 numbers Glitter graphics  ...

Take Care on the Journey,


March 13, 2010

My Coupon Blog

(The link didn't work in my last posting.)

Don't miss my latest updates on my coupon blog HERE. My site meter shows very few hits there. Maybe I should post something for FREE and get more traffic. :))) You can sign up as a follower and get the postings in your email too. (Top right side of main page).

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


March 9, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance Part 3

Jach is going to follow in his grandma's footsteps and graduate from college someday!

Floyd and Tania surprised us by coming for the weekend! The day before was Tania's birthday. It was great to have our long-time friends witness our celebrations!
John, brought "the kids". We already had our coats on to leave when someone remembered to take pictures. Should have thought to remove our coats, but we wear them so much these days. Hey, who is holding the diploma? ha ha
When hubby heard the name "Edith" he immediately took this picture. He's heard her name so much in our household this last 15 months, I think he thought she was family! She has become a good and loyal friend.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


Pomp and Circumstance 2-20-2010 Part 2

The view from the back of Wexner Auditorium as we walked in. (We walked in to 'theater music", but I'm sure I heard Pomp and Circumstance). I made great friends at school, but didn't get very many pictures here.

Walking in ahead of Lucy. I think she was the smartest in the class! Always helpful and willing to share.

I'm in the middle of the row. Of 34 classmates, 21 were at graduation.

Stacya (standing against wall) went with me to the ER when I slipped on water during clinicals and hurt my hip. She stayed with me and told funny stories that made me laugh the entire time. Good luck Stacya!

Sheila (red beads) has big dreams and a big heart. When we would study late at night, we would text each other with questions. She always turned off the heat in her home so she would be able to stay awake!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


Pomp and Circumstance 2-20-2010 Part 1

Photos taken with my iphone while getting ready and waiting! Lined up are Jacqueline (I think), Lucy (white rope), Dina, and Michael.
Two of our most favorite people! Dr. Merkel (right) and Juan. Whatever Juan's title is, it doesn't suit him. You could ask Juan for anything and he is there before you are!

Nannette adjusts Jessica's cap.

"Take my picture, please."
I was ready and waiting two hours before graduation started!
I immediately sent this picture to my sister in Tampa, so she could join in the moment with me.

Part 2 next...

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


March 8, 2010

The Morning After...

Well, you may wonder where I've been. Very little postings to keep you updated on the life and loves of my days. Guess you might call the last month since school has been out, "The Morning After"... You know what I mean? You've been there a few times in your life. Nothing bad. Just something different...Like a hangover except I've never had a hangover, so maybe that's not it at all. Whatever...It's been the morning after around here for me. Kindof like, 'Now What?" I can't even keep up with what day it is around here!!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Clayfeet, says he always writes his articles on his hard drive, does all his corrections, and posting to the blog when he's sure it's as ready as it can be. I, on the other hand, cannot do that with my current computer program. When I copy and paste, it doesn't put in the paragraphs and refuses to change it here on blogger, so you get less quality work and more quantity reflections. Just a passing thought as I start to write.

After my graduation (without music or professional photographer, thank-you Bohecker College), I've been busy with some job interviews, a job rejection (already), a job offer that is not full-time or permanent, and the start of a new home business venture.

Right here I'll thank my guardian angel who has been with me my entire life, for sending not one, but two photographers to record my graduation. Hubby Jim was busy with our camera, and our family friend, Floyd, also got good pictures, so I can have something to show for one of the biggest moments of my life. Some of my classmates "smiled" for the photographer we were told would be there, and are now finding out they were only smiling at the audience..

Pomp and Circumstance was mysterously silent as we walked in. I was so happy and thrilled to be making the journey of my life, that I didn't notice until I sat down that no music had been playing. It was pounding in my head! But, everyone else says there was no music.

Moving on...The new business venture is part-time, of course, but we are pleased with the prospect of making some extra money, making new friends, and promoting a very healthy product that we believe in. (No extra money invested!) That news will be another post (or you asking me). Hubby has been quite involved and helpful, so it will be a 'together thing". If my kids are reading this, they will ask me what it is. If not, they will wonder why I didn't tell them. ha ha. I will in good time.

I promised myself to keep busy with study for the state boards this month. I do commit to review/testing/review/testing several hours a day. I may be sorry as the final day approaches that I didn't spend 100's of hours in concentrated review, but part of me says if I don't know it after 40-years, I'm not going to learn that much more in two weeks. (Notice I didn't say that very loudly.)

Changes! Oh the changes in our home! On the day I finished school, Jim had his last day of work. Suddenly, we're both home all day. More meals to fix. More dishes to wash. More things to do together. More details to pay attention to. Who gets up. Who sleeps in. Who takes out the trash. Who is hungry and who is not. I believe you've been there a few times in your life on that one too.

Then came the snow for days and days and days! And, the bitter cold creeping all though the house. And, being cooped up in the house!!! It was pretty. It was unique. It was a master to be dealt with in order not to go stir crazy. And then, Jim suddenly hurt his back the second time he faced the demon with the snow shovel. After that, I was nurse, masseur, doctor, therapist, and catering wife - with painful fever blisters and infected eye!

I've been cleaning out the school stuff too. Papers, notes, copies, bookbags, notebooks, and files of files! Most tossed! I just needed to get them out of my way. I did. Sometimes with fatcat, Ceasar, lying on the the table beside me gently nudging everything off the side to the floor. Sometimes me just throwing everything into the 33-gallon plastic trash bag hardly looking at it. Sometimes I had to dig Ceasar out of the trash bag!

I've spent time updating my resume, asking for reference letters, reference people, and letters of support. I'm afraid I haven't thanked each one who helped me on that like I should have. I need to finish that tomorrow! Updating a resume is hours and hours of concentration and attention to detail. Hubby has been a big help, but I've also searched the Internet for new information. (Those who have seen my resume say it's awesome.) But, how does one put a lifetime in chronological order?

Oh yes, we did watch the Olympics!!!! So much in fact, that we reset our internal clocks and now can't fall asleep before 1 a.m. But, it was our winter entertainment and well worth the time we spent cheering our favorites and consoling those who didn't make the goal (or downhill as it was a lot). The next Winter Olympics will be in Russia. That may be very strange!

For Bonnie, I'm planning to be there on the 20th. Will have lunch with Billie and Dorothy. Maybe I'll see you. Maybe even more often. Have been giving it a lot of thought.

Well, twenty minutes from now starts the date that I celebrated for 23 years. The mind remembers even as I try to forget. Life always moves on, and so must we.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,