November 9, 2011

When The Kids Get Here

Oldest son and sweet fiance' are flying in from Portland.
Youngest son and loving wife are driving from Kansas!

The common phrase at our house right now is ..."When the kids get here..."

Mama Linda is sooo happy and thrilled to have her boys (and girls!) home again! I'm even delaying cleaning projects so they can be done 'just before they get here'. I'm not baking a turkey because in this high altitude, I can't seem to produce a nice pan of soft cookies. But, there's always Heavenly Ham where they have so much more than just select turkey and ham! We'll have some of my favorite dishes, and I've ordered a case of Worthington Chili to share for those cold winter days ahead. (They love mixing in some egg noddles and a can of Special Tomato Sauce. No tomatoes for oldest son.)

I'm sure it's been years since both kids were together for a holiday at home because of the distance apart, and our busy work schedules. (When did that become an excuse?)  LOL  I'd love to keep them here for a month, and I'm sure we'd go many places and get some 'extra heavy" need-some-help, projects done. But, I'll be satisfied to make a sweet little mountain excursion to Estes Park and enjoy chatting around the dining room table.

I'd love to post my favorite photo of the two sons as little kids, but I'm sure they would not appreciate it as I would, so just know that it's a joyful time around here 'waitin' on the kids to get home'.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your (happy) friend in life,

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