July 24, 2011

Work in Progress

Good News...

It looks like back to work for me!! I've accepted a part-time weekend supervisor job, and have a second interview for home health nursing on Monday.

We're hoping for a great week ahead with good news we've been waiting for!

Hubby also has a second job interview for a city position as a Grants Administrator.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life

July 19, 2011

Help Find Amy Ahonen

Amy's abandoned car was found along my favorite Denver highway near Golden, CO along Clear Creek Canyon where my previous postings of the kayaks in the mountain stream at Clear Creek were taken. It's also, where I saw the the mountain goats (pictures posted). So, I feel pretty close to this tragedy and want to help find her in what ever way I can. 

I've signed up to help place flyers. Please add links to your Facebook or websites if you want to help find Amy.

The family wants this information to get passed on everywhere, so please feel free to go to the websites they have put up to help find her and post this information anywhere you have an Internet link. You may also copy the poster posted on the link and put them up in your town anywhere in the world!!!!

Please help find Amy.

Here are some links to follow:  Find Amy On Facebook it's Find Amy Ahonen

Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,
Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com

July 6, 2011

Colorado Mountain Stream Becomes A Playful Roaring River

Clear Creek Canyon

The summer sun is still melting snow in the high mountains of Colorado, and that brings rising streams and flood warnings in some areas. One of them is along our favorite afternoon drive through the Clear Creek Canyon near Golden, CO.  I've been thrilled with some of the photos captured along the way.

On July 3, we took a 4-hour drive through the canyon, across Highway 119, and home via Highway 72. We didn't see any wild animals, but enjoyed the beautiful day and scenery.

We rounded the corner just in time to see these dripping wet guys bringing their rafts up from the powerful stream and across the highway to a waiting bus. 

The sign at the entrance to the canyon says, "No tubing or rafting", but this must be called something else.  lol

Zoom in for close-ups of these good-looking, jubilant, strong young men.  Oh yes, it was a beautiful day for cycling too.

Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,

July 3, 2011

The Camera Bag Is Full of Film - and Plastic Bags!

I suppose this title won't draw many viewers, but that's okay.  It's not my purpose, although I've been pleasantly surprised at postings that have inadvertently drawn many hits. The biggest one was photos of the solace moon a few months ago, and the Prince William/Kate Middleton wedding pictures that I posted on this blog.

By the way, at least one person has asked. What is Prince William's last name? It is Mountbatten-Windsor. More information can be found HERE.

About that camera full of film, I've been having THAT dream again. The one where I'm expected to shoot a wedding, and I can't find film to fit the camera because I FORGOT to stock up my camera bag!  I used to think it really had to do with my worries before a wedding shoot, but I'm not photographing weddings anymore, so what DOES that disturbing, reoccuring dream really mean?

Could it be my deep-seated feelings of doubt about my ability to successfully accomplish something I haven't done before? In the past, when I would have a scheduled wedding shoot coming up, I would review every little aspect of the wedding day over and over again.  I'd pack and repack my camera equipment. I WOULD have way more film (and batteries) than I'd ever need - even though when film was in vogue, I'd take up to 30-40 rolls of film during the wedding day! (Sometimes I'd cover a 16-hour wedding day.)

Well, maybe it's the fact that I've decided to return to school for my RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).  My first online class starts Tuesday, the day after tomorrow. (I sent out some personal family emails, and posted it on my Facebook, so some of you already know.) 

Or, maybe what FEELS really heavy is the fact that I can't find the nursing job that I want, and this not having a job to feel good about is casting some long shadows!

Whatever, I'm sure that you can relate to recrudescent, unwanted, devilish, dream that wakes you up with a bad feeling, and discourages any thoughts of going back to sleep.

Like my friend, Linda, (the Linda we bought the house from), said,
"Put it in a plastic bag."

I was telling her that sometimes I'd rather not be around people that I know are going to be critical of me. Instead of standing up to them and making my feelings known, I try to bypass the exposure if I can.

"Oh, put it in a plastic bag and let it blow way," she admonished.

Good advice!

I'm putting that dream in a plastic bag and watching it blow up, up, and away!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend if in life (if you aren't critical of me) LOL

Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com