July 21, 2013

Jim Meets Jim

What restaurant lets two people with the same name sign up in a row?

That's what The Egg Place did today, so when they called for "Jim", here came two Vietnam Vets (Jim & Jim) with their wives, expecting to be seated.

And while the restaurant had made a mistake in signing two Jim's in a row on their wait list, and while both couples were willing to share (one wait and one be seated), low and behold there were two tables side by side available in a place where everyone was waiting about 20 minutes for a seat.

I said, "Jim meet Jim" and the two who had chatted briefly while waiting to be served, shook hands.

My Jim said, "Thank-you for your service".

Then they started comparing notes about what each had done in the war. Something my hubby rarely does!

The "other Jim" said he was a medic to which I asked, "Why were you a medic?"  Another way of asking, "Were you a Seventh-day Adventist?"

Yes he was. And yes he is. And, yes, my Jim and I are going to meet this warm and friendly couple again.

Maybe on a Saturday!!!!

Take Care on the Journey,

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