April 27, 2008

Linda's Tulips

Tulip bulbs (and other spring flower bulbs) I planted in the fall of 2007 around our front door have blasted away the snow and created beauty for the entire neighborhood! Enjoy the YouTube show I created for YOU!

Take Care on the Journey,


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April 24, 2008

Polygamy Ranch Kids In For Culture Shock

I quote from a CNN story this morning. "Many of the children have seen little or no television. They have been home-schooled all their lives. They frolic in long dresses and buttoned-up shirts from another era. Now the 437 children taken from the polygamist compound in West Texas are being scattered to foster homes across the state. full story"

Hey, this news story could have been taken from my book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries".

My sister, Sandra and I not only grew up with no TV in the filthy houses we lived in, we couldn't listen to a radio or have access to a newspaper.

Grandma home-schooled us when she felt like it and dressed us in long dresses with pants underneath them, but we didn't "frolic" in those clothes. We worked long hot hours in the sun in her garden from daybreak until sunset. Yes, we were "unfailingly polite" to others, but suffered bone shattering beatings for small infractions behind closed doors. We prayed "twice a day", but those prayers were reminders from God what would happen to little children who didn't obey their parents and do what they were told.

When we finally pulled away from the mental and physical abuse and grandma's terrible temper, we were in for a culture shock! We had no education. We knew nothing about current events. We had no money nor did we understand finances. Our clothing was just plain weird. Our social skills were backward and naive. We were lost in a great big fast-moving world.

For the rest of our lives have flashbacks of roaches tangled in our hair, mice nibbling on our ears and toes at night, bugs (dead and alive) in our food, and snowdrifts on our beds in the wintertime. That's just for starters!

Yesterday morning I happened to be off work and saw the Dr. Phil show where he was interviewing two boys from the Compound. His questions and their responses could have been my sister and me all over again! We didn't know that people lived any differently! We had no social skills or educational training when we became adults. Even today, it's difficult to stand up for ourselves and speak up when we want something. (Well, for some reason, my sister is pretty good at that.)

Dr. Phil asked the boys how they felt about their parents. Especially their mothers. Each one said they believe if they went back and knocked on the door they would hear several deadbolts being locked.

Religion is so ingrained in people like us that we either feel like nothing we ever do is good enough to make it past hell, or we have set up our own faith that gives us comfort and helps us understand the pain of others much more than most people!

That's also in my book!

I wonder if Dr. Phil was right in telling those two boys that they need to tell their parents that they'd love to have a relationship with them.

He said, "Say I love you. I miss you. My heart is open to you....You can build a bridge from your side. It's up to them to walk across it."

It sounded good on TV and they boys smiled at the cameras, but I don't think they believed him for a second.

I'd say, "Run away from them as fast as you can!"

There are too many roaches, mice, bugs and worms where you came from. If your family wants to change, THEY WILL BUILD THE BRIDGE BACK TO YOU. That's my advice.

Hopefully, those children will find someone who loves them for who they are and accepts them unconditionally. (Kids from this kind of abuse and subjection to powerful people are sometimes not the easiest to live with!)

Maybe they will be fortunate enough to find someone who by example, they will show them what true love and forgiveness is all about, and step-by-step they will find that the healing path is the unselfish giving of themselves to the love of the Universe.

That's a big challenge for the world to offer more than 400 lost children - not counting the children who never get to tell their story!

PS Don't miss my sister's comments that I'm sure will follow this story.

Take Care on the Journey,
Love, Linda


April 22, 2008

AuthorHouse, You're Giving Me A Heart Attack!

The original posting about AuthorHouse has been taken down because today I received several courteous phone calls from the reps at AuthorHouse who have resolved the issues I had regarding publishing my second book, "The Laughing Place".

And, the refund I requested has been successfully posted. Now we have a clean slate and none of us are in the dog house.

Thank-you to those who helped get this resolved for me.

I will remove this part within a couple days after those who read the first article will see 'the rest of the story'.


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April 17, 2008

Granger Chiropractic, New Albany, Ohio

(flickr.com photos)
Yep, this a shout-out for Dr. Granger and his positively optimistic, happy, caring staff at Granger Chiropractic - both in New Albany and in Reynoldsburg (near Columbus).

If you know me, you will remember that I've always believed in the healing holistic value of regular chiropractic care. Not that I've always practiced what I preached, due to some unfortunate personal issues that prevented me from getting the wellness care I needed, and I have suffered for it. But, since we moved to Ohio, I've been searching for a chiropractor again.

All of us are subject to "subluxation degeneration". In case you can't even pronounced those two words, what that means is if you don't keep your back in good (Chiropractic) alignment, your body can't get the nerve impulses it needs to maintain good overall health.

Good chiropractors are like everything else in life...Sometimes you get a lemon. I know enough to be concerned about finding the right type for me. Someone who can use the activator and do manual adjustments. A chiropractor/person who is kind but firm, gentle but professional and able to teach me more about healthful living than I already know as a nurse and lifelong recipient of chiropractic care.

During my search (and research), I called several local chiropractic offices and asked one question to the receptionist.

"Why should your chiropractor be my chiropractor?"

You would be surprised how many front desk staff didn't have an answer....

"Uhhh. Because he's good?" (Like it was a test question.)

"Come on it and the exam is free."

"Because the adjustments don't hurt."

"We'll explain it on your first visit."

"Because everyone needs good chiropractic care."

Anita at Dr. Granger's had the best answer. "Because we love our patients", she answered instantly with a big smile in her voice.

And they do. I got the top to bottom initial assessment and x-rays. Then several types of adjustments by Dr. Granger who was gentle but thorough. Light on his feet, he is professional but friendly enough to put one at ease. Educated, but not overly so. An expert teacher at every visit and excited about chiropractic all the time.

For the first time in my life, I get a good therapeutic back massage after every chiropractic adjustment. Greg is a massage therapist who also gives healing massages at Ohio State University. Greg doesn't light any candles or burn incense, but he knows every muscle and joint and why it hurts. He appreciates patients who want to live better and longer.

Dr. Granger has a good website that I'll link to at the end of this article, but I'm saying in my words what I know is true about chiropractic care.

By the way, newborn infants should get an adjustment as soon as possible after birth. Can you imagine what the twisting and turning of birth does to an infant's little neck, not the mention the tugging and twisting pulling the doctor does!. If you don't believe me, just watch, "A Baby Story". The "adjustment' to a newborn is hardly more than a feather's touch, but is the best birthday present you can give to your child and one you should give yourself every year for the rest of your life.

Don't expect to get by with one adjustment! Do we brush our teeth once in our lifetime? Did we learn the multiplication tables in one day? Do we drive the same car our entire life? Does the same crop of corn come up every year? A good Chiropractic care program includes specific spinal adjustments on a regular basis, regular exercise, good nutrition and stress management.

Because I have many old injuries and my life has had its share of stress, there's a lot that needs 'adjusting'. But I've noticed that after an 'adjustment' at Dr. Granger's in New Albany, I always feel uplifted, have less pain and am more relaxed.

I've also noticed that his patients don't want to leave the office. One enjoys the calm, stress-free environment, friendly banter and smiling faces. There's always a patient or two hanging around the desk to chat with Anita or Greg or even Dr. Granger if he isn't busy with another patient. We exchange business cards or talk about our everyday life.

So once again, I'll give my Dusty Angel credit for looking out for me, and say thank-you to the Universe for guiding me on the journey.

Granger Chiropractic inReynoldsburg click HERE or call (614) 864-3888
In New Albany, call (614) 855-6999 or click HERE

Take Care on the Journey,

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April 16, 2008

Miracles of Friendship

(I hope you don't mind if I post your logo) Click to enter.
Something I've done with a couple days off is to search for like friends on MySpace. Many things about MySpace have a bad connotation for me including a lot of sex and violence, but I always try to follow my angel's advice even if I sometimes wonder if she knows what she is getting me into!

Remember something I started on this blogsite called "Sisters of Sunshine" (SOS)? At MySpace, I discovered a support group something like what I was trying to start with SOS. It's in Newark near where we live! Actually, it's much more advanced than my SOS - and I'll be learning more about this group - but I'm so excited to see another 'bloom from the same flower bush'. (my quote - ha ha).

Well, that's all for now. I'm not even dressed for the day yet and it's almost noon!


April 14, 2008

Flu-Bug Go Away and Don't Come Back Another Day!

Baker's Acres Greenhouse
Hey, it's been 7 days since I felt like eating or able to do regular housework without feeling like I was going to heave my insides up! Actually, I've been ill with one thing or another for a very long month! Today seems to be on an upswing because I went all day without feeling nauseated although I'm still short on energy and having a lot of joint pain.

It has turned cold again. So much for all the springtime poetry! This morning we had to scrape thick frost from the windshield of the car and I was worried that a couple Dr. Pepper cans in the car had turned to ice! (Cans have burst in my car!) They say we'll be back to warmer weather in a couple days, though.

The good news is that I'm off for at least a couple or three days while the baby I take care of is in the hospital for some planned tests. He feels better than ALL of us, so I hope they don't spoil his little smile while he's in there.

I'm looking forward to doing some fun things. NO long lists of things to do this time off, although there's a lot I could write up on a list. It's too early to plant the flower seeds outside, but I might prepare some ground for them. And, maybe get some pots ready for plants.

It looks like I can do a little 'shopping' while I'm on break. Something I haven't done in many months. Can you believe that I have only ONE PAIR of shoes. That's really because my tennis shoes are comfortable and I only need one pair at a time... I'll look for some cool spring shoes, a second pair of jeans and a couple pretty spring tops. Knowing me, I won't find any that I like, but I'm sure I'll find a little something to please me while I'm out and about.

Let's see what else is on my list that I haven't made? Oh yea, figure out what in the world I'm going to do about the publisher for my next book. AuthorHouse has not been forthcoming with a contract and now they have been snippy in their emails. Oops! They have gone and made the little lady a bit ruffled - and I've requested all my money back. I told them my publisher was suppose to be a happy experience - not a tearjerker. Another email from them says that "your request will be fulfilled". To be honest, there was one guy there who tried to do the right thing and get me what I wanted. He offered me a better deal and promised to "make it right" but I'm afraid there's too many hands in the pot now and I don't trust any of them!

Here's a frustrating one for you. We received a promotional Visa card from AT&T for getting wireless. Jim was suppose to use it to get some clothing he needs for work. When he presented the card at JC Penney, the lady handed it back and told him he couldn't use it because it was in my name. BUT NOT BEFORE SHE RAN THE CARD FOR THE AMOUNT OF PURCHASE!

Jim was not aware that she had run the promotional card, so he gave her our debit card (which we usually use for all purchases). YEP, when I tried to use the AT&T card for groceries, it wouldn't take it. We knew the only thing the card had been out of the wallet for was the JC Penney attempt, so I made a call and discovered we had been charged on BOTH cards!

What a sinking feeling. (What an effort not to be mad at Jim for something that wasn't his fault.) Anyway, we drove all the way back to the mall and asked for a manager. After looking things over, she said the credit will get put back on the card IN TWO WEEKS. Grrrrr. Uggggg.

Since I didn't make a list, I can't think of anything else unusual I plan to do for the next few free days, but I think there was more. ha ha

Oh yes, I have two little articles I want to post. One is about an awesome greenhouse I found near here. It's called, "Bakers Acres". It's unusual in that it has about 15 greenhouses out in the middle of nowhere. The website says it all. Besides pictures and information about unusual and usual flowers, it is written in a most amusing manner.

Click here and enjoy a few funny moments at Baker's Acres or http://www.bakersacresgreenhouse.com
Click on the About us and then So-called Funny Stuff. Also, request the catalog - even if you don't live around here. It's really cute!


April 10, 2008

Springtime Shines & Sings In the Midwest/Columbus, Ohio

Flickr.com photo
I have a couple exciting articles to post but need to catch up on a few things around the house first. In the meantime, here are some Snapshots of Spring around our home.

Spring is here and appreciated as only those who have endured a frigid winter can! Daffodils are in full bloom in most spots around the city of Columbus, Ohio. Tulips are promising to open very soon.

Kids are starting to line up at the Columbus Zoo, and salt-encrusted cars and trucks sit quietly in multiple long lines at all the car washes.

The dogs pull back on the leash wanting to stay outside and sniff the fine clean air.

Motorcycles sound loud, cranky and boisterous as the drivers kick through all the gears in the wind.
"Have a Nice Day", has been replaced with, "Isn't the weather beautiful!".

Busy landscapers are throwing mulch around every bush and assembling shiny new wheelbarrows.

Fat geese waddle close to the ground chasing their 'not-in-the-mood' mates, and loud ducks huddle together in pairs making eyes at each other.

A squirrel not seen since last summer dashes up the tree outside our window.

There are fresh rabbit pellets in the round patches of soft green grass.

A dozen female deer nibble at the edge of my favorite "deer field".

A man rides his bike to work, the front wheel a little wobbly after a winter of hibernation.

It's not quite so cold on the kitchen floor first thing in the morning.

Songbirds whistle and call to each other at sunrise and at sunset.

The elderly grandpa next door is out once again walking to the mailbox with his big stick.
He still wears a jacket and something warm wrapped around his head.

I saw the nose of a our pet "Thirsty-Turtle" in our pond yesterday peeking at the world.

Red Robins walk straight legged around the yard pulling up real worms. (Yuck but true).

There are eight packets of flower seeds on our kitchen table.

Jim spent an hour last weekend down next to the creek pulling away the limbs and old trees.
(Now he's down in his back again.)

Every new plant is a delight.
Each blade of grass is special.
Colorful flowers are sniffed.
And, baby leaf-tips are photographed close-up.

But, my most favorite snapshot of spring is the low-flying blue 'fishing bird" with its wings outstretched, long legs behind and his head high as it floats slowly across the pond, directly over my head and along the creek to its nesting ground about a mile away.

"Happy Hunting", I greet as he sails by.

"Happy Spring" he whispers without looking back.

That's the way it is here in the Midwest today.

Take Care on the Journey,

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April 3, 2008

Still Sick but Sending Good Thoughts

There are many helping friends over at MySpace who have directed me to really nice websites where you can cut and paste so many kinds of "art".

Here are a few I found today while being cooped up with bronchitis and an ear infection. Click on the angel to read the poem.

I've named the person I thought of when posting each one.

For Sandy, after you 'save' the art on glitter-graphics (or anyplace else), come back to the blogsite and open (click on) Edit HTML and PASTE the code there. Then hit Compose to see the picture and Publish.

Smiley Flower is for Juanita

"Big Hugs" kitty cat is for my sister, Sandy.

This unique portrait made me think of Katy. I think she'll like this one.

I'll add more to other posts, but more could make this too long to load.

Take Care on the Journey,