October 13, 2012

Colorado Snow by Linda Meikle

Here are a few "Colorado Snow" photos
 taken since we moved to Denver in 2010.
(Photos by Linda Meikle)

Our back porch - after the first snow!

DeeDee gets lost on the back porch snowdrift.

I think this looks like a dog (top) and two birds. 
It's actually the rose bushes in the front yard. 

Daddy Jim knocking snow from the branches
so they don't break from the weight of the snow.

We drove into the Rocky Mountains from Estes Park.
Best snow pictures ever! But we forgot our coats!

Serenity in the Rockies!

Summer of 2011 we drove across the Rocky Mountains from Estes Park, CO!
Yep, the snow was still this high beside the road!

It's hard to imagine living where there is never any snow.

Take Care on the Journey,

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