February 24, 2008

Ching-Ching The Nun

Our first post-op night was quiet. Ching-Ching seems somewhat restless this morning trying to lick wounds that she can't reach and panting a little. She ate her food but didn't drink much water. Her nose is wet and cool, though. She's dripping a few drops of what nurses call serosanguineous fluid. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but we're going to have a heck of a time cleaning our carpets!

It's difficult for her to walk around outside because the snow has a frozen layer of ice that breaks up and drops down a few inches every time she takes a step! When she returned from outside, she worked her way to the bedroom and woke up "Daddy Jim' with her cold nose. "Hey Buddy! Please scratch behind my ears and rub my chest." By the way, during the abdominal surgery, the vet, Dr. Zinni, also removed a small growth from Ching-Ching's lower right eyelid.

We had to remove the "lampshade" for her to drink water because when she lifts her head, the entire bowl of water tips over. I wonder how she was suppose to drink with that on?

I hope the pictures don't take too long to download because I didn't save them for the web. You can click on each picture for a very close-up view - especially the one that shows the snow outside!

Jim and Sheba at Christmas time.

Take Care on the Journey,


February 23, 2008

Animals "R" Special, New Albany, Ohio

Dr. Zinni said this infected uterus is one for the books! It is the largest one she has ever removed.
We want to thank all the wonderful staff and Dr. Sue Zinni, DVM at
Animals"R"Special, 88 N. High Street, New Albany, Ohio for saving our sweet, loving, loyal Golden Retriever, Ching-Ching, from a very serious infection and for the great job she did during the emergency surgery to save Ching-Ching's life.

A couple weeks ago, we noticed that our special girl wasn't eating, looked sad and was drinking tons of water, but we attributed it to her 6-month cycle. After 2-weeks of poor appetite, I decided on a Thursday afternoon that she might need medical attention. Veterinarian Dr. Zinni's office quickly opened up a spot and gave Ching-Ching a thorough examination.

The diagnosis was Pyometra, a serious, sometimes fatal infection commonly seen in older female dogs who have not been spayed. An x-ray confirmed that her uterus was seriously enlarged with infection and needed to be removed in a delicate but critical surgery where the uterus must be lifted from a bed of engorged major blood vessels, while the fragile uterine tissue could have easily torn open - spilling poison into our dog's entire system.

After carefully explaining the procedure to me, she waited patiently for hubby to arrive from work, and she again explained the details in layman's terms to him. She showed us the x-rays of Ching-Ching's swollen, bacteria-filled uterus and tubes that should have been the size of a pencil, but was almost as big as a quart jar! Her white blood count (a sign of infection) was over 42. Normal for that is 16.

Ching-Ching was immediately admitted for emergency surgery. Although it was very difficult to leave our family pet behind in a strange place, the staff called us several times to update us on her progress. Even the fact that she wagged her tail at them or drank some water, was forwarded to her anxious 'parents'.

Everything Dr. Zinni told us was just as she said it would be - even the estimated cost for. Our pet was medicated for pain in a timely manner so she didn't suffer. The staff catered to her and took her outside several times so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable in her cage.

The doctor and staff worked after-hours on Saturday to discharge her after spending a lot of time explaining the surgery to remove the pus-filled uterus, her medications and feeding. She had even saved the pictures she took during the surgery. Dr. Zinni did want us to remind our family and friends that dogs should be spayed if they are not being bred for puppies to avoid this costly, painful, serious and sometimes fatal condition.

Even though my Jim isn't usually trusting of any vet, he developed a good camaraderie with Dr. Zinni and thanked her again for her professionalism and for saving his beloved pet. I really appreciated her knowledge, confidence and excellence bedside manner.

She could-have, but didn't scold us at all for not having our dog spayed even though Ching-Ching never had puppies, but she made sure to let us know this would have been avoided had we done so. This is something I want to encourage everyone who has a female dog to do. It is well worth the investment.

For our veterinarian's website click
HERE or go to www.animals-r-special.com Their website includes this information:

Animals “R” Special Veterinary Hospital has been serving and caring for our New Albany community best friends since 1991. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets (guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rodents, etc.) have been receiving personal, quality care in preventative medicine, surgery, dental clean/polishing, senior wellness, nutritional counseling, obedience classes, boarding, daycare, puppy preschool, and grooming. Appointments at convenient hours, or drop off your pet, we cater to the individual. Dr. Sue Zinni and Dr. Karen Henry, and the friendly staff welcome you to visit us at our “home-town-like” hospital. Animals-r-special phone number is 614-855-0880.

Take Care on the Journey,

Thank-you Bobby (Robert Jr.) Neufeld

Thanks to Bobby, I can finally post pictures to my blogsite again.

Remember my computer problem I had because my links would not open. I called my nephew, Bobby, (Sandy's son) and although he didn't know the answer either, he searched Google and found a link that offers good support. We followed the directions there, and WA-LA, I can now open the links in my emails and post pictures here! Whew. I was worried that I'd never be able to open links again - and I do that a lot!

Thanks again Bobby! Your Aunt Linda is very appreciative!
Here's another picture of our 'best girl', Ching-Ching who came home from the animal hospital today. (Taken before she got ill.)

I'm posting a shout-out for our veterinarian, AnimalsAreSpecial in New Albany, Ohio in another posting and also some pretty gross pictures of what they removed from Ching-Ching.

Her sister, Sheba, was upset when CC first came home because Sheba could only "sniff' all the changes and she didn't like it! Sheba barked and barked and tried to keep me from getting close to Ching-Ching. They have both settled down in the living room for a long winter afternoon nap.

Here's the link that helped us.

Take Care on the Journey,

February 22, 2008

Good Report on Ching-Ching

Our big girl had a successful surgery, and the vet says she is resting quietly on a warming blanket. They thought it might stir her up too much if we went over to see her tonight, but if she's eating in the morning, we can bring her home about noon.

Take Care on the Journey,

February 21, 2008

Say A Prayer For Our Ching-Ching

Our sweet, loving, loyal, golden "fur-child", Ching-Ching was admitted to the vet hospital tonight for emergency surgery in the morning, Friday, Feb. 22, 2008. The vet gives her a 50-50 chance to survive the operation to remove a badly infected uterus.

I took this picture on Christmas Eve 2007 as she posed in her favorite chair.
Say a comforting word of peace and hope for our 'baby' and us.

My sister, Sandy, promised to lite the candle.

I'll post an update late Friday evening.

Take Care on the Journey,

An Angel Touch

Sometimes we get so busy and/or caught up in the details of life that we miss those little angel touches slipped in when we weren't looking. I'll share one I discovered yesterday.

The young child I nurse was recently diagnosed with Autism. (His mom had suspected it.) The family has so many challenges with three little children under the age of three in the home, one with many health issues and both parents working. This is another bridge they must cross.

Mom and I have been researching Autism and getting lots of advice from therapists. In fact, there's so much out there right now, one doesn't know what is applicable or not! There was a book that the therapist encouraged mom to get, but she found out it cost $65.00, so that was crossed off the list of helpful items to afford right now.

In the meantime, I went to the local library searching on that computer to see what they had there. Again, there are literally hundreds of books to choose from - and most were not in stock at my library. I reserved two that looked simple enough to understand and found one that indicated it was available at my library. I clicked the box that said, "Place in your bag" expecting that it would be at the desk when I checked out. (Guess I don't know much about libraries!) When it wasn't waiting for me at checkout, the librarian said I should have also clicked 'reserve" on the computer.

Now I didn't even know the title of the book or how I had come across it in my search. But, I really wanted the book so I went back to the computer and typed in what I thought I had typed in earlier, "autism therapies". After a few minutes, I did find a book that was at my library so I figured that must be the book I wanted earlier. The kind lady helped me find it on the shelf.

Today, when I presented it to the mother, she gasped and said, "That's the book I wanted that cost $65.00".

I suspect a little angel-miracle helped make that happen.

And, here is my thank-you to my angel.

Take Care on the Journey,

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February 19, 2008

What Are You Thankful For Today?

Hi Everyone,

This is an everyday update while I think of what I'm thankful for today. Bear with me as we convert to the laptop for wireless Internet service. Of course, I lost all my FAVORITES. I did copy them from the old computer, but it's such a hassle and time-consuming to retype everything back in.

Does anyone know why this computer won't go to a link when you click on it? A Microsoft Internet Explorer box pops up, but there's nothing in the address line that should be there. Actually, it won't let me add pictures nor will it spell check. I'm sure we just haven't clicked a box somewhere or something. It sure would be nice to clear up this computer programming mystery.

It's very cold here in central Ohio. (I don't think I'm thankful for the cold.) So mean that the transmission won't shift in the old van until I'm halfway to where I want to go! So bitter that the dogs have to be coaxed outside. So windy that there's no chance of a good hair day! So icy that I zig-zagged down the side streets today! And, we're expecting another storm tomorrow night.

Both of us are coughing a lot. (Not thankful for that either.) We share the cough syrup bottle during the night. I assure hubby that he does not have pneumonia. It's just that constant tickle cough that makes people look at you and think, "Boy, I hope she covers her mouth".

I'm looking forward to the warm summer months when we can put a picnic table down by our little sparkling creek and have a picnic while we feed the fishes. (I will be thankful for that!)

Hubby is doing great at his new job. (WE are thankful for that.) They pay most of his indoor parking that is right across the street from where he works in downtown Columbus. He has a nice office with two windows, a nice computer and comfortable chair. (Bad chair and no windows at his other job.) His boss seems very good to work with and is already giving Jim some responsible tasks to do. Did I say the pay is great? Whew!

I'm still working full-time because I dearly love my private duty case. I haven't "loved my case" for a very long time so I don't want to let this one go. The entire family is very considerate and a joy to work for. (Grateful for that.)

It's still always nice to be at home, though. My work here is never done and I'd dearly love to have more time for writing. I'm still working on the book and have posted articles in several places on the Internet.

All you mothers will enjoy this...My "baby" is 33 years old today. Happy Birthday, Philip. He shares a birthday with our good friend, Tania! Happy Birthday to Tania also!

My friend Marian sent me a forward that lists about 30 things one should do in life. The last was to find something to be thankful for that you haven't been thankful for before. Hmmmm. That's a new one.

Today, the biggie is that I'm thankful my son is 33-years old and happy with life, family and work.

What are you thankful for today?

Take Care on the Journey,
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February 14, 2008

Ten Pretty Fingernails - One Good Person

As I write tonight, I'm tired and wishing I could have everything done that I want to do and be snuggled down in a warm bed for the night. I just realized that my joints aren't hurting as badly tonight, though. I'm thankful for that.

I had another story written in a Word document but the computer wouldn't save it. Instead of saving, my story just vanished it right off the screen. While this can be screamingly frustrating, I try to tell myself that the story was not meant to be like I had written it. Because I ask my angels to put words in my mind as I write, I must by the same token, accept rejections from them once in a while.

I'm going to try and write the same story in a different way and see if this one squeeks by. Please note that I will not be able to do a spell check this way. I am not,by nature, a good speller at all! Please be understanding with this one.

Tonight on the way home from work, I was running thousands of plans through my mind to do when I got home; take the dogs out; take the trash out; make a good supper for Valentines Day; get Jim's gifts wrapped and out on the table; do some laundry for work tomorrow; wash my hair; vaccum the house and tidy my bathroom at least.

When I get so busy and rushed there's one thing I always do that has been a bad habit since I was a child. I tear my nails to bits! The cuticles are bleeding and hangnails get ripped down the sides of my fingers. That's why I keep them professionally manicured with hard tips to protect them from getting infected and hurting all the time.

Of course, adding Valentines Day to a full schedule of work and writing another book and finding an Illustrator and keeping up with everything listed above caused a calamity with my nails again today. I ripped off the tips and dug into the sides of my nails until they were bleeding again. Hense a quick unplanned trip to the Nail Salon and frustrated demands for someone who could "get this done real fast".

"I'm really in a hurry. Can someone fix my nails real quick? I need to get home to get ready for Valentines Day for my husband. And, can I use your phone? I left my cell phone at home today."

Promising fast service, the gentleman offered me a cold drink and said he could do all my nails in about 20 minutes. (It usually takes about 45 minutes.) I didn't even sit back in the chair and relax, but leaned forward and kept looking at my watch.

This is a new place that just opened up very close to our home. It was my second time there and the nail tech thanked me to choosing them again. He worked gently but very fast.

As he finished up, another customer came over to complain to my nail tech about the salon. It dawned on me that it was the owner who had just repaired my nails.

"Your lotion is ice cold! And, why don't you have CNN on the TV? I like to keep up with the news! People don't like to watch Oprah all the time...."

He answered calmly that customers only stay a half hour or so, and that he would consider her idea to warm the lotion. But the irate customer hurried on out still complaining under her breath.

I had my hands under the nail dryer by then. The owner came over and leaned on the table to explain that he wanted his business to be a place where his customers could relax and "forget the bad things in the world for a few minutes".

Forgetting my rush and suddenly feeling badly for being selfish earlier, I asked myself to forget the things that I thought were so important a half-hour earlier. He talked about how his business keeps him busy 12-14 hours a day, and his customers are often in a hurry and worried about many things.

"This world is so bad. Nobody is happy. Everybody hears bad news all the time. People don't even want to hear good news anymore," he commented earnestly as he reset the timer on my dryer.

It wasn't until I noticed that he had reset the timer at least five times did I realize how long we had been talking. He said he has started meditating every night so he can let go of all the difficulities that he experiences with people during the day.

I told him a little about my life as a nurse and my writings. I gave him one of my angel cards (the picture of angel watching over the two little children on the bridge - like the front of my book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries"), and he gasped at its beauty and meaning.

Then he told me that he had a miracle story too. He said that he came to America on a ship and he had nothing to eat or drink for many days.

"When you have nothing but the ocean, you don't know if you will live or die," he explained.

As we walked together toward the front door for me to leave, he asked if he could have more cards to leave on the front desk. He told me if I would meditate for 15 minutes every night in front of a mirror, all my worries would be gone. "Pray to whatever God you believe in and you will feel like a new person," he said seriously.

"A bad person cannot look at themselves in a mirror," he said with a smile.

Those who know how I was raised as a very serious Seventh-day Advestist might chuckle at the thought of someone telling ME to meditate. But, his words were more special than any preacher I've heard and more real than any church service I have attended.

My friend needed someone to listen and I needed an angel to put me in my place. I don't even know his name, but I have 10 well manicured fingernails to remind me how simple life can be and how close the angels are beside us!

Take Care on the Journey,

February 12, 2008

Our Trip to Westgate Resorts (Revised)

(Story Revised 2-14-08)
I'm one of the few Americans who has never thought much about timeshares, cruises and travel around the world - although my husband's wedding day promise 10 years ago to take me to "Paris in the Spring" has not been forgotten!

Enjoying a timeshare such as Westgate Resorts was always for other people. But, surprise! Jim and Linda are suddenly timeshare "owners" and enjoying every minute of this new experience!

My life has always been all work and no play. The kids went to ball games and on ski trips with their dad, and I usually stayed home to work. My book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" reflects those 28-hour days juggling several work schedules, photography shoots or newspaper assignments. Friends and family assumed I didn't want to have fun or didn't like to travel. That is not so. I always believed that 'someone had to stay home and work so we could afford for the kids to have some fun. And, honestly, it wasn't always that much fun to "have fun' with my first husband. (There, I said it!)

This Westgate Resort timeshare experience was a totally unexpected move for us, and was one of the most difficult decisions Jim and I ever made. He's like I used to be (save money), and I'm wishing I'd taken the long way around the world when I was younger! He thought we couldn't afford it , and I thought we couldn't afford not to! Westgate Resort staff are trained to deal with folks just like us, I'm sure. They kept offereing us a sweeter and sweeter deal!

The 'get away' idea all started last year (2007) when one of us wanted to do something nice for the other on our 10th wedding anniversary. We decided to take a long weekend relaxing at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

I came up with the idea for that place because my sister who lives in Tampa is too far away to drive there and back in a long weekend; and the kids live in opposite directions. Jim said he'd never been to the Smoky Mountains. My memories of the Smoky Mountain/Gatlinburg area include a Laurelbrook Senior Camping Trip (in 1969) and getting into trouble for having a picture taken with "Bryan". (That 5x7 picture is still tucked away in one of my many diaries.)

Well, I digress...

So last fall, I got on the Internet to search motels in Gatlinburg and found one for $39 a night if we attended one of those timeshare meetings where you don't have to purchase anything, of course, but just listen to some information...

We reserved the $39.00 motel room with a hot tub and agreed that no one could talk us into something we didn't want. ...

It took six hours, but they did...!!!

I think we hold the record for holding out the longest at a Westgate Timeshare Meeting! Our host kept bringing the price down until I was convinced that I wanted this more than anything in the world, and Jim couldn't leave without me because I had the car keys in my purse. We suddenly found ourselves as new timeshare owners of the international Westgate Resorts on our 10th wedding anniversary!

So, last month when hubby said we should "go someplace and get away" for a few days before he started a long-awaited state job, I dialed up the Westgate phone number, and told them our ID number and asked if we could reserve three nights at "our cabin".

"Sure" they said very pleasantly. "Welcome Home".

Arriving there last Thursday, we felt like travelers from out of space. What will they expect from us when we get there? Do we check in like a motel? Will it have hidden costs no one told us about? Will they give us a room with a hot tub like I asked? (I told them we didn't care about a new flat screen TV, but we had to have that hot tub!)

Hubby forgot, but I remembered where the check-in lobby was located, so I went in and stood in the middle of the room wondering which desk to walk up to. From that moment on, we were welcome with open arms and, except for the "new pet policy" there were no surprises.

The "new" pet policy said the cost for a pet is $80 if you take them into the cabin. At first I thought we could actually keep two large active dogs in the van for four days. Then, I figured there was no way they would know if we had paid or not. Then, my honesty got the best of me and I called down to the office and said, "They're coming in. Put it on our tab."

We had a few 'hic-cups' to start. First, the taillights wouldn't turn off on the van after I turned the motor off. It wasn't the simple, "Oh I forgot to turn off the lights" as I thought. While the nice gentleman who was showing us to our cabin waited, I hit the brakes, turned the engine on and off, slammed the door 10 times and reset the security system several times!

Well, lets get inside and hubby can work on it later, I said to myself.

After that, our biggest dog got sick. Without grossing anyone out, I'll just say that she HAD to stay in the van with sheets covering everything and me wondering why we ever thought having a dog would be so nice. (By the way, she's still sick and hasn't eaten in 6 days.) But, that's another story.

So now we have one dog inside the cabin, and one in the van, and brake lights that won't turn off. We called Jim's son, John, who knows everything about everything about fixing cars. After his shock of hearing that we were not at home in Ohio, but traveling in Tennessee, he told his dad how to remove something from the brake and disconnecting a wire to get the brake lights off. A great idea, but Jim couldn't find the something to remove from the brake.

Later, I would suggest that we could just disconnect the battery, but by then Jim had got the brake lights out (at least until the next time we hit the brakes) by tapping on the fuse box.

By now, it's almost bedtime. First things first. Fill that hot tub! Here I come ready or not!

We finally got settled in. Our cabin was the nicest place we've ever stayed where we had to pay for lodging. The floors were cool smoky limestone. The kitchen was sweet and very large. It was stocked with dishes, pots and pans, microwave, oven - and wine glasses for Jim!

I never did figure out how to set the temperature on the oven and was not going to call the office to ask. I just cooked my pot roast at 365 for two hours and it came out great!

Later, while Jim was napping, I took a little walk to the water park included with the Westgate Resort. After all that cooking, I was dismayed to discover a snack bar at the water park where we could get pizza, French fries, pop and all kinds of unhealthy food. But at least I wouldn't have to slave over a hot stove on my holiday.
The water park is a story in itself. Because I've also never been to a water park, this one kept me mesmerized with all the different water activities and waterfalls and slides and pools within pools - all enclosed!

Notice that large bucket hanging from the center of the enclosure? It fills with water and dumps it down into a shallow pool about every two minutes!

There was even a river of water that went all around and throughout the giant play area. We didn't go in the water (this time), but we sat in the mezzanine and watched the kids at play. I took some pictures on my cell phone but haven't figured out how to transmit them to anyone who would like to see the splashing buckets of water dumping on the kids below.

The next day, we shopped at a few Outlet stores in Pidgin Forge. Jim found a nice sweater and two ties on sale for $10 each at his favorite Van Husen store. Actually, I sat in the van with the dogs because my joints hurt and it was cold. The long drive and cold weather flared up my tired old joints. I felt better after a few nice warm hot tub soaks!

One afternoon we took the 50-cent trolley into Gatlinburg just for the fun of it. We were thinking of touring the Aquarium but it cost $19.99 each and it looked like it might be in a big tunnel and bother my claustrophobia. Instead we walked around for a couple blocks (with me resting on park benches a lot because I still hurt). It is a beautiful scenic area with the mountains all around and the clear but cold tumbling river running beside you all the time. Neither of us are big money-spending tourists. We got a little bag of dark chocolate and Jim found his favorite chocolate salt-water taffy. The most fun was riding the 50-cent trolley to and from our resort.

My sister, Sandy and I are planning a family reunion there in 2009. We have to check with our kids to see when they can leave their jobs, but I'm sure it will be the best times of our lives! We can't wait!

In the meantime, Jim and I plan for another week there in May. We already have our list of things to remember like movies for the DVD player and favorite CD's for the quite times we enjoy together.

Maybe you could join us there sometime! There's an extra queen-size bed in front of the fireplace.

Take Care on the Journey,

February 5, 2008

Illustrator Wanted

Flickr by Barriems5
The title is to get your attention. I posted an ad on Craig's List for an Illustrator for my next book, "The Laughing Place" about Alzheimers and dementia and I received so many awesome replies! So many in fact, that I had to send the same message to each one with more specifics as to what I want in order to narrow the field. Anyone who knows me understands that I always have a difficult time saying "no" to anyone! I'm trying to stay focused on what I want and find the artist that can most closely fill that need, rather than just be nice and say yes to something I might not really want for my book. So, wish us good luck and may the best person get the job!

Here's a description of what I want for one of the illustrations. Others will follow the same pattern but in a different story.

I’ve been overwhelmed with responses to my posting for an illustrator. It looks like I’d better be more specific about what I want, and if you are still interested, please email me with the title “Still Interested”.

What I have in mind for one of the illustrations is this: Three people in a room. Maybe the home of an elderly couple.. She sits in an old rocking chair holding/rocking an invisible baby. (Women with dementia often hear a crying baby - especially if they lost a child when it was an infant.) Her elderly husband sits on a bed or in a chair with a look of desperation, frustration, exhaustion, love, and devotion (spouses often never get any sleep because those with dementia wander away all the time). (Can you put all that in one face?) Behind the elderly women stands a younger man (their son) with his arms crossed looking almost angry but also near tears. (Children of those with dementia find it very difficult to understand the changes in their parent.) Perhaps the room looks unkempt. Adult diapers, plates of uneaten food, bedside commode, antique furniture. Also, (if this isn't too much) if you could go to my blogsite
http://dustyangels.blogspot.com and find the cover picture of my first book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" (on the first page). Could that picture be hanging on the wall over the bed? It's the picture of the angel watching the two small children crossing the bridge.

Hubby starts his new state job on Monday. We think everything is set... I just realized we haven't told the kids yet. Guess we want that first paycheck before we set this in stone.

Take Care on the Journey,


February 2, 2008


My friend, Becky, in Michigan sent me this address and it's so awesome, wonderful, uplifting and positive, I hope everyone who clicks this website will click on over to www.helpothers.org and sign up. (I'm DustyAngel over there.)

Thank-you, Becky.

Other news of note is that I've signed up with my publisher, AuthorHouse, to publish my second book, "The Laughing Place". While it is still a manuscript in progress, I hope to get it finished and to the publisher within three months.

This is the preview I've written for the book so far...The Laughing Place is a true-to-life story of Alzheimers and dementia written by a nurse who has cared for those with long-term dementia. Clients experience a happy, comfortable life at The Laughing Place, and family members feel an errie satisfaction that this is the most perfect place on earth.

I'm looking for an 'artist' who can draw simple pictures to illustrate each chapter. If you can, or you know someone who can draw, please let me know. I'm checking with my two sons to see if they know some friends who draw too.

My husband is finally starting to feel better after over a month of cough and feeling poorly. Tonight he feels especially 'bright' after going to the grocery store for his own brand of medicine. The doctor prescribed a narcotic that didn't help a bit, so he found a bottle of wine and probably drank a little more than he should have. It's called Goats do Roam. Rose 2007. South Africa. But, he reports that his head is the most clear it's been since he took sick!

In a few days we are going to vacation for a couple days in our new timeshare at Gatlinburg!!!! It's a cabin set in the Smoky Mountains that includes a full kitchen, sleeps four, fireplace, flat screen TV, kind size bed and (the best!), a Jacuzzi. I hope Sheba takes well to the new place.

My computer is starting to act like it drank the rest of the wine! It won't spell check, and I keep getting threatening messages in a pop-up box to the right of my screen. Best to post this now. Don't forget to sign up at http://www.helpothers.org/.

Take Care on the Journey,