October 24, 2009

Strong Women Along The Journey

Sometimes I check my website to see who's been reading my blog and what posting they were reading. (My sitemeter tells me how many minutes an IP address stays on what posting. It doesn't give me names.) Yesterday someone in Hillard, Ohio, pulled up a posting that I wrote several years ago and posted here on Linda's Notebook. As I re-read the article that I wrote so long ago, I hardly recognized myself. It was a very good story and deserves to be reposted. Please click HERE to read what I wrote for Strong Women way back then. Or HERE.

Take Care on the Journey,

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October 11, 2009

Big Brother Is Watching Me

Hey, I've been trying to figure out Feedburner for months - if not years! I wanted to add a widget to my blogs like I see on other people's blogs where you can add your email address to get their new postings. There are currently ten of you who get postings from Linda's Notebook by e-mail because ten is all Blogger will allow from my settings.

Well, today while hubby was out getting a late breakfast, and Sheba was snoozing in the cool Autumn air of the front yard, I finally pulled it off!!! At the upper corner of all my blogs (the mains ones anyway), there's a link to click and add your e-mail address so you can get my new postings in your email. I'm tickled pink that I was able to (finally) figure out how modernize my blogs. I encourage those who already get my postings by email to go ahead and take that step on my blog.

(Do keep in mind that while I can edit and make corrections to my blogs online, I can't change any of the postings you get by e-mail, and often I find mistakes after I post.)

Now if I could just apply this new techno knowledge to my next test in Professional Nursing class, I'd be even more happy. Can you believe that is a most difficult subject for me (and most of my class, I think). Not because we aren't professional, but it's actually about the last two centuries of nursing and how it has evolved. We don't seem to be on the same 'wavelength' of the instructor at the moment. I hope we 'collide' soon and get our act together. ha ha

Speaking of super duper technology. At the gentle urging of my kids and their friends, and with some helpful suggestions from classmates, I've finally started adding "Apps" to my iPhone! There's no stopping me now!!! With over 80,000 to choose from, I've just touched the tip of the iceberg. Last night I was listening to the fire department in Chicago responding to a house fire through my iPhone. Then I heard a radio dispatch in Hawaii send paramedics to someone ill at a church. Today I've upgraded (my only non-free app) for $1.99 to include the PD's of Columbus and others around the country. (Call me if something big goes down in your city, and I'll tell you what's on the scanner.)

Okay, who cares?

Well, my family knows how I've always loved those techno toys! My boys will recall that at one time I had over 20 phones installed in the house. You know. It was cheap and so convenient! And, remember all those years I had a police/fire scanner on alert in the house day and night?

Now I'm in 7th heaven with my iPhone....Except on Friday when it quit working!!!! The apps wouldn't work. I was heartbroken. But the local ATT store made an appointment with the Apple store at Easton Mall, and last night they GAVE ME A NEW PHONE. Because I had synced my iPhone with my computer at home, I was able to upload everything back into the new phone, and within minutes I was up and installing more apps again. Whew!

Of course, I have a Facebook app, CNN, world maps, everybody's weather, and the current Dow Jones numbers. But, just imagine my fun with something called Lightsaber that sounds like Star Wars and a flashing saber. I told hubby I'd use that when I'm coming home late at night to scare the bad things away. I also make my own little music with an app called TonePad.

I love the WhiteNoise app where at night the buzzing in my left ear can compete with WhiteNoise of beach waves, crickets chirping, a thunder storm (without the lightning), a fan, and even the tic-toc of a grandfather clock. (I can use that as a metronome when I'm playing the piano, but it's kindof slow. lol)

The Days Until app lets you put in any date you want, and it tells you how many more days until...95 days until the last day of school!

Billy will chuckle at my Spanish Tudor app. It actually says the words, "I want to learn Spanish" as "quiero aprender espanol". It also says "I don't understand" as "no entiendo". I can upgrade if I want to, but so far I'm sticking to all the free apps (except for the police scanner).

For school and nursing, I've added apps like WebMD and even a NCLEX Board Review program.

Oh yes, I am amazed at the wonders of Google Earth, and Planets. I can locate all the current planets over my house at night.

There are even apps for us couponers! Today I found great discounts with an app called mobiOpons.

If I can't think of what to fix for dinner, I touch AllRecipes, shake my phone and see where the spinner stops. Hummmm. It says I'll have a slow cooker stew and fruit tonight.

Hubby is amazed at the technology of my phone. (I think he wants one too.) But, he warns that big brother "will be watching you now"! I wouldn't be surprised, but if I ever need to hide from Big Brother, I'll throw the iPhone in the pond first.

Other less-than-fun experiences this last week included a big dentist appointment that resulted in some pain I called on a scale of 1-10, a 50!!! I'm slowing improving. I have a follow-up appt. on Monday when he says I'm going to be feeling a whole lot better.

Our baby-of-the-house, Sheba, has had some bad nights that have kept us up fanning her when she can't get her breath and giving doggie pain pill when she seems to be hurting. She wants outside day and night, apparently for the fresh, cool air. We take turns sitting on the couch while she lays on the cold grass at 3 a.m. We're concerned that she may get sick in the night air (down in the 40's this week), but, we just want her as happy and as doggie comfortable as possible.

We have a day off from school because of Columbus Day tomorrow, but except for my brief techno moments, I'm determined to hit the books, prepare my presentations and papers, and be ready for all my tests next (THIS) week.

Have fun in the sun; play in the rain; and prepare for snow somewhere very soon.

Take Care on the Journey,

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October 4, 2009

LPN TO RN - One Day At A Time

I just realized that no one gets my postings by e-mail from my blog LPN TO RN - One Day At A Time. If you're interested in MORE of my writings, head over there and catch up. It's all about my life as a student RN.

Click HERE for the link. Save it to your favorites if you want to follow along.

Take Care on the Journey,

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