July 31, 2006

The Chosen One

Linda M. LPN
Many years ago.

I would have started this sooner but I couldn’t find my glasses – something very unusual for me because I always put them on top of the file cabinet in case of emergency. If I leave them by the bed so I can read who’s calling on my cell phone or see how to set the alarm clock, they always seem to sprout legs and walk around the room while I’m sleeping.

So now I had to think back to when I might have taken them off. (I did take them off. They are not on my nose!) Nope, not by my favorite living room chair or next to the microwave or on the edge of the bathtub.

Oh yes, when we got home this afternoon the electricity was off and the AC was off and the apt. was very hot. I wanted to change into something cool and that would be in the clothesbasket on the clothes dryer. Sure enough, there they lay nice and safe on the dryer – unable to jump down from such heights and run away from me.

So, here’s the story of how I was The Chosen One today.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to write a nursing story. I have to remember you probably don’t know the meaning of words like EDK Box, Texas Catheter or PEARL. The last one meaning, “Pupils Equal and Reactive to Light”. If you could come up with a way to keep a Texas Catheter in place, you would be a rich person, and the EDK Box is where we keep more narcotics than the any pusher on the street.

Last night was my third 12-hour shift in a row and I was a bit discouraged (another name for ‘fairly grumpy’) when I kissed Jim goodbye and told Sheba, “Mommy go to work” so she wouldn’t beg me with her eyes to go for a ride.

Arriving at the nurses’ station, I was slightly annoyed to see the entire day shift crew sitting at the desk reading the newspaper and eating pizza. I have QUIT jobs for less. It’s something akin to putting my glasses in the same place, whatever that is about me. Even at 3 a.m. you will not find me sitting with my feet on the desk reading a book. If I take a little break (because I’m the only nurse there and can’t leave the unit at night), I still want to look like I’m a professional and really care about what I’m doing there.

The day shift couldn’t wait to proclaim, “State Is Here!”

Oh yes, the annual State Survey that can make or break the director of nursing’s position, has cost many an administrator their job and is the bane of every nursing home that collects funds from Uncle Sam.

Of course State wasn’t there when I came on duty last night! They had left for the day, but the word was that they wanted to meet the night shift and would be returning in the wee hours of the morning (this morning).

The biggest concern for the nurse in my position is being tapped on the shoulder by a surveyor to be monitored during a med pass. For the occasional idiot nurse, it’s not a concern but actually a challenge they love. For most, it’s an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. For me, it’s a strange combination of that ‘old ghost’ feeling of inadequacy mixed with some confidence that after 35 years of passing meds, I couldn’t do anything THAT bad!

And anyway, if I really messed up and they fired me, I had a job interview at a nursing home near downtown Columbus later today! (More on that later.)

I called Jim and told him to forget bringing me supper. I wouldn’t have time to eat. I called a day shift nurse at home who needed to come in and sign a narcotic sheet she had missed a few days ago. I called the evening nurses aides (STNA's) together and reviewed our plan to get all the urinals off the bedside tables in exchange for me not putting any medicine cups into the trashcans during the night.

We were on a mission to have the unit in perfect condition, smelling good and ready for state surveyors any time after midnight! That, even if we are considered the “night shift" staff and not usually recognized as being the brightest or most ambitious people in the world by administration.

In six months working there, I have not seen the administrator once. The unit coordinator refers to me as the ‘night nurse’ while the same position day nurse is referred to as the ‘charge nurse’. But, oh well, it’s that glasses thing again that keeps me proud and busy.

Besides doing all the work that usually keeps me occupied all night, I added things I thought inspectors would (and have) checked. I looked in every bathroom to make sure the sharps container wasn’t too full. I cleaned out the treatment cart and discarded meds for patients no longer there. The medicine cart was washed down and made sure all the open bottles were labeled with an open date and patient name.

I walked the disposable vacuum cleaner up and down the halls. Emptied every trashcan at the nurses' station (all five of them) and refreshed them with clean garbage bags. (Something I think I’m supposed to do this every night, but I've have refused to pick up housekeeping duties!)

I couldn’t start the last 6 a.m. med pass until 5 a.m. (One hour before or one hour after.) But, at 5:01 a.m. I was in the first room doing the accuchecks, tube feedings, eye drops and pain meds. By 5:45 a.m. I was finished! Whew, I was safe! Surveyors hadn’t gotten out of bed at 4 a.m. to beat me, and I could breathe a sign of relief that our unit was spotless and meds were passed!

At 6 a.m., I saw the director of nurses hurrying down the hall towards the nurses’ station. I smiled and said, “Ask me any question.”

She looked surprised and said, “Can I have a million dollars?”

“Yes, but not from me,” I responded with an unusually bright sense of humor.

Next, comes a pretty young woman I’ve never seen, but she’s wearing a professional looking (name-of-our-nursing-home) nametag. I’ve never seen these before either, but they are expensive looking.

“Hi, I’m the administrator. I don’t think we’ve met.”

Soon follows the head maintenance man who flips the light switch and floods the hall with bright lights we aren’t used to at that time of morning.

I say, “Hello Bill”, but he doesn’t respond.

Because surveyors are coming, we have made sure that absolutely every patient has a call light in hand. Even those we know will never wake up and use it.

Suddenly I’m hit with a really strange feeling as the call light comes on in a room where the patient is in a coma and has never opened her eyes and asked for anything. I slowly walk towards the patient’s room as the Unit Coordinator, RN (my direct boss) comes down the hall, looks at the call light flashing above the door and then at me, with a question in her eyes.

“We gave her a call light and she turned it on,” I said to her unspoken question.

In checking, it seems she has moved her arm and activated the call light. Creepy.

So started the procession of employees I’d never met and surveyors I had hoped to miss.

Between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. I am informed that the day nurse (my relief) has called off. (I think she should be fired.)

An agency nurse will come in who has never been to this nursing home! And, she will be late!

And, I am told The surveyors want me to do the morning med pass! (Not my usual meds either!)

Worst of all, I will have to use the paper method of passing meds instead of the computer method I’ve been using for six months because the agency nurse doesn’t know how to use our computers.

I couldn’t believe my luck! Darn, I was so close!
Shake hands. Glad to meet you. Let’s get started.

I am the Chosen One! Every other nurse in the building breaths a sigh of relief.

Perhaps you would like to know that the surveyor said I “did great”. I remembered to lock the med cart, close the record book, wash my hands between meds, knock on the doors and call the patient by name. I gave at least 4 ounces of water and stood by until the last pill went down. I hope I didn’t accidentally touch the inside of the med cup or touch a pill as I pressed it from the package to the medicine cup.

As I left the building almost two hours late, I passed a note to the unit coordinator.

I deserve a bonus,” it said.

Take Care on the Journey,


July 28, 2006

The Press Release - Copy & Paste

Pease feel free to copy this and send to any media, newsletter, ladies group, book clubs, or individual who would appreciate a book that would appeal to women who have been hurt and need to step forward and reclaim their life.

Editors: For review copies or interview requests, contact
Linda Meikle (“Me-kle”)
Tel: 888-854-7522 Cell: 614-329-7513
Fax: 614-939-0010
Website: http://www.lindasbookshelf.com

Dusty Angels and Old Diaries

New Memoir Based on 40 years of Old Diaries and Journals.
A Woman’s Journey Toward Healing and Fulfillment

July 2006 – Columbus, OH. -- In her new memoir, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries (ISBN 1-4259-0723-7, Trade paperback, 265 pp, 6x9, $15.55) Linda Meikle shares the heartbreaking but courageous story of her life and how she found healing and fulfillment.

Abandoned by her parents when she was three-years old but unwilling to believe she had been forgotten, Linda Meikle opens a boxful of her old diaries and journals to relive her story of life on the run, tormented by old ghosts and fear of failure.

An indomitable spirit and a few special friends help carry Meikle through heartbreaking teen years, the exhausting efforts to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and the struggle to keep a dying marriage alive for the sake of her two sons. She becomes an entrepreneur, elected official, musician, writer and professional photographer, but never stops searching for her parents and siblings.

Adding her own poetry, family pictures and quotes from old diaries she thought she would never open again, Meikle encourages those who are held back by fear to step forward and reclaim their life.

There’s a happy ending as Linda celebrates a family reunion and finds the love of her life in an unexpected place.

Dusty Angels and Old Diaries is available through major bookstores worldwide.
For more information about Dusty Angels and Old Diaries, contact Linda Meikle (Me-kle”) at 1-888-854-7522 or see www.lindasbookshelf.com


July 27, 2006

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This and That

One small tomato from the balcony garden. The mystery plant needs a name. Calling on all plant lovers to identify this plant that srung up in my flower pot on the balcony.

Sorry, you have to twist and turn to see these beautiful flowers sent by Rick and Fran (my brother in CT) after they received the book. (I still can't get the photo program to turn the pictures for me!)

My little towheads! (Sorry for the flash...) It's a picture of Billy & Philip I hung on the wall right next to my bed. It's the first thing I see when I wake up - unless I'm snuggled next to Jim... Anybody want to guess the year this picture was taken? I added the shelf today and was going to put my alarm clock on it, but the angel jumped right up there! (It's also for my earrings when I forget to take them off.) Notice also the top of the fan. I have TWO fans next to the bed. One is for me and one (lower on a little stool) is for Sheba.

Take Care on the Journey,

July 25, 2006


Something serendipitous happened tonight. Serendipity happens to be a very favorite word of mine. Used only for very special occasions!

Earlier this week, I discovered a website for women
http://www.womencorp.org and found out about a motivational teleconference set for at 8 p.m. tonight. I posted large signs around the house to remind me in case I was sleepy and forgot the date.

The email indicated that women could send in questions ahead of time, and they might take a few calls at the end of the teleconference. So, I emailed a little about my book and asked if they had input on how to promote the book.

Wouldn't you know, someone knocked on the door at 7:55 p.m.! Only John Meikle or a policeman could be at OUR DOOR! Of course, it was salesmen for a new restaurant in town. Well, I let Sheba bark them off and dashed back to the phone.

In my haste, I dialed the wrong number and had to open my email to get the right number and was gritting my teeth thinking I had missed the conference. But, I finally joined in about 10 minutes late!

At first I thought I'd already heard everything they were discussing. Actually, I thought that Katy and I could have a more spirited motivational discussion, but I listened and took notes anyway.

They discussed how to achieve your goals by being clear about what you want in life. Writing it down! Asking the universe for it. (Just put it out in the universe, I guess.) Then believing you will get it and allowing yourself to receive it.

By the way, I'm quite sure that works for men too!

Well, the serendipity.


The speaker said, "We received an email from a Linda Meeiiikkllleee (couldn't pronounce my last name) who has written a memoir and wants to know how to promote the book.

After she explained a little about the book, she said, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" sounds fascinating and interesting to read."

Her suggestions: Be clear on a target market. Who I want to promote it to. How many I want to sell. She suggested creating a tag-line such as "A book for women who need to forgive".

She said, "Once you are clear on what you want, it will be easy."

She added, "The truth is, not all women may want to read the book. But those who have had hardships, been abused, struggling and harming themselves as a result of not forgiving, can find their own journey by reading the book."

After I hung up, I screamed "YES" so loudly that Sheba came running.

The universe worked for me tonight!

Take Care on the Journey

July 23, 2006

Comments From Readers

Comments by readers since the book came out May 2006. More comments will be added as they come in. Thanks for all your kind words. ~Linda

It’s so good…I cried several times. Oprah needs your book!
Betty B., Berrien Springs, MI

After reading your book, I realize what a truly remarkable person you are!
Jean R., Columbus, OH

Your book is wonderful. Dorothyann P., Waterbury, CT

(Read the book to find out who this is.)

“BRAVO” You’ve survived so much. All I can say is Bravo!
Fran B., Naugatuck, CT

A real page-turner…Send it to Oprah!
Katy Y., Portland, OR

I cry every time I read it, but every word is true.
Sandra Zike (Linda’s sister)

It made a difference for me. I’m going to take some steps in my life.
Reader in Berrien Springs, MI

You should charge more for the book. It’s worth it.
Polly W., Berrien Springs, MI

I didn’t know all this happened to you. You are so brave.
Linda’s niece in Naugatuck, CT

The book is perfect in every way.
Johnnie J., Springfield, OH

I got your book about three hours ago and I’m almost finished reading it. I didn’t know you could write like that. (A long-time friend mentioned in the book.)
Neil H., Winona, Wisconsin

It is a wonderful heart warming book I loved it. (It) made me cry, smile, reflect on my own life past and present. It was just so real. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Reader in Tampa, FL

Hooray for you Mom! I am so happy for you in many, many ways. I hope you sell a million copies! I love you so much and Katy and I are very proud of you.
Your loving son, Billy

We received our books today, and I'm thrilled at how professional and interesting they turned out! I love the combination of photos, poetry, and information about people I love. Wonderful job, Mama Linda! Love, Katy

Thank you for the book. I received it yesterday and I'm loving it so far. A blogger. “Shallow Throat” Berrien Springs, MI

We got your book yesterday. Thank-you very much. I have read the first chapter already but can not read no more because Fran started to read the book and I can not get it away from her until now. She just finished it and wanted me to tell you BRAVO very good job. Love, Bill (Linda’s brother)

To order from the publisher now, click HERE

Return to http://www.lindasbookshelf.com

Take Care on the Journey

July 20, 2006

Give It Away - Get Another One Free

Order "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" (from any major book store) and pass it on to a friend when you have finished reading it.

Then, call and request a FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOK from Linda. Call the toll-free number listed on the last page of the book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" to get your autographed complimentary book.

From one friend to another!
Take Care on the Journey... ~Linda

July 19, 2006

It's Always An Open Mic, Mr. President

(Photo by Linda)

The microphone is always open, Mr. President

You know the story by now of how our fine president got caught “off air”. Regardless of how he got elected (or didn’t), or how you feel he’s doing the job, or if you’d vote for him again, he will go down in history as our 43rd president and we should respect that.

But, I must take issue with what the news calls “unguarded moments”.

Because I was a news reporter for several years and covered most all the major events in our town of Berrien Springs, I can vividly imagine the excitement of those reporters who realized that the president’s mic was inadvertently left on. Or, maybe I should say, inadvertently not turned off! I’m sure the news outlets who knew what was happening tried to be the “first” to “air” such news. Every news station wants to be FIRST to report something. That’s the number one rule in journalism!

I reacted instantly to the first news clips. First, there was the story of the s---word. But, I was already yelling out for Jim to, "come see the president talking with his mouth full". Those atrocious eating manners captured so eloquently by the all-roving cameras! Chomp-Chomp.

"Are those raw oysters rolling around his tongue. Oh, it’s just a buttered dinner roll."

Basic manners, Mr. President, basic little boy manners! We know YOUR mother told you not to talk with your mouth full. That was the time she was prepping your social behaviors before you went to kindergarten. Remember, we know your mother too. I'll bet she gave you a call when you got back 'home' last night.

“Yo Blair”!

I suppose that’s going to have to a new word in the English dictionary now.

Reminds me of a story of my own. I was eating in a restaurant once and someone at our table yelled out to the waitress, “Yo! Come here”. Everyone at the table laughed and thought that was so funny.

Sorry, I saw no humor. Just immature rudeness.

Well, my opinions aside, this unusual news event, that superceded such a horrible world event, holds a lesson for everyone.

All of us have an open microphone. We can’t turn it off! It shows in how we react to those around us. Your words and actions don’t matter. It’s that open microphone that always gives you away.

Testing. Testing. 1,2,3... Testing

Take Care on the Journey,

Sea Pictures

I found these pictures while surfing other blogs. Hope they don't take too long to download for you. The site is HERE


I really hate wasting time, and I feel like I've done that tonight trying to figure out HOW to add the book information to the Template so the ordering info will show up on each story. I really HATE feeling so stupid. I wish Shallow Throat would share her secrets for making add-ons to the website... Shallow Throat are you here?

How many of you shouted out for Prez Bush to act like a president and chew with his mouth closed when you saw the news story of the S---word? That, before I even heard the news story! Shame. Shame.

Jim had a great job interview for a state job today. (Auditor). It was scheduled to last one hour and they kept him for two hours! Now we wait for the phone to ring, but don't give up the night job!. He felt real good about the interview.

The Herald-Palladium in St. Joseph, Michigan called today and said they'd run something about my book if I would write the press release. OK. I can do that. Bet they only want four lines. What can I say that will blow them away in four lines?

I gave my doctor a copy of my book today. You know what he said, "I probably won't have time to read it, but thanks a lot." (Hey, give it back!) He's one of the favorite doctors in my life (usually very kind and exceptionally smart), but that moment wasn't one of them.

My doctor has moved to a new office with new staff. First, I missed the little Ohio State University sign and got lost (assuming it would be a big sign....), then got snipped at by the front office for being late, and then discovered that I've gained 4 pounds in four months! Ya know, I think I'm trying to be careful what and when I eat. And, it just don't happen. No wonder my blood pressure was up.

Betty B., a friend in Berrien Springs, ordered my book and wrote me a wonderful note about how much she enjoyed the book. She and I worked together at Teresa's Country Homes. By the way, if you know a gentleman just about ready to retire who needs a really good wife, she's praying for a mate. I'd love to play Matchmaker!

Hey, I had a quick chat with Rosemarie and George Mascunana tonight. We talk about once every 10 years, but it's always like it was yesterday. They don't remember the gift, but they gave me the first diary when I was 14 years old - pictures of that diary are on this blog, "The First Diary - 1964." They are mentioned in Chapter 12 of my book. I would like to say to George Jr. "We loved you most of all."

They say to KISS (keep it short sweetie), so here's my KISS for tonight.
Take Care on the Journey,

July 14, 2006


Believe it or not, but the idea for this story came from a dream I had. (Some of you are aware that I have the strangest dreams!) I've done some research before writing and I'm sure I'll do some editing and changing, but I couldn't wait to share this with you!

"Echos of the Deep"

She stopped the rocking of the chair and held baby Jeremiah tighter to her breast. There it was again. The slight vibration of the floor and gentle sway of the lantern in the window. Tilting her head, she heard the faint echo of pulsating sounds of high-pitched moans and grunts.

The fire spit a few dying embers as she looked around the small room that was home to Josephine, Joseph and baby Jeremiah. At least they were warm, and if Joseph had any luck, he would soon burst through the heavy wooden door with fresh rabbit or maybe a small doe that would provide nourishing meals for the long winter ahead.

The tiny room was buried deep in the basement of the five-story building that overlooked the shores of Lake Michigan. The year was 1890. High on the roof above stood the town’s wooden water tower – and the source of the continual mysterious haunting sounds that kept her awake at night. And, there was always the deep bumping vibrations that sent the floor into tiny tremors.

Long ago she had learned that the water in the tower came from undersea tunnels in Lake Michigan. Recently, there was growing concern that something was terribly wrong in the town’s only supply of fresh water. There were stories from Grandpa Samuel about tiny strange-looking sea monsters found floating in bath water and small many-legged creatures swimming in grandma’s washwater. But in her lifetime, she had never seen the mysterious creatures in her water.

Wishing Jacob was there to calm her and make excuses for the deepening sounds and increasing tremors, she remembered the day he had walked into her life.

She had been up to her elbows in hot sudsy water scrubbing the clay stain from the hem of her best dress. It was a beautiful but windy laundry day in the back yard of the large building that was home to a dozen families. A blast of wind had caught the billowing material and blew the garment out of her hands. Groaning at the fresh mud all over the dress, she was surprised as Joseph stepped up beside her and held out a hand.

“May I help you, miss?”

Pleasantly, he had taken one end of the long dress and held it high off the ground as she started cleaning the mud and stains once again.

“Do you live around here? I haven’t seen you before.” Josephine asked trying not to stare into his deep blue eyes.

“We just moved in on the third floor. My parents came over from Ohio looking for better work,” Joseph said as he switched ends of the dress.

After that they were inseparatable. Within a few months, they were married and excited about the baby on its way! They decided to live in the basement room Josephine had shared with her parents and grandparents who had all perished during the terrible flu epidemic a few years earlier.

Now as the night deepened and Joseph hadn’t returned, she felt a terror she had never known. The heavy bumping sounds and heart-stopping screeching sounds from above seemed to be getting more furious every day! She wondered how the families in the top floors could stand the noise.

Baby Jeremiah relaxed into a sweet smile as Josephine lowered him into the big wooden cradle handed down from generation to generation. She added a few big logs to the fire and settled down next to the lantern to mend some clothes.

Suddenly Josephine heard what sounded like a gigantic explosion followed by crashing timber and rushing water. As she jumped up and ran to her baby, a blast of water knocked her off her feet and sent her crashing across the room. Large timbers of wooden beams broke through the doorway and lodged at her feet.

Screaming with fear, Josephine struggled to reach her baby but was stopped cold as a large glob of withering matter filled the hole in the doorway. In slid the largest, most terrifying sea creature she had ever imagined.

Staring at her with eyes bigger than dinner plates and uttering explosions of pulsating moans that sounded like a thousand babies crying all at once, the creature thrashed desperately in the water that had spread across the floor.

The giant sea creature was covered with sticky glowing goo that had hundreds of small spiny fish attached. Its open mouth was full of tiny glowing yellow lights, and its teeth were so long, it could not close its mouth. It flopped around on leg-like fins that oozed that same florescent yellow glow.

It took a moment for Josephine to understand the full impact of what had just happened. The massive water tower had finally crumbled, and this is what had been growing deep inside the ancient tower.

She knew the squid-like; human-like sea serpent was dying as it kept trying to dive into the slowly receding water. It was no harm to her, but it was between her and her baby!

Wrenching with fear and holding back sobs, she slowly made her way back to the crib as the serpent’s cries grew less intense, and the urgent movements slowed as it sank to the floor with a pitiful whimper.

Lifting baby Jeremiah, she quickly wrapped him in a heavy wool blanket. She heard the screams and cries of the people gathering outside. Without a backward glance at the lifeless glob of yellow, she ran through the jagged opening in the wall and into the cold winter blast.

Joining the growing crowd of anxious people, she learned that no one had been hurt in the tragedy that had destroyed the old building. She couldn't help breathing a deep sigh of relief. The water tower could be replaced with massive steel tanks from Pittsburgh. There could be peace and quiet once again in Chicago.

Take Care on the Journey,


July 12, 2006

Balcony Garden Comes to Life

Hello from Columbus, Ohio :)

We've have rain and parts of Ohio had tornados, but we just enjoyed a good sleeping day! The tomato plants have just about taken over the balcony. They actually produce a 'tomato' fragrance when you brush against them. Better than flowers!

I'm trying to train the Morning Glories to grow downward from the balcony on strings of twine. Do you think that will happen?

Take Care on the Journey, ~Linda

July 6, 2006

The First Diary - 1964

The Diary that started it all... 1964-1968

I should be taking a nap before my 12-hour shift starts at the nursing home, but there’s some thoughts buzzing around in my head that want out…

Today’s journey took me to the little store in our small town of New Albany called, “Out of the Ordinary” where they have my book featured at the check-out counter. I wanted to speak to the owner about stocking the book as a local source for selling “Dusty Angels and Old Diaries”. It’s been difficult to find her at the store, but she was behind the counter and not in a good mood, it seemed.

“Can I help you” she turned and asked another customer when I stepped up the counter and told her I was the author of the book that I left there a couple weeks ago. (She hadn’t been in.)

“I have to double whatever you charge, so I’ll have to sell the book for $20,” she chirped quickly without a smile of any kind.

“I’m willing to take a loss on the book if you will sell it for less. I work at the local nursing home and I’m not allowed to take money for my book from my patients, so I’m just looking for a local source where people can buy my book,” I said pleasantly and with a cheery smile I didn’t feel.

In the end (and after several interruptions while she offered to help customers who weren’t buying anything – actually I think they were listening to our interesting conversation), she is willing to take my books and sell them at the barcode price of $15.55 and give nothing to me!

Lesson learned: Even though I love the store, I’ll go to another town before I send customers there to buy my book.

Later I’ll update everyone on the possible FILM OFFER, and an unexpected very nice person who contacted me from the SDA Church Conference.

My goal is to do at least one thing every day to promote the book. Everyone who reads "Dusty Angels" tells me it’s well worth the reading - and has already made a difference for several who had read my book.

Stay tuned.

Take Care on the Journey


July 2, 2006

Back from Florida and Other Things

These two pictures were taken with my cell phone from the pier in south Tampa near where Sandy lives. Imagine a soft breeze, glowing sunset and sea gulls gliding over head.


Back home, the balcony garden is blooming!

Click on picture for close-up view..

Oh look! Baby green tomatoes in the balcony garden. Guess we'll let them grow a little more. This afternoon, a summer storm blew some of my flowers pots off the railing.

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been with me working full-time nights and making two trips to Tampa for Sandy’s surgery and then recovery at home. I feel very washed out, but am so thankful that Sandy is doing great – albeit – still in some pain.

I’m glad to be home and catching up on neglected things and getting adjusted to a routine again.

Jim and Sheba enjoy their walk around the pond every day. Sheba has several “animals of interest” that she looks for on her walkabout. (Animal names taken from Jim’s unwritten book….) There’s Mr. Bully Bullfrog who jumps back into the pond just in the nick of time before Sheba comes snooping. Then, Mr. Teddy Turtle who carefully positions himself facing the creek so he can make a fast dash as Sheba rounds the corner, nose to the ground to the sunny spot at the edge of the water. But, you would just die of laughter if you could witness Sheba-dog standing straight up on her back legs looking over the tall grass for Mr. Grumpy Groundhog. Jim hopes to catch a picture of that expressive maneuver one of these days!

Several people have commented on my book, so I’m planning to make a ‘Comment Section' on my book web site at
http://www.lindasbookshelf.com. In a few days you can slip over there and read the reviews of my book.

I’ve finally found a good chiropractor and massage therapist – at Jim’s urging. (Well, the massage therapist wasn’t ‘urged’. ha ha.) My back is feeling much better. The chiropractor is a lady named Janice who seems to be very competent and confident. My good-looking massage therapist is Jimmy! I’m in good hands – as they say.

Take Care on the Journey,