May 11, 2010

Good News and Bad News

There are several lists on a notepad by my desk with thoughts of things I want to write about, but the days go by so quickly, and the ideas get outdated and tossed into the waste basket.

So much is happening, changing, looking up, looking down. No time to look around!

The bad news is that all those cute little baby ducks disappeared by the next day, so no more pictures of them with mama, although she still comes by seeking food and clucking for her baby chicks!

The good news is that I'm working, and hubby is doing well with his new responsibilities as chief cook and bottle washer.

Other news is that I've had a nibble for a nursing job, and have sent out my resume. I'll be sure to update of work related news as it happens if it does. The Epic job has been interesting and rewarding, but is slowing down for now.

Weather news is that it's been too cold and wet to plant the rest of my Mother's Day garden flowers!!! Last night was about 35 degrees and frost! So, we have several flats of lovely plants in the house that the cat enjoys chewing on when we aren't looking.

I'm still enjoying all the good things that come with couponing! And, I'm extremely glad that the couponers who clean off the shelves on all the good deals live in another town!!!! LOL

There are some really cool pictures in my phone and on my camera. Photos of the ducks and geese eating corn on our patio. The beautiful little flower and rock garden that hubby made me for Mother's day. Funny photos of the cat. Just some "joy pictures" to share. A personal goal is to get those downloaded and uploaded here to all to enjoy.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,