October 27, 2011

Graphic Photo - Ouch!

I tripped on a ramp at a storage unit when stepping off the edge not realizing it was an incline!  I had my shoes on, but still really hurt my foot and fractured the big toe. I fell forward, hard against the back of our car and then on down to the cement, but at least the Saturn imposed most of my bodily bruises, aches, and pain.

Not much one can do about a broken toe but grin and bear it - and work as a busy nurse on CRUTCHES! 

So, here's the evidence...

For even more graphic, you can click on the photos.  LOL

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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October 26, 2011

Denver's First Winter Snow of 2011

They've been predicting this first Denver winter storm all week - almost to the minute. What's beautiful about this snow is that it's just softly falling without wind or severe cold. It was 29 degrees this morning. Although my sister in Florida says that 29 degrees is 'very cold", it just makes the snow more special here.

What did we forget to do before the snow?

Hubby's favorite reading spot!

Our house. (Taken with iPhone)

The neighbor's house with more trees..
October 26, 2011

Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,

Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com

October 20, 2011

Rocky Mountain - Estes Park 10-19-2011

We got the tourist welcome...
"If you take our picture, we'll take yours"

This time I'm posting our scenic day-trip to Estes Park, CO here on my website before I post to Facebook!  I'm between classes this week, and we are having some perfectly awesome fall days here in Denver, so hubby and I gave some extra food to the pets, refreshed the water dishes, and off we ran for the hills of Highway 119 through the canyons and up 14,000 feet into the national forests of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

I took over 100 pictures today.
These are some of my favorites.

Hubby (right) waits for me to join him to walk across this bridge.

We found more photo ops on the way home as it was getting dark. When you drive in the mountains, the view is never the same, and coming back is as different as day and night.  A "Rocky" at sunset.

OH, but there was more to this picture than of the setting sun...See the next photo!

Princess, Your Highness, and Ebony, came to greet us!

What else you got?

Me too please...

Funny thing...We didn't know about the horses. We were looking for THIS!
Crags View Geocache!!!!  (Sounds like Craig)

We left the shoe, but added some nice swag to this one.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Estes Park trip without Elk!
We saw at least 25 ladies in this herd.

Now who put that rock up there? And, why the ugly face?
Picnic anyone?
There's gold somewhere under that mountain stream!!!

There's always more mountains to climb tomorrow...

Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,

October 14, 2011

Colorado Aspens October 2011

I posted this one on Facebook, but the snow is the first flakes of winter 2011.
You can click on the photo for a close-up view. (You can't do that on FB)
Today we took a drive about an hour west of Denver looking for the last of this year's colorful Aspens. My favorite tree next to the flowering Dogwood of Tennessee!

Here are the photos taken as we climbed higher and higher, we ran into the first snow of winter!  When we left Denver, it was a sunny 71 degrees. An hour later, it was snowing and 32 degrees!

We loved the fog in the high mountains.

Wonder if there's gold in that creek?

That spot of orange (center left) caught my eye.

This is where we pulled over to video the Aspen shimmering in the wind.
Next is a video of the bad weather we ran into a few minutes after these pictures were taken... (Sorry, video wouldn't load.)
We turned around when it got 32 degrees outside!

I have a beautiful video of the Aspen's but it won't lead here. I'll go ahead and post the pictures until I can figure it out.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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October 3, 2011

September Elk at Estes Park and Geocaching

Last week, (September 27, 2011) Jim and I took a drive up to Estes Park, CO for the afternoon. We always find elk in that quaint mountain town where the entrance to the Rocky Mountains opens a whole new world of nature, and the elk are protected.  Today, we did some fun geocaching at Mary's Lake near Estes Park, but only saw one elk up close!
I believe you can click on each photo for a larger close-up.  Enjoy our journey with us.

He was grazing near some workmen who were trying to build a fence.

Cars were lined up with people taking pictures, but he didn't mind.

We found this comfortable buck resting near some camping cabins.

The film was in the camera for about six months, saving this photo from an earlier trip.

These geese were making quite a racket on the lake!

We spent a while searching for a geocache around here!
Oh!!! Here's that geocache!

One last look back at the elk holding up progress on the fence.
 Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,

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