August 14, 2005

About the Book, 'Dusty Angels and Old Diaries'.

About the Book

Every man and woman has a story to tell. Most are lucky if they find one person who will listen. Today I share over 40 years of personal diary epics and intimate stories written about my exceptional story including the most heartbreaking times of my life.

Left behind by my parents in New York City when I was three-years old, I became the guardian angel for my baby sister, Sandra. Together we defied unimaginable hardships to survive and become strong, capable women!

As I unlock each diary and weave the picture of my life’s journey, you may find yourself watermarked in the epic pages because, in ‘Dusty Angels and Old Diaries’ we are all headed toward the same exit sign on our sojourn through life.

Have you experienced a difficult childhood, an abusive ‘parent’, the grief of loneliness, a lost love, the challenge of raising kids and other people’s kids, strict ordinances of religion, the death of a marriage, financial hardship, depression, anger and grief? It’s all here and how I survived each one.

The diaries helped prepare me for, “what’s next” and helped me keep my sanity when my world was crumbling. They kept me steadfast on the path to find my mother and to keep my dreams alive!

They listened to my reasons for becoming a nurse, establishing a photography business, winning an elected position and finding the courage to leave it all behind and start over when life changed directions.

This book is for anyone who doesn’t believe this is a perfect world. Not malicious to those who have done me wrong, but staying close to the truth of how other people’s actions affected my life, my book provides wisdom, offers advice and promises hope to anyone who reads it.


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