June 5, 2006

While I Was Sleeping..Jim Was Shopping.

1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Stirring awake as Sheba poked her nose through the bedroom drapes sending a blast of sunlight across my face, I couldn’t believe it was 2 p.m. I hadn’t wakened once since I crashed into bed after work early this morning. It was the last of a three-day stretch that is always hard on my system.
“Are you home?” I called out sleepily as Jim hurried into the room.
“You should be sleeping, darlin”, Jim responded.
“I’m awake now. What cha’ been doin?”
“Buying a car”, he said with a rare grin.
“A car or a van?”
“Oh, a van for sure. And I talked the guy down $950.00!”
By then I was wide awake!

We had already given a provisional word to a man for a van, so I was puzzled about this turn of events. Jim started a new job recently as a courier and we had agreed to purchase a van so as not to wear out the good car. It was also to show the company he works for that he is serious about more work! And, we had wanted a van so we could go on small trips together and not worry about leaving the dogs behind.

Seems Jim had been pouring over the Sunday paper and had gone out investigating offers while I was asleep. He hadn’t been so certain that the van we picked out was really the best deal out there.

So, arriving at a dealership early this morning, he spotted this van that was so new on the lot it didn’t have the price posted on it yet. The man was trading it in for a brand new van for his wife. Not only did Jim convince the dealership that they didn’t need to mark it up, (“It just got on your lot!”) but in the end they added new wipers, and a tank of gas!

We think it’s a beauty and a steal for $2,000! It’s clean, got A/C and a CD player. Seats 7 with three rows of removable seats. The tires are new and it recently had complete service done that included new hoses and battery. The mileage is just about what we expected at a little over 100,000 miles.

Sheba seemed to know something was up as she danced at the door wanting out. She ran to the van (mixed in with all the other vehicles in the parking lot), jumped into the passenger seat and said, “It’s time for my ride!”

Take Care on Your Journey,


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Katy said...

How exciting! Now you can take a road trip to Oregon and bring the dogs! :)