July 19, 2006

It's Always An Open Mic, Mr. President

(Photo by Linda)

The microphone is always open, Mr. President

You know the story by now of how our fine president got caught “off air”. Regardless of how he got elected (or didn’t), or how you feel he’s doing the job, or if you’d vote for him again, he will go down in history as our 43rd president and we should respect that.

But, I must take issue with what the news calls “unguarded moments”.

Because I was a news reporter for several years and covered most all the major events in our town of Berrien Springs, I can vividly imagine the excitement of those reporters who realized that the president’s mic was inadvertently left on. Or, maybe I should say, inadvertently not turned off! I’m sure the news outlets who knew what was happening tried to be the “first” to “air” such news. Every news station wants to be FIRST to report something. That’s the number one rule in journalism!

I reacted instantly to the first news clips. First, there was the story of the s---word. But, I was already yelling out for Jim to, "come see the president talking with his mouth full". Those atrocious eating manners captured so eloquently by the all-roving cameras! Chomp-Chomp.

"Are those raw oysters rolling around his tongue. Oh, it’s just a buttered dinner roll."

Basic manners, Mr. President, basic little boy manners! We know YOUR mother told you not to talk with your mouth full. That was the time she was prepping your social behaviors before you went to kindergarten. Remember, we know your mother too. I'll bet she gave you a call when you got back 'home' last night.

“Yo Blair”!

I suppose that’s going to have to a new word in the English dictionary now.

Reminds me of a story of my own. I was eating in a restaurant once and someone at our table yelled out to the waitress, “Yo! Come here”. Everyone at the table laughed and thought that was so funny.

Sorry, I saw no humor. Just immature rudeness.

Well, my opinions aside, this unusual news event, that superceded such a horrible world event, holds a lesson for everyone.

All of us have an open microphone. We can’t turn it off! It shows in how we react to those around us. Your words and actions don’t matter. It’s that open microphone that always gives you away.

Testing. Testing. 1,2,3... Testing

Take Care on the Journey,

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