July 19, 2006


I really hate wasting time, and I feel like I've done that tonight trying to figure out HOW to add the book information to the Template so the ordering info will show up on each story. I really HATE feeling so stupid. I wish Shallow Throat would share her secrets for making add-ons to the website... Shallow Throat are you here?

How many of you shouted out for Prez Bush to act like a president and chew with his mouth closed when you saw the news story of the S---word? That, before I even heard the news story! Shame. Shame.

Jim had a great job interview for a state job today. (Auditor). It was scheduled to last one hour and they kept him for two hours! Now we wait for the phone to ring, but don't give up the night job!. He felt real good about the interview.

The Herald-Palladium in St. Joseph, Michigan called today and said they'd run something about my book if I would write the press release. OK. I can do that. Bet they only want four lines. What can I say that will blow them away in four lines?

I gave my doctor a copy of my book today. You know what he said, "I probably won't have time to read it, but thanks a lot." (Hey, give it back!) He's one of the favorite doctors in my life (usually very kind and exceptionally smart), but that moment wasn't one of them.

My doctor has moved to a new office with new staff. First, I missed the little Ohio State University sign and got lost (assuming it would be a big sign....), then got snipped at by the front office for being late, and then discovered that I've gained 4 pounds in four months! Ya know, I think I'm trying to be careful what and when I eat. And, it just don't happen. No wonder my blood pressure was up.

Betty B., a friend in Berrien Springs, ordered my book and wrote me a wonderful note about how much she enjoyed the book. She and I worked together at Teresa's Country Homes. By the way, if you know a gentleman just about ready to retire who needs a really good wife, she's praying for a mate. I'd love to play Matchmaker!

Hey, I had a quick chat with Rosemarie and George Mascunana tonight. We talk about once every 10 years, but it's always like it was yesterday. They don't remember the gift, but they gave me the first diary when I was 14 years old - pictures of that diary are on this blog, "The First Diary - 1964." They are mentioned in Chapter 12 of my book. I would like to say to George Jr. "We loved you most of all."

They say to KISS (keep it short sweetie), so here's my KISS for tonight.
Take Care on the Journey,

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Shallow Throat said...

Hey Linda,

Thanks for the shout out. As far as changing your template, I learned to change mine only by trial and error. You can preview changes before they're made permanent so you don't screw up anything by accident.

Thank you for the book. I received it yesterday and I'm loving it so far.