July 28, 2006

The Press Release - Copy & Paste

Pease feel free to copy this and send to any media, newsletter, ladies group, book clubs, or individual who would appreciate a book that would appeal to women who have been hurt and need to step forward and reclaim their life.

Editors: For review copies or interview requests, contact
Linda Meikle (“Me-kle”)
Tel: 888-854-7522 Cell: 614-329-7513
Fax: 614-939-0010
Website: http://www.lindasbookshelf.com

Dusty Angels and Old Diaries

New Memoir Based on 40 years of Old Diaries and Journals.
A Woman’s Journey Toward Healing and Fulfillment

July 2006 – Columbus, OH. -- In her new memoir, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries (ISBN 1-4259-0723-7, Trade paperback, 265 pp, 6x9, $15.55) Linda Meikle shares the heartbreaking but courageous story of her life and how she found healing and fulfillment.

Abandoned by her parents when she was three-years old but unwilling to believe she had been forgotten, Linda Meikle opens a boxful of her old diaries and journals to relive her story of life on the run, tormented by old ghosts and fear of failure.

An indomitable spirit and a few special friends help carry Meikle through heartbreaking teen years, the exhausting efforts to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and the struggle to keep a dying marriage alive for the sake of her two sons. She becomes an entrepreneur, elected official, musician, writer and professional photographer, but never stops searching for her parents and siblings.

Adding her own poetry, family pictures and quotes from old diaries she thought she would never open again, Meikle encourages those who are held back by fear to step forward and reclaim their life.

There’s a happy ending as Linda celebrates a family reunion and finds the love of her life in an unexpected place.

Dusty Angels and Old Diaries is available through major bookstores worldwide.
For more information about Dusty Angels and Old Diaries, contact Linda Meikle (Me-kle”) at 1-888-854-7522 or see www.lindasbookshelf.com


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