August 6, 2006

A Picture & Poem for You

Balcony sunset August 5, 2006, Columbus, Ohio

I miss many sunsets because I'm at work, so on my night off I especially enjoy watching the sunset from our balcony. Each sunset is different and beautiful.

'After the Heat of the Week"

by Linda Meikle

Night is set and a coolness seeks to curl

Around my plants and flowers sweet.

I rest in the even tide of darkening skies.

The dogs lie sleeping at my feet.

Small balcony garden with scents that spray.

Morning Glories closing for the day.

Sweet ripe tomatoes are at my fingertip.

A sunflower plant awaits the sun's bright ray.

No plot of land to plow and plant.

No weeds to pull or stinging ants.

A soft old chair and a sip of tea

A picture worth a thousand words

- For you and me - .

Take Care on the Journey


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