October 18, 2006

LeTip - "Stop That Woman!"

It’s been a very unusual week at our house to say the least…I’ve missed writing here on the website but I’ve been saving the best of my days and nights to put them to pen the first moment I could.

If you’ve read my book, it’s like the chapter that says something about wearing too many hats. I wear many invisable hats, but, never had the nerve to wear an actual hat in public. I’m gutsy in a lot of ways, but don't have the courage to put on that big floppy hat or wear the Jackie type hat that I envied so much!

So this week I started working the DAY SHIFT (6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) at the New Albany Care Center three days a week AND started taking appointments at the studio. I’m challenged with a lot of decisions and committed to making it all work! I’ve put up with everyone telling me that my website is outdated. (I KNOW that, but just think of how much better the photographer is! Updating the web site is one thing I haven't mastered yet! Please bear with me.) And, Jim re-installed Windows 2000 on the computer loosing ALL my links and ‘favorite’ bookmarks! There's new nursing co-workers, new supervisors, new patients and the new hours for my tired old body to adjust to!

It turned bone chilling COLD and WINDY for my first senior picture shoot but we braved the elements for a hectic but hallirous 2-hour EnglishRose Scenic Tour where we got many (and maybe the ONLY) fall pictures for seniors.

Amanda is the daughter of a good friend, Renee who is also a former co-worker. Yep, we took pictures at the serene creek in the woods although it wasn’t as peaceful as pictured in the next story. There was a north wind blowing that made all of us chatter our teeth and have to keep brushing Amanda’s hair after every take. The light kept changing so I had to constantly change the f-stop on the camera and ‘bracket” my pictures for the best shot. My hair looked like a scarecrow before we were done and I sank into take a long hot bath when I got home. I’ll NOT say I’m too old for that! But it's close...

On Monday morning when the alarm went off at 6:15 a.m. I almost cried. I was soooo tired and sleepy and didn’t want to unsnuggle from Jim and crawl out of the warm cozy bed. Even Sheba must have sensed my discomfort because she followed me to the bathroom and whined at the door.

I got to work on time (skipping the donut shop!) only to find that an agency nurse had worked the night shift and instead of having my med cart all clean and set to go and paperwork ready for report, she was still passing her medications! That put me off by at least 45 minutes! (A lot of time in nursing!) It turned out to be one of those days that for the next 14 HOURS I did not take a break, did not eat or drink anything and did not even go to the bathroom! I also forgot to take my OWN meds for diabetes and high blood pressure. (They were in my pocket.) Jim brought me lunch that sat in the med room all day. It was one emergency event or urgent need after another the entire day.

Today was my day "off". I didn’t sleep in, as Jim would have wished. I had set the clock for 6:00 a.m. to attend an early morning business meeting I was invited to! It’s called LeTip and consists of a group of business people from the community who help each other by passing on “tips” to other people about each of our businesses. There can only be one person (who is a paying member) for each profession and they don’t have a photographer member so I’ve got to make a decision about becoming a member. (It costs about $300 a year. But, the local CofC costs $800 a year.) You can read about it LeTip at

The businessperson who invited me is Gary Wells and he runs a framing shop in the mall here in New Albany. (The one I told you about, Sandy.) Guess he doesn’t have a web site or I’d direct you there. He told me I’d have two minutes to present myself at the meeting.

I arrived before daylight in a cold pouring rain. There were about 35 men in business suits and three women. Two of us women were “guests”. I was too nervous to eat any of the good food but sort of mingled and shook hands and smiled a lot until the meeting started at 7:14 a.m. (They are very strict about the time there!)

When it was time for our 2-minute speeches the other lady got to go first. She read from a sheet of paper. She’s a mental health counselor. She looked well dressed and professional and kept to the point. Gary, who is Sgt. Of Arms, rang a little bell when her two minutes was up.

Okay, then it was my turn. I stood up and told everybody I didn’t care if they couldn’t pronounce my last name – but added that my husband, James, would mind – and everybody laughed.

Then I looked the room in the eye and said, “I’m an entrepreneur and I’m always doing more than one thing at a time.” Having said that I held up a red rose and said the name of our photography business is “EnglishROSE” and they laughed again.

At that point I said, “Since I’m always doing more than one thing at a time, I’m going to pass around all my business cards while I talk.” I had 5 stacks of my various business cards that I handed to the person on my left and kept talking. I gave them my 5x8 EnglishRose Photography cards, the wedding brochures (revised, Katy), the senior picture cards, the angel cards, angel book brochures and my regular size EnglishRose business cards.

In the meantime I held up the New Albany News (Oct. 12) that has a story about EnglishRose and ME. (I told them they could read the paper.)

I held up my book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries” and quickly told them (in two sentences) that I had written a book about finding my family and that it is a book written for women who want to be strong.

I quickly explained that I'm also a nurse and was a trustee for two terms and a photojournalist for several years and whatever else I said.

I figured my time was about up and glanced at Gary just as he commented out loud to someone,
"I’m not going to stop her.”

I figured my time was up so I thanked them and sat down, but later I wondered if I wasn’t suppose to be passing out all those cards when I’m not a member yet. I think it best not to ask....

Whatever the reason, I’m beholden to and thank Gary for his kindness and respect.

Later today, Jim and I had a meeting the This Week Newspaper about advertising in the local weekly newspaper. This paper is owned by the Columbus Dispatch, the long-standing local daily paper. Jim has been discussing options with the woman by phone so we knew some direction we want to go.

This weekend I’m shooting an 11-year old girl and a family picture. The family has a 4-year old boy and 9-week old baby girl. You guys know I’ll have loads of fun!

Well, tomorrow should be a quiet day. You know I’ll be working on the newspaper ad and Jim will tie up loose ends on the computer. Oh yes, my dear children will be delighted to hear that I'm faithfully going to CURVES! Today I pushed myself the entire 30 minutes and kept my pulse within a safe limit. (My heart tends to go too fast, but I watch it.)

We are thrilled that Shelley has agreed to take over updating our entire website
www.photosbylinda.com She and Jim talked, and he is pleased that she is so talented and willing to help us out. Thanks Shelley!

Take Care on the Journey


The Cat's Meow said...

Like always, you work too hard. Your photos are nice tho!!! Keep up the chin and the lens a flashin'
Love ya, Sandy

Renee said...

Your a woman after my own heart! Never a dull moment in our lives. Your an awesome nurse as well as a photographer. You have a heart of gold and it shines through.

Love, Renee