November 21, 2006

Stand-by for NEWS!

Today I had my first radio interview for my book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" with producer Gus Sierra at WFOB AM 1430 in Fostoria, Ohio. (You can stream the station from your computer.)

Jim and Sandy (husband and sister) listened on respective computers and both feel like the event went "Awesome" as Sandy said. Jim said I should write in today's diary that he thought the interview went "Just Fine!".

Gus asked the appropriate questions and kept the conversation on track. (I would have been lost for words after two sentences!) We covered our mom leaving the four of us in New York City and my habit of keeping a diary all my life on which I based the book. We mentioned the Missouri days and the reaction to finding my family. I gave Billy and Philip credit for supporting me in my search through the years.

It could have gone in so many directions (which made me nervous), and future interviews might not go so well, but I'm thankful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to me and Jim on our Lake Michigan sunrise wedding, November 23, 1997!

Take Care on the Journey,

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