January 16, 2007

Everyone Is Invited...

1) To accompany Linda to the Worthington SDA Church

2) To fellowship with BAP (Born-Again Pagan) on a nature walk

3) Read some serious comments at the end of the story, “I Went Back

I feel confident that those who know and love me were shocked to read where ‘strangers’ are pointing out my faults to include “complaining”, “sarcastic’, “negative”, “one who has problems with tradition” and “having a critical nature”. I hope that by now, they are having a good laugh over it!

The Cat’s Meow (my baby sister, folks) could be described as having an “attitude” but we love her for it. And, if you ever do read my book, “Dusty Angels and Old Diaries”, you would forgive her in a heartbeat. You always know where you stand with SandyZ.

Your loving BAP (my loving, supportive and faithful husband of almost 10 years) is not ashamed to call himself a ‘Born-again Pagan” (tongue–in-cheek) and does not have need of a formal sanctuary and fellowship of many worshipers to feel fulfilled. You will not find him at church unless he tags along at my urging to be a companion at my side.

I may return to your fellowship or I may not. You might greet me or you may not. That part, honestly, does not bother me because I’m sure there was many a Sabbath Day that I missed a lonely visitor who entered looking for just one person to welcome them and I wasn’t there for them. Please know, that is not my intent. I would love to get to know some of you and wish we could have started out on more equal ground.

To the pastor - to whom I DID throw some darts. I suspect your parishioners are in some small way protecting you by writing their thoughts to me. I did detect a lot of good response from your camaraderie with them both on the pulpit and in the sanctuary. You must be doing something right.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

I'd love to go for a walk with BAP! Hi, DJ!

Floyd said...

I tremble to add to the cacaphony of expressions elicited from the last post. I was chagrined by the uncaring defensive words of those trying to defend their church while also trying to look like they are reaching out. I suppose I am not one to talk though. I have a reputation for callous comments that have hurt many hearts because of my self-preoccupation.
As I read the most refreshing comment I was disappointed that it came from a BAP. Not that I don't believe he has the sensitivity and wisdom to express such insights, but that it contrasted so sharply with the unsensitive comments of those claiming to follow a God of grace.
I have read the book. I have also experienced a somewhat similar religious background though not to the extremes that Linda has survived. I can't blame little sister for her intensity of bitterness after all the hell she endured in the supposed name of God. What saddens me is that in all the intense feelings and defensivness it seems to be the reputation of the local church that is more important than the grossly twisted lies firmly planted on God's reputation that's seems to be the issue. But unfortunately it is usually that way.
I think to some extent I understand Linda's heart and where she is coming from. I am soooo glad she has a husband who is devoted to caring and protecting her heart. He relects the way God feels about her to a very great extent. I happen to believe that after all the dust settles that those who are honest, open and humble enough will be surprised and delighted that God is very different than the way we always believed. I believe the real truth about Him will ultimately overcome all the slander and misrepresentation smeared on Him by professed believers and detractors alike.
Linda, you are very unique and special. Your honesty and openness have been a real inspiration to me along with your husband. I consider you one of my few heart friends that I can relax with. You are very special and loved. And someday you may be surprised by joy - and maybe even in the company of Christians.

Juanita said...
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Linda M. said...
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