April 12, 2007

Hold Your Flowers Low

For a few moments I took down the article, "Shattered Glass" but now it's back. I think the story needs to be told. But, I'm moving on to stories more pleasant and informational. Every time I see the word, "Worthington" (and there's a lot of places with that name around here), I cringe a little, but as wedding planners say to the bride, "Hold your head high: Your chest out: And Your flowers low".

Unlike Imus In the Morning, I'm back to work. My private duty baby is out of the hospital, so I'm working most every day M-F 4p-MN starting today. I like that shift because it helps me to be better organized. I'm working every other weekend at the nursing home for the month of April and that's this coming weekend. After that, it depends on who is the nicest to me. (And, we know who that is.)

When I turned on the computer this morning, the screen lights went dark. I thought of my friend Floyd. Hey, Floyd, I'm sure you checked the little buttons that control brightness. On my monitor they are under the front edge and not up there with all the other adjustment buttons. Whew, I'm not sure where the flashlight is, so I'm glad THAT was my problem!

We thought it was going to get warm this week, but while ago when I took Sheba out, I had the hood pulled up over my head and my back to the wind. Sheba lifted her nose to the wind and sat down on the grass stiff with ice. She loves the cold air and a windy day that must bring all kinds of pleasant odors from the city of Columbus. I had to offer her a "treat" to get her to come back in without being pulled inside.

Yesterday I finally got in the mood to spring clean. One of my favorite shows is where they remake a house or a room. I like to use their ideas when I can. I've added small lights inside my tall plants in the living room and even placed one behind the TV so it adds dimension and highlights to the plants sitting on that side of the room and the picture frames above. Of course, when Jim came home he went around and turned off all the lights wondering why I "forgot" to turn off the lights.

That's one difference between us. He loves to sit in the dark, and I want ALL the lights on. We compromise and I have certain lights that only get turned off at bedtime. Boy, does he enjoy that ritual of turning off all the lights. He does appreciate small night-lights, so at least we don't bump our heads and stub our toes in the night!

Back to housecleaning, I got the living room clean and changed around. Now I need to pick up all the stuff I moved to the back rooms as I was cleaning...You know how that goes. Sheba is mad at me because I sorted through all the dogs’ toys and discarded the most raggedy chewed up ones. Ching-Ching is downright pouting about it. Before all the dog-lovers fuss at me, you should have seen the pile of old toys. Both dogs cheered up when I spread what was left back over the floor for them to pick through. I thought CATS were bad.

Dryer is done. Dishes are calling, and Sheba wants out again. (Hope she's not sick!!!! These days we're all watching for every odd sign or symptom with our pets!)

Take Care on the Journey,

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