May 4, 2007

Hometown - Here I Come

I'm headed back to what I call my hometown in southwestern Michigan this weekend. Not that I was raised there, of course. But, my boys spent most of their school years there. and I still have many friends in the area. The picture posted is a business for sale near my 'hometown' that I found on the Internet while searching for some pictures for this post. The new by-pass has put that once thriving business out of business now.

Many changes have occurred since I was the township clerk and later a correspondent for The Herald-Palladium. My wedding photography business, Magic Moments Photography was "born" there!

Political News in my hometown is not positive these days - from what I can observe living several states away now. The 'mayor quit, and the COP is under suspect. But life is like that. As my Jim likes to say, "If you can't keep up, take notes."

While in the area this weekend, I'll drive around the old haunts including a run down to St. Joseph to view the crashing waves along Lake Michigan and listen to the never-ending call of the gulls and laughter of kids at play along the beach. I'm sure the water is still ice cold!

I'll take a drive to places of solitude along the beach and remember how those quiet times brought renewed energy and peace. I'll visit Andrews University, drive along the St. Joseph River and check out our old house like I always do when in the area.

It's always refreshing for me to see old friends and reunite with my son and wife, but coming back home to hubby and my dog, Sheba, reminds me that we all change and constantly move along the current of life. It's up to each of us to choose our paths wisely every day, for that will lead to the end of our journey.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

Have a safe journey, Linda. I'm sure you'll get some good thinking time as you drive. Hopefully it's also relaxing!

Shallow Throat said...

The COP has since resigned.