May 25, 2007

Bye, I Will Miss You Too!

Photo by Linda...

Today was my last day filling in for a nurse at a workshop for Mentally Retarded Developmentally Disabled (MRDD) Clients. For privacy reasons, I can't list the name of the place or it's clients and employees, but the good-bye's were as if I'd been there for 20 years! In the last three weeks, I've gained some wonderful friends and discovered some exceptionally great insights into the 'community'. Such beautiful people and their caregivers you will not find anywhere else.

I got hugs, cards, treats, applause and sad good-byes all day! Most of all, my fellow partner nurse (my supervisor) was such a cool person to w-o-r-k with. Yes, we were constantly busy and on the run, but she is a great nurse and even better friend and defender for the clients. She is honest and true and fair. Those kind of people are few and far between these days - in work or in private!

When I got to work this morning, there was a big sign on the nursing office door. "We will miss you, Linda. Thanks for a great job." On 'my' desk was the lovely gift. The pretty butterfly pin you see pictured at the top of this posting. She had added a special card, and a heavenly dessert she stayed up late to make for me last night!

There's a story about the picture of the pin. It took me over 3 hours to post because of computer problems, but I was not going to give up until I got it DONE!

First, I took the picture of the pin on the usual small digital camera. But, because we crashed the computer last week, the 'on-line' computer wouldn't recognise the camera at all. So, I loaded the memory card into the laptop and saved to a flash drive, but the computer wouldn't recognise that either! (Poor Jim. I haven't told him yet.) So, I said "fuzzy for you! I'll save the picture to a DVD and use that port." But the laptop said it couldn't read the 'new hardware' and needed to load that and for me to restart the computer. After doing all that, I had to ignore messages that said it couldn't do THAT either and move on until I finally got a picture saved using SONIC on the DVD. But, when I switched the DVD to the online computer, it would OPEN the picture, but wouldn't save it to the hard drive! Finally, Blogger recognised the picture from somewhere and uploaded it for me. And, that's the story of the pin picture.

I want to thank all those who helped make my journey at the workshop more pleasant, and I promise not to forget you! I hope a few of you will make it to this website and know that I appreciate everything you did to make me feel welcome and comfortable!

For those traveling on this Memorial Day weekend, please be safe. For those just 'catching up', I hope you get all those things done on your list - even if it's just resting up!

For those (like me) who will be working as usual - here's a toast that work will be easy and everyone will be kind to each other.

Take Care on the Journey,
Where ever it leads in the next few days!


Bringer of Peace said...

Thanks so much for sharing. It is so refreshing to be appreciated. I'm glad for you and I also thank you for your appreciation of me.

Clay Feet said...

We are so familiar with those stories that absolutely outrage us with their examples of injustice that makes our blood boil. This story raises the same intensity of emotions in the opposite direction - how fascinating.