May 2, 2007

SOS Cards

By now I'm mailed several of you some pretty Sisters of Sunshine "SOS" cards to pass out. I've posed the following story as a comment at the SOS site. (HERE).

I’m encountering some wonderful experiences as I give away the Sisters of Sunshine “SOS” cards in the Columbus, Ohio area!

Yesterday I had lunch at a little restaurant and noticed a lady across from my table fanning herself. I commented, “Too bad it’s not snowing outside so you could go stand out there.” She immediately agreed and told me it was a combination of her cancer meds and hot flashes. Because she was so open and friendly, I handed her my last SOS card from my purse, which she was delighted to get. She promised to go check out the site and leave “us” women a message. We hope to “see” her there!

Earlier in the week, I was having a small salad at the local place in New Albany. I had worked late the night before with my ‘crying baby’ case and just wanted some peace and quiet before I went back for another 8 hours. I noticed an elderly woman trying to catch my eye at the table in front of me, but I politely avoided eye contact. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. But, as I was leaving and passed her table, she grabbed my jacket and said, “I noticed we’re both left-handed. How about that?” She was lonely and wanted desperately to talk. So, I sat at her table and listened to her tell how all her girls have grown up and her husband is gone and she’s getting dementia. She was in town to see her doctor. Before easing myself away, I gave her an angel card that sent her into more long tales about her mother having that picture and how precious it was to her.

My friends at the New Albany post office promised to visit the site. One lady has a new laptop and is glad to have a site to visit with her new computer. My other friend there has read the book and knows all of us like we are her family.

At Maxim where I do private duty cases, the HR person and the RN were happy to get cards and said they wanted to visit the SOS site.

At the post office, I laid a bunch of cards on the counter and they were gone before I left the place!

The cashier at one of my favorite stores wanted extra cards to pass out and another lady asked for extra for her women friends.

I always mention that these SOS cards are FREE and the site is “Sisters of Sunshine – Women Helping Women”. They scheduling guys at work said, “Oh yea, a man-bashing thing” but I assured them that it is not that, nor should it be a place to push religion.

Just women supporting each other and sharing our stories.

Take Care on the Journey,

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