June 27, 2007

I Envy People Who Know What They Want

Last night Jim pointed me in the direction of a nursing job for the state of Ohio. We've been there before. (He keeps tabs on sites we qualify for at the state level because he would like to see us on the same schedule at the best pay for our 'certifications'.) The state has increased its pay for LPN's so if I got that job working with MRDD (mentally retarded developmental disabled), I'd be making more per hour than I'm making now - at any of my current three part-time jobs.

Today I'm alternating between debating about applying for the state job or keeping my options open for things I like to do. "No, I can't work for you today. I want the day off." Or, "I think I'll do the baby case instead of the nursing home today." How about my photography? I've done that in years past and worked full-time as a nurse? Do I want to continue that. If so, I need to make major changes in the direction I take in photography to keep up with the times... I sure do have lots of cameras and equipment in storage! Or, here's a question? When will I have time to write my second (and third and fourth) book?

I wish I didn't have options. Most people wish they had more choices! It makes me feel almost claustrophobic - if you can understand that. So much so that I can't decide what to make for supper. And, today I'm home all day and hubby has a cold and won't feel like going out. So, I should make supper at home. But, the stew I want to make takes 12 hours to cook in the slow cooker and it's only 8 hours until suppertime. I can't think if anything else to fix.... I could go to the grocery store but I want to get the laundry done before I go out. Should I do the towels or uniforms first. Tomorrow I don't have to wear a uniform. Monday I do. See what I mean?

The printed application is lying here beside the computer. I called them a few weeks ago when Jim alerted me to the position before. HR said with my experience, I would have no problem getting the job - and more pay because they do pay for years of experience. But, do I want to go to work every day when right now we can get by part-time? What if hubby looses his job? Will I have cut off my hand for my head? Maybe I'll put the decision off and let hubby help me with a cover letter?
On the other hand, I still can't find my current nursing license and SS card. Left in an envelope after a job interview. (Not stolen, I'm sure.) My current resume' was lost when the computer crashed, and I can't find the disk I'm SURE I saved it on. All of this I need as a first step in applying for another job! My license gets renewed next year, so I hadn't reordered another one. Of course, I could find a job in Florida because that license is current and available....

My site meter indicates that about a half dozen of my family and friends (and some I don't know who you are) read this most every day. Any suggestions? Please click comments at the end of this and tell me what you think. (If you want to.)

Thanks for your positive original ideas. Not what I should do, but what YOU might do if given all these options. How about it? The reader in Huston, Texas...State Farm...Blue Cross...Atlanta, Georgia...Tampa, Florida...Baroda, Michigan...Akaska...Singapore...Canada...Africa...Madrid, Spain...New York



The Cat's Meow said...

For my own selfish reasons I think you should number one get back into PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Your the best at taking pictures. Keep your call in jobs so you can go see your kids & come see me when every you want. You can even set your time to be off with Jim too. Money is great, but happiness is even Greater. I know you'll do whats right FOR YOU.
Love Ya

Mountain Laurel said...

Thanks for your advice. Writing on the blogsite helped cement my thoughts - that came out just like yours!

Also, the laundry got done and supper was great! The stew cooked in four hours at the high setting on the slow cooker!