June 10, 2007

Next Book - In Utero!

In the past 24 hours, I gotten a writers 'windstorm" for the next book I've been preparing to write! I've outlined some of my characters and drawn up pages and pages of ideas. Some of you already know that my next book is about my experiences with dementia and Alzheimer's as a nurse these past 30+ years.

"True stories of Alzheimer's Disease based in a perfect mystical setting"

The story revolves around my beautiful, fully functional facility for severe Alzheimer's patients. Putting together the best of everything I've learned in my long years of nursing experience, I have designed my dream facility, and I'm creating the people who will work and live there.

This unusual one-of-a-kind unique setting is a safe haven for those who are confused and have lost the ability to function in the family unit. There's the walk-through 'nature' shower rooms. A secure circular 'walk-around' enclosure that circles the entire perimeter. Well, I don't want to let too many cats out of the bag, but you can view my previous postings, the 5 series of articles called, The Adam and Eve Place. I will incorporate the best from these postings in the book too.

I'm also making a list of possible titles for the book.

Learning lessons from publishing, "Dusty Angels", I've searched Google with the possible titles to see how that name relates on engine searches.

"Beyond Love" is already a book about dementia, and there's a foundation for the same called the TSAO Foundation!

"Healing Time" is a thought. (One doesn't heal from Alzheimer's, but families often do!)

"The Adam and Eve Place" is already a place in Texas!

I was going to name it, "Crying Baby" but now I've decided that will be one of the chapters of the book!

John Denver's song, "Healing Time" has words I'd like to use in the book. When you think of it in the context of real people who experience step-by-step the Living Death of someone they love, this poem takes on more meaning.

Let the mountains talk, let the river run.
There's a wisdom here, there is much to learn.
There's much to know, much to understand
In this healing time,all across the land.
You have heard my songs, oh so many years
You have left with me, washed away my tears
You have shared my joy, you have felt my pain
In this healing time, walk with me again
Through these darker days on this narrow line
Help me find my way, help me see the signs
I'm not afraid, I'm not alone
You have thought me well, you have brought me home
Let the mountain speak, let the rivers run
As the world awakes to the rising sun
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time on our mother earth
Let the mountains talk, let the rivers run
There's a wisdom here, there's so much to learn
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time for our mother earth.

Jim is my sounding board and a very supportive one! He listens as if this is a real story that I've already experienced. His comments add depth and definition.

Well, more later! I'm also excited and planning for my trip to visit Sandy this week!

Take Care on the Journey, (lindasbookshelf.com)


Katy said...

Hi Mama Linda,
congratulations on the starting of your new book! Don't forget to back up those files in case your computer crashes again!
By the way, I love John Denver, too.
Thanks for the birthday call yesterday. :)

Mountain Laurel said...

Happy Birthday Katy!
We love you!!!!

Thanks for the comments. I already have a 3-ring notebook with print outs and a place for the backup CD. We have a large hard drive that is a separate unit too, but sometimes our computer doesn't recognise that so it scares me to trust it with everything.

Love you,
Mama Linda