July 13, 2007

Simon says I will never be rich if...

"Have You Seen My Mother?"
My how time flies! I seem to be busy from 'time up' until 'time down', and still don’t get everything done! People are so right when they say, “A woman’s work is never done”. I wish I had a week for photography! A week to write my book! A week to clean and do laundry and fun stuff. A week to follow up on mail and bills. And, time for friends and family. And, of course, WORK. But, I’m busy “keeping up”, just like everyone else I know.

My mother is coming to visit for a week starting Sunday. (July 15-22) I’m trying to remember the last time I saw her – and why it’s been so long. Anyway, this is a little strange – if you’ve read my book, “Dusty Angels and Old Diaries” you’ll understand why and if you haven’t, there’s not enough space on this Internet to explain.

She said she uses a cane and needs a wheelchair at the airport. I asked if she was sure she could climb the steps to our place and she says yes. “Once up and once down during the week”. So, perhaps not only will this be the second time (maybe the third) in my life she has come to visit, but we are going to be sitting across the table eye to eye for seven days. Does she like to play table games? (She plays Bingo a lot.) Can I play table games for a week? (My children would shout a resounding “no”.) Will I refrain from asking certain questions that have been burning in my mind for 50+ years? Will we amuse ourselves with wit and sagacity?

The first time she visited me was way back after our first family reunion in 1991. I was in a different environment with a different husband; and the kids were home. She went shopping while I worked and she cooked meals for the family in the evenings. Now, it’s just the two of us during the day for a week while Jim is at work. We can’t get out and about to entertain and regale ourselves.

Personally, personally I’m okay with her being here. But, not sure I can explain why. My ‘personal counselor’ and nail technician, Simon, had some choice words while repairing my torn off nails and buffing the new tips, but most importantly, he commented in regards to the visit, “If you are a yes person (and can forgive anything and everything and everyone), you will never be rich.”

So, I’ll never be rich but my mom is coming to visit. Burn candles for me to have clear thinking and discretion. Send vibes to the universe for keenness and ingenuity and resourcefulness. Pray for me to keep my wits and have maturity and use common sense (if one should ask for specifics in prayer).

Ironically in September, I’ll be the, ‘mother coming to visit”. I’m going to visit my oldest son and his wife for two days. We have a history. We have good memories, and we share many of the same ideals. There’s an intimacy that was developed through a lifetime of experiences shared and things learned about each other. There’s a difference, and now I can appreciate it even more!

Who is the one to say I will never be rich?

Who is the one to say, “Welcome home, Mom?”

Take Care on the Journey,


Clay Feet said...

I am not sure I understand what part of Simon's statement actually came from him or if part of it was your interpretation. Maybe you didn't hear what he was really saying or maybe you did. "If you are a yes person" does not translate in my mind to a person who forgives anything, everything and everyone. A yes person, at least in my mind, is a person who is afraid to be themselves and lives in fear of offending someone. A yes person is actually probably unable to forgive because they cannot face the heart-pain and take ownership of it which is necessary before being able to forgive. A yes person will never be rich because they cannot think independently for themselves but only relfect those around them.
Of course rich has all kinds of potential meanings as well. If you are really craving financial richness you will likely have to surrender inner peace and happiness to get it. If you want to be wealthy, that is a state of being that money will never get close to bringing.
You are being offered a chance to enrich yourself in the presence of your mother who is willing to place herself in your life and trust you to whatever extent she is capable right now. If you are willing to listen with your heart both to God's Spirit and to her heart, you will be surprised and amazed at how rich you already are and how much more you can become. Even if there are hiccups and negative surprises during the week keep your perspective and remember who you really are and what it is like you to be. This is a wonderful moment to grow past where you have become comfortable and become closer to the person you really want to be and were designed to be.
Yes, we are praying for you. Remember that God's plans are always for good and never for evil. Trust.

Mountain Laurel said...

As tomorrow get closer, I'm getting very nervous. So thanks for your insight and response.

I'm sure Simon was relating to a wordly richness that goes with having money and feeling 'rich' that way. He tries to run a business and often feels like he will never get ahead. His comment was, "I'm a yes person. I'm always saying yes to my customers and they take advantage of my kindness." He's not from this country.

Thanks again for your advice. Sometimes we miss the rainbow because we are hiding from the storm.