July 10, 2007

Dead or Alive?

Say I've gone mad. Say I've been conned by a con man! Say Kevin Trudeau is a felon and a snake oil salesman, but he says what I've been thinking all my life!

Drugs are bad for you with terrible side-effects!

Your body needs to good cleaning out once in a while!

Many natural 'cures' are all around us, but we've been led to believe they are worthless.

Yep, I'm a nurse and I 've given millions of pills to my patients over the years, but always with a slight question in my mind because every nurse in America will agree with me that for every medication we learned about in school, we memorized those bad "side-effects".

Blame part of it on the old SDA religion. Point some fingers to our grandma's old-fashion, all natural health remedies, or give me credit for putting 2 and 2 together!

I believe most food and drugs are toxic to our bodies. Personal products are filled with poisons. The air is filled with chemicals. But what is one to do?

I'm reading the books and thinking about the problem. I'm the first to say that I'm the last person to promote healthful diet these days. But I'm working on it.... Diet Dr. Pepper is the first to go. Oh boy! This is hard. I'm going to try at least some of the natural products for my health problems. Natural Vitamins too. We're going to get some organic foods and try to obtain less polluted cleaning and personal item products.

WOW! These very controversial books say a lot! I'm reading between the lines and not going to go crazy here, but there a lot of information that more of us NEED to know about.

To top it off, here's a true story that happened today...

I've put some bird feeders out on our second-story patio and the sparrows come in droves to feed! Today I got the idea to apply the mirror-type privacy film to the window so the birds couldn't see us watching them. I went to The Home Depot and got a roll of window film and a bottle of this spray the man recommended to apply it with.

Of course, I made a big mess and the film stuck to every part of my body! I kept spraying on more and more of what looked like clear water from this bottle because it said to keep both sides wet until I got it stuck to the window.

Right in the middle of my 'paper-hanging" our dog Ching-Ching comes over to where I'm working and starts gagging and throws up at my feet. I yell at the dog. I scream at the sticky film. I stomp around and try to clean up the yellow vomit with a paper towel while smoothing the film before it sticks to the window.

Then I read the instructions on the bottle of 'water" for keeping the film wet. It said to be generous with the liquid to keep the film from sticking together, but at the end it said, "Do not get on skin. Do not breathe fumes. May be harmful. If inhaled, take to the emergency room or give artificial respirations!

I think my dog was trying to tell me something!

Tomorrow we're getting our carpet cleaned because my mom is coming to visit for a week. I wonder how much poison that will spread throughout the house? (But it will clean up the doggie stain!) Maybe I'll take the dogs for a long ride in the country while it drys.

Take Care on the Journey,



The Cat's Meow said...

I don't really think that HUGE spoon of sugar flavored KEROSENE was to good for us either.

Just give me the PILLS!!!!!!

Yea, Kevin has gotten to the best of us. I have one book and the CD set. Check on your credit card for the next few weeks to see if they charge you for the "NEWS LETTER".
I got all kinds of pee'd off and call them I told them I was sorry I had ever ordered thier imposiable to do book, & sure as hell did'nt want the NEWS LETTER. When all was done I got my money back for the NEWS LETTER. If you can do all the shit he talks about, then my hats off to you.
Just go the the GNC and they'll sell all kinds of clean-yourself-out stuff. let me know if it works. I think we just need to start eating & drinking better things, or at least thats what Craig & I are TRYING to do. Still not stopping my beer or pills (legal for me)
Love Ya, Me

Mountain Laurel said...

Hey, didn't mean to sound like I was going off on you or Kevin. Remember, I'm stopping that awful diet Dr. pepper because of your (free) advice. Ha ha.

I was meaning my blood pressure pills made from horse urine. And the choloesterol pills that have caused an ulcer on my leg for almost 4 years! (He doesn't say that. I know that.) Not that I'm going to suddenly quit taking my meds. But, will look to eat better and find more natural ways - if they work.

Actually, I applaud you for having the strength to LOOSE weight on your own. You look better than ALL of us!

Back to my first sentence. He writes what I've been thinking all my life. I knew about the newsletter. Hey, you can be a life member for $999!

To each his own, as they say.

PS Did you move the babies yet?

Clay Feet said...

Not to sound like a sales pitch, but in our house we keep our O3 machines running especially when there are chemicals or bad odors around. Its natures way of cleaning up outdoors.
We also learned from Olive about TKO which is a natural cleaner and deodorizer made from orange oil. She found that it cleared her breathing instead of aggravating it while she uses it to clean. I even used it on my garden. You might want to check it out.
If you still didn't get the film on the window try using two people, it probably works a lot smoother.