August 29, 2007

Going "Out On A Limb" For My Birthday!

Glitter Graphics -
September 3 is the day for me!
No one can GUESS just where I'll be!
Spending my birthday in a tree?
Deep in the woods is a key.

Happy Birthday! Loud and free

Going on a trip - Jim and me.
600 miles and we will see
Good friends, laughter, fun and glee!

Tania, Floyd and Ginger too!
Something old and something new.
Old friends - It seems we have a few!
New days are here and skies are blue!
Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics from

We're going to Illinois - Won't stay in a tree!
We're gonna have some cake and tea.
With all our friends from Tennessee!
Happy, Happy Birthday to me!

Take Care on the Journey,

1 comment:

Juanita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a wonderful trip!

My 22nd Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow Sept. 1st . We are going to Key West Sept. 8-12, it will be good to get away, I am not real excited about the destination, but neither of us has been there before, so we should have fun.