August 27, 2007

More Hugs Please

Once in a while, since the book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" came out, word gets around to someone who knew me many years ago and they make contact. That happened tonight in an e-mail from a young lady who was my child's babysitter at Laurelbrook! It makes my heart sing with joy to hear from someone like that! People may think they are alone in their struggles, but such contact reminds us that we are not alone!

It also reminds me that we are surrounded by people who need our little attentions and who always appreciate cheerful words and to be remembered. There are countless people within our reach who have been through more in their lifetime than we can image, and would dearly love to 'write their story'. We never know who's footsteps we are following - or who will follow ours!

Tonight while I was at work, I got a call on my cell phone from a wonderful Christian women I met at another job. She has a story waiting to be written, and I hope we can work together to help make her dream come true!
Yesterday I heard a car security alarm going off. You know where the horn goes, hone-honk-honk-honk! I ran outside with our remote because Jim had just been out there and he doesn't always 'click the right clicker' when it comes to clickers...
Instead it was a lady I hadn't seen before trying to get into her vehicle - or actually waiting for it to finish a 'cycle' so she could reset it. She felt badly, but we got started talking and discovered we had a LOT in common in that our paths have often been the same.
We sat on the steps and both of us talked non-stop! I almost forgot I was suppose to be getting ready for work.
We decided our angels had set off the car alarm for us to meet. I shared my book with her which she was delighted to get (she collects angels too), and I'm sure we will 'meet on the steps' again soon.

Thank-you, Diane
Thank-you Ginger
Thank-you Ann
Take Care on the Journey,

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