September 16, 2007

News from Sheba-Dog

My mommie said I could write the posting tonight because she's been real busy with a family member in the hospital and something about us moving within a month. She says the computer keeps eating her stories too and she's quite tired of that. We hope the computer works better for me because she just lost a posting she had almost all done!

I was really glad when mommie got back from her trip to Oregon because I wasn't feeling very well. Daddy Jim kept telling me that mommie was at work, but I knew better because I saw her packing that suitcase. I'm no dummy. She told me she was going to see my favorite person - Billy! I ran to the window to see if he was out in the yard because sometimes I get a little confused and don't know if it means Billy is here or she's going to find him someplace. Guess she was going to find him if that suitcase had anything to do with it.

When she got back she used that "Vet" word and I know what that means too. I tried to pull back on the leash, but when mommie gets something in her mind, I might as well go along with it because she always gets her way! They put me in a cage and I went to sleep for awhile. Then she came back and they let me go home. She told Daddy Jim that I am very important now because my trip to the vet cost, "800 dollars". I don't know what that word means, but it was pretty upsetting to the family so I guess I'd better not do that again.

Now she gives me a pretty blue pill every day in something very tasty called cream cheese. She said it's so my back legs won't hurt so bad and I'll be able to chase the dogs next door again. Lately I've been taking it easy lying on the cool green grass and not interested in doing anything that involves jumping or running. I really like that great big chair they put at the foot of the bed so I can jump up on the bed to sleep again. I was sleeping in the kitchen, but mommie's favorite living room chair is just the thing.

I want to tell Ginger, Billy and Katy that I'm real sorry they lost their little kitty cats this week. To be honest, I'm not afraid of death but my masters were really sad when my play-pal kitty cat Samantha moved on to another life, so I know how you feel. I would give each of you lots of kisses but Internet HUGS will have to do. ((:)) ((:)) ((:)).

Did you hear that we are moving next month? Everyone is very happy that we will live on a ground floor apartment really close to where we live now. I can still watch my favorite white poodle when she's outside, but we won't have to climb those awful steps. Truth be known, my master complains more than I do about the steps. She says her hips hurt so bad sometimes when she climbs the stairsteps that it makes her sick to her stomach, so we're all delighted to be moving DOWN.

Of course, I don't have to do any packing. I get to sniff all the boxes.

Imagine my surprise when my other favorite person came to visit yesterday. Big John came and stayed all weekend. His wife is in the hospital here in Columbus. John slept on Ching's favorite couch and Ching had to sleep on the floor. We're always happy to see big John. He's cool. I heard the John's wife is doing better and may get to go home soon. But, she's still in the hospital and my mommie has been spending a lot of time there too.

Well, that's all the news I can think of for this first time on the web. My mommie says to end with her favorite good-bye saying. I send greetings to all my furry relatives. Especially my old friend, Ringo the cat! Ruff-Ruff.

Take Care on the Journey,


The Cat's Meow said...

Meow Meow Shabie
(I never told anyone that was my nick name for you)
I HATE to go to the Vet too!!!
They stick a hose in my pee pee to check for crystal's and it hurts really bad. I also have to eat differant food, but I like it.
I hope your pill makes you feel better. When my sister comes to see you maybe you can show her your friend the poodle. Star is lots of fun to play with. When she gets to rough I just body slam her and run off.
Bye 4 now,
Ring Ring

Mountain Laurel said...

Hello Ring Ring,
Nice to hear from my favorite cat-cousin! Sorry you won't be making the trip here to see us, but you will be much more comfortable sleeping on the pool table while you wait for your good buddy, Star, to get back home so you can torment her again.
I had to go back to the Vet yesterday. I got a shot and some (more) pills. The Vet said I have Cushings Disease and a low thyroid condition and a reaction to the medication for arthritis.

The worse part is that the spot where she gave me the shot has made a bad sore that hurts and itches.

Mommie wrapped a big bandage around my tummy so I won't scratch and bite it. She called the vet today about that big sore spot, but they were closed, so she went on the Internet and found out about some cream she already had in the house that would stop the itch and, waa-laa, I'm feeling much better. Mommie said she saved over $100 by fixing it herself and we hope this is the end of THAT!

Don't eat too many Florida lizards.

Love ya,
Sheba AKA "Meow Meow Shabie"