January 17, 2008

Abraham Lincoln's Religion

I got this quote from an ethics in-service handout I had to study. Hubby says this doesn’t sound like Abraham Lincoln. What do you think?

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion”
~Abraham Lincoln

Today's posting is about things I've been doing and thinking about since I last wrote. But first, every time I sit down to write at the computer, my loyal dog, Sheba, starts giving me these little ‘woof-woof’ sounds that mean she knows I might be sitting here for awhile and she would really appreciate a little outside run before I get too far along! I’ll be right back….

Okay. We’re back. Sheba’s settled at my feet under the computer table now.

Hubby has been sick with the flu all week. It started with what seemed like a head cold, then proceeded down to his throat and chest. He’s had pretty bad joint pains and has no appetite. Staying in bed most of the week, he is finally starting to sit up and take nourishment but is still extremely tired and without any energy. Now he’s coughing a lot and still hurts all over. FYI, he did NOT get a flu shot. I did at the insistence of my doctor but I’m not telling anyone very loudly in case I get sick too.

I enjoyed a mother/son conversation with youngest son last night. He reports that he’s learning more about how to be a better teacher every semester! This term he plans to ‘be a lot stricter’, he said. He was pleased when he overheard a student telling another algebra student that he (my son) is very strict. Youngest son and wife seem to love living in the south. With the single digit weather we are expecting in Michigan and Ohio this weekend, I’d rather be down south too!

The private duty nursing case I’m on right now has been going very well. You won’t find a more caring, helpful, courteous and considerate mother! She loves all her three children and doesn’t mind if they all climb into her lap at one time! There are three little ones in the home (only one is my “case”), but I love them all and am learning how to have imaginary pickle juice tea parties with a three-year old and I'm learning bits of Spanish with Dora! The dad fills in a lot helping mom, and always has a big hi and hugs for the kids when he gets home from work.

With respect to the agency I work for, I was just about to quit nursing when I took this case. So much conflict and bickering where ever you work these days! Burnout was just around the corner! It’s so refreshing to have a “good case”!

Allstate is our new auto and renter’s insurance now! Can you believe we were paying $736 every six months with Hartford! Allstate is only $450.00 (Saturn and van). As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no difference. Maybe I should have called State Farm first. (I have a friend there), but I was just following up on that TV ad where you get money back for no accidents. Since we have both been accident free for many years, I thought we should get in on that. It was a total surprise to discover that we’d been paying way too much for insurance. We added renter’s and still pay less than we did with Hartford for auto alone!

Did you notice a little Ohio Gopher, otherwise known as BAP stopped by and left a couple comments on my blogs? Better late than never!

I’ve found a new place to post articles. Check out
http://www.hubpages.com/ . I’m not sure how to find my page or even how to post very well, but it looks like you can sometimes get paid for your articles. I posted, “Flight Across America” on my first “hub”. Maybe you can find it by typing in that title. I also use a site called, http://www.helium.com/

Please feel free to leave a comment even if it’s just a word or two. It’s nice to know you were here.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Juanita said...

I finally got a chance to read the last 4 blogs.
I hope your hubby is feeling better.
Take care of yourself. Have a great weekend.