January 4, 2008

The Universe Within

My friend, Floyd, says our dreams come from fragments of the day that weren't washed away by a special chemical that cleanses our brain while we sleep. If that is true, I wonder where this one came from.

I walk across the platform, mindful of the person speaking at the pulpit, but disregarding any rules of etiquette, I step in front of the startled speaker and continue past him and on down the steps into the audience.

There is an empty seat next to a former teacher, and he gently taps the back of the vacant chair as he pulls me forward with his eyes.

Quickly and quietly seated next to the gentleman from my old hometown, I am surprised to feel a powerful but gentle flow of positive energy fill my entire body and every cell therein! I am now completely heedless of the monotone speaker and everyone else around me.
Without question, this is the most powerful but calming intellectual energy put out by the universe. It is energetic healing infused with strength and peaceful appreciation for life. I feel loved by the entire universe and everything associated with the past, present and future!

Before I have time to consider the inexplicable change, there is a slight touch on my shoulder and my friend is gone. His seat vacant next to me.

Where has he gone? Is he coming back? It doesn’t matter. I understand that now it is my turn to give back what the universe has given me. It is up to me to beckon the next entity waiting in the shadows. To give the same healthy soul-filling dose of that universal empowering feeling of peace and joy. I realize that it is to be this way without being told what is next. One entity at a time constantly replacing another as each body is replenished with love, forgiveness, peace and total acceptance of the universe with its countless other worlds and inhabitants.

My entire being feels stuffed with contentment and peaceful freedom within. I couldn’t ask for more! I feel light with happiness and purity. I must share the goodness, or I will burst!

Before I have time to question how I will do this, I notice a young woman at the edge of the stage. Her wide shoulders bent low from years of worries and frustrations. Her once perfect face is pinched with fear and pain. Her wide brown eyes full of sadness and regret, are swollen from tears of discouragement and anger as she searches the audience for a sign of recognition.

As her gaze falls on me, I nod perceptively and pat the empty seat beside me. I silently plead for her to come my way. She starts forward, then stops and reaches back into the chasm of darkness. Straining with all her might, she produces a large black iron-wrought chest. An enormous padlock swings back and forth from the heavy lid. The ponderous chest will not budge as she buckles under the strain to bring it with her. Finally, she turns and sits heavily on the chest. Her head low as she heaves with great frustrating sobs and heart wrenching wails of defeat.

Then, suddenly stepping around and in front of the weeping women, a small child comes forward. I haven't noticed him. Nor have I invited him. But arms outstretched, he limps and winces in pain as he crosses in front of the unenlightened speaker and continues his journey to the open place beside me.

As he edges closer, I gasp at the ugly sores, dark whelps and large blue marks that cover his thin, gaunt frame. His clothes are ill fitting and worn. But most pronounced of all is the helplessness in his eyes. Already, this little one who looks no more than 10-years old, appears to have endured more hard knocks, abuse, abandonment and grief than most living adults ever will.

Now he eagerly awaits the mysterious force that enticed him to the welcoming spot next to me.

As he sits carefully on the padded seat and reaches for my hand, it is clear that he is completely ready for the unconditional universally empowered love that had been passed on to me!

Happy”, he says with an angelic smile.

Incredibly so”, I whisper as I quietly slip out of my place beside the joyous child. “Please pass this on,” I offer, half instruction and half explanation of the event.

I glance up in time to see that the pitiful women has slipped back into the dark shadows with her earth-laden baggage of worry that restrains the soul and ties it permanently to the darkness. The heavy chest of time filled with trinkets of the past that she could not release. Selfishness. Greed. Insensitivity. Ungratefulness. Hate and Anger.

As I consider retracing my steps across the stage to follow the woman into the dark edges of the universe,
I am suddenly awake! It’s 6:10 a.m. Hubby sleeps beside me, his pillow wrapped around his ears as he often does in the wintertime. My faithful dog, Sheba, lies heavy against my feet. The air feels cool and my hands are ice cold.

But, the inner peacefulness of the dream continues to encase me like a warm swaddling blanket. Closing my eyes, I try to ease back into the cocoon I’d just stepped out of, but morning thoughts crowded in. Things. People. Work.

“No, let it go! I want back into the warmth and pure peacefulness of my dream!"

I could stay in that place forever. Past living. Past death. Beyond this earth. Back to the “People of the Universe” who have never touched Earth! A place where every heart is perfect. Every thought is love. Perfection in soul, mind, body and spirit. There are no worries or problems in the light place of my cocoon because everyone is alive with complete acceptance. Every thought is a blessing waiting to be shared. The eyes that meet yours are filled with unconditional radiant love and pure joy!

Back in my dream world, there is no darkness. Only a soft living light. Sometimes I hear footsteps outside my space. Heavy steps of those encumbered with the weight of imagined fears. I sense the desperate desolation of those who refuse to enter the light, or accept the welcome nod of a friend who offers a simple resting place for the soul.

Alas, this dream must end. The alarm clock jettons me to the preset time of 7:10 a.m. I press the snooze button hoping for another repose, but only the “comfort” of the feeling remains. It is a comforting ache that fills my heart.
I am sad that it must end. Where does this come from? Where does it go? There’s just enough left over to assure me that something real and pure and sweet was just here! Silently, I am assured that it will return in another time and space when I least expect it. When I do not ask. When I need it most.

And, Sweet Dreams,


Clay Feet said...

Very fascinating. I have on rare occasions experienced somewhat similar nighttime intense emotional dreams like this that produce a sense of satisfaction never experienced in waking life. They certainly make for a deep hunger that we are not normally aware of. I think these kinds of dreams come (and may also be given to us from outside at times) in response to a very deep heart need that wants to become more evident and obvious. It may be an appeal from our heart to our head to make needed decisions or adjustments to align us with resources that are more fulfilling for our heart.
That's my ideas anyway.

The Cat's Meow said...

I don't understand all these wild dreams people have. I hardly ever dream (probability cause I don't sleep worth a darn) but when I do dream its always the same. Me running & hiding in the slumbs of Hong Kong while being chased, most likely by grandma.ha ha My dream catcher has even stopped most of them.
Keep up the wild dreams!!
Love Ya,

The Cat's Meow said...

I kinda like what Clay Feet said. I guess since I don't have wierd dreams I must be VERY content how my life is going. Sure glad I took up all my bads and gave up on all those so called good things. ha ha

Anonymous said...

Through the paths of karma we will journey into the light.

All life-force seeks a spiritual boyancy that will rise them up to reach the Sun.

As we reach upward and touch the Spiritual Sun of the Universe, we should reach back and touch a spirit below that needs uplifting.

Your forever love...BAP