February 23, 2008

Thank-you Bobby (Robert Jr.) Neufeld

Thanks to Bobby, I can finally post pictures to my blogsite again.

Remember my computer problem I had because my links would not open. I called my nephew, Bobby, (Sandy's son) and although he didn't know the answer either, he searched Google and found a link that offers good support. We followed the directions there, and WA-LA, I can now open the links in my emails and post pictures here! Whew. I was worried that I'd never be able to open links again - and I do that a lot!

Thanks again Bobby! Your Aunt Linda is very appreciative!
Here's another picture of our 'best girl', Ching-Ching who came home from the animal hospital today. (Taken before she got ill.)

I'm posting a shout-out for our veterinarian, AnimalsAreSpecial in New Albany, Ohio in another posting and also some pretty gross pictures of what they removed from Ching-Ching.

Her sister, Sheba, was upset when CC first came home because Sheba could only "sniff' all the changes and she didn't like it! Sheba barked and barked and tried to keep me from getting close to Ching-Ching. They have both settled down in the living room for a long winter afternoon nap.

Here's the link that helped us.

Take Care on the Journey,

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