March 2, 2008

Getting Organized for the Week "Off"

NEW - So much for the “list week”. The baby I do home nursing for came home two days early, and they need me back to work! While I can’t return tomorrow because I made a doctor’s appointment, this does mean that I’ll have to call a moratorium on the list thing. The good news is that keeping to my list did help keep me focused when I might have ‘wasted’ a lot of down time. I’ve added many of my homemaker touches to the home and got a lot of other stuff done too! Please keep your lists flexible if you much make one. I hope my cyber friends will always 'take the long way around' and be sure to stop and help your neighbor.
Yippee. I have 5 whole days off from work while the baby I take care of is in the hospital for planned tests. Actually, he’s expected to be there three days, but I’m taking off Sunday (today) and Thursday before and after the admission.

As much as I hate “lists”, I have made up one for the next few days. My former husband always made and lived by his lists, and that was a great turn-off for me because it seemed I was never on any of them. So, most of my life since my departure from the ‘list-man’, I’m careful not to delegate my life so symbolically.

With tongue-in-cheek, and a promise not to forsake feeding the dogs or kissing hubby good-morning, I’ve set myself on a course to accomplish more than I would normally do and not feel guilty about it.

This program doesn’t provide me with the editing tool to cross off things I get done, so I’ll put the items that are completed in italics and bold instead of that bold dark line we usually use to ‘kiss-off’ on our list. I’ll update this article during the week so please feel free to make a little bet with your favorite person as to how much will actually get done!

Okay, here the 5-day LIST. Feel free to COMMENT at the end and CHEER me on.

Yeaaa! Sunday's list is all done - and more!

Write the LIST story for the blog
Clean out and organize the laundry room (Big job!)
Hang curtains in the bathroom doorway (Need sewing machine)

(You could see the toilet from the hallway.)
Hang the curtains in the computer room. CUTE

(There's about a foot between the back of the computer table and the wall - so Jim can get back there. I put a narrow curtain at the end so you can't see all the wires from the doorway! I also put up curtains on the two windows that reach nearly to the ceiling! I debated if they needed them since the windows have pull-up shades. But it really adds elegance to the room.)
Take books back to the library
Get the laundry all done, folded and put away
Clean out the Saturn trunk (It’s suppose to be warm)
Take the trash collected to the dumpster (Jim may do that) He did that TWICE!
Paint one wall of Jim’s bathroom (paint is ready) (Jim helped)
Go to breakfast with Jim (A Sunday thing)
Take timesheets to the office
Go visit John & Denise - He lost his job. (He's got a new job.)
NEW - Washed the Saturn
Surf my favorite website when done with chores


Organize the kitchen cupboards (not a big job)
Organize the computer room (also not a big job)

Curtain in bathroom doorway if I didn’t do it on Sunday
Pay bills – Don’t get distracted surfing the web too much
Call my doctor regarding question about meds. ? Appt. later
Organize, put up a shelf in Jim’s bathroom after the paint dries
Pick up/Hang up in my closet (not a big job)
Replace burned out Christmas lights on the China cabinet
Find TV tray for the living room
Finish laundry if not done on Sunday
Dust throughout the house
Clean bathrooms (if not already done)
Get Cadbury treats for Philip’s care package
Get package ready to mail
Make appt. to get oil changed on Wednesday
Get nails done
NEW - Wash van and shampoo back seat
NEW - Wash bedspread at Laundromat
Surf the web when done!


(Vote also for Cindy Lazarus and the MRDD Levy)
CC to vet for stitches out

Copy and mail refund letter to Missouri for bank account grandma started in the 60’s
(Library, post office)
Mail Philip/Shelley’s care package
Write on blog and surf web for FUN.
Work on
Make weekly supper menus
Grocery store
NEW - Pick up IRS forms for Jim in Columbus
NEW - Have lunch with Jim in Columbus


Keep Saturn. Jim takes van to work.
Get oil changed @ 1 p.m.
Doctor appt. at 3:45 p.m.
Wash Saturn in car wash


Organize and get layout and get started on The Laughing Place
Enjoy getting my list done
Do NOT surf the web until layout is done for book!

Take Care on the Journey



The Cat's Meow said...

Your doing better ten me, I'm still playing on the computer!!!! Got to go to publixs love ya, your Little Sis

Katy said...

oh my god, you have a lot of things on your lists!!!
I'm happy nowadays if I can clean the kitchen and get myself dressed. :)

Good for you and your high motivation and obvious efficiency at GETTING STUFF DONE!