March 15, 2008

Snow, Rain & Power

As I scroll through my site, I see there's a lot of snow pictures and articles. After 20+ inches of snow here in Columbus, Ohio followed by a couple days of rain and warmer temperatures, the creeks are rushing along and rivers overflow their banks.

Atlanta, Ga had a tornado last night. We're still waiting for the strorm damage reports.

Now that we don't live on the second floor of an apartment building, our serene little ground level dwelling is close to a babbling creek that, if redirected by flooding, could find its way to our front door. Although, not really because I've noticed that it actually floods into a field the other way.

I enjoy watching it try, though.

I'd love to sit here and chat all morning, but this is a work day and I must leave within the hour. I wanted to stop by the library and refresh my reading material before then.

It's 35 degrees here and very very foggy. I opened the window shades of the living room and couldn't see more than a few feet into the yard. There's puddles of water in the soggy grass when we walk the dogs. Sheba lifts her paws one at a time trying to find a dry spot.

Ching-Ching has recovered supremely. She can climb onto the bed once again and wake up Daddy Jim with her cold nose. (Better than my kisses?) Sheba lives in her darkness and gets around like a pro. We noticed that she makes strange noises a lot to herself,. We think she is keeping her head occupied with visions on her own making.

Don't we all!

PS I'm working on a story about "unwritten rules". I'd like your ideas and some of the unwritten rules you know about. Feel free to leave a comment or write me at my email; (Don't click my email link here, but send me a message from your online mailbox.)

Take Care on the Journey,


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