June 6, 2008

Give A Smile - Take A Smile

Where Is Bus # 58?

Before I start with my main topic, guess what?

You guessed it! Hubby finally waits for the transfer bus like I asked him to - and it doesn't show up!!!!!
Things like this give nagging a bad name!!!

Yep, he was supposed to get bus number 58 as a transfer bus to the transit station right across from his work. In my last posting, I explained that he had not been getting off his main bus as I had instructed him, but was staying on to the 'end of the line' and walking the rest of the way to work (about 3 blocks) which wasn't too bad when the weather is nice and it's sunny and warm. He said he was afraid his transfer bus wouldn't show up and he'd be late for work....

So, last Thursday he follows my directions and gets off about eight blocks from his work to catch bus number 58 - but it never showed up! Ha ha ha. I am NOT always right!

He finally caught another bus (#61) and got to work a little late. Later, he asked the main office about bus # 58 and the lady said, "It should have been there."

Next week we hope to be on a better schedule and we've learned a few things to help make the transition from driving to riding a little easier. He can actually take the later bus at 7 a.m. (including #58 – we hope!) and get to work on time. JUST. He needs a little radio so he can listen to his NPR NEWS on the way home and he needs to take a good lunch. All these things we're working on because we really appreciate his willingness to get out of his comfort zone to make things easier for the family finances.

Hubby has started reading this blog more than he used to (at least in a more timely manner) so now I'm getting a few of his comments and observations he gets from reading all my posts. I do take his opinions to heart sometimes. He commented that my posting titled "99-Percent Angel" was "a little tough". He was also surprised that so many things were 'bothering' me that week. (And, he hoped I wasn't mad at him too.)

Jim wondered if I might have hurt someone’s feelings with my comment about people who owe me money. (He asked himself if HE owed me money.) (LOL) I should have been more specific. It's people who owe me money who insist they DON'T owe me money - like someone who owes me about $12,000.) Now you know that it's not YOU.

Okay, about my topic. Something that I've noticed this week is how often we who are strong and sure of ourselves are slow to let others give back to us. We talk about saying, "I love you' and letting someone get in ahead of us in the cheese department. Taking time to offer a lending hand. You know what I mean. But think how good it makes someone feel to do something nice to us! This world is so much better when we are kind to each other, but it works both ways.

This morning on my to work, I pulled through the pharmacy to pick up meds for the baby I take care of as a nurse. The pharmacist asked if I was his regular nurse (because she's seen me there a lot getting things for him). She smiled at me and said, "You do a wonderful job with him." I wonder how she knows. But she was truly sincere and her words have rang positive with me all day.

Yesterday afternoon as I got out of my car to get our mail, I saw a man getting his wheelchair out of his car so he could get his mail. I hesitated to ask if I could help because I didn't want to take away his independence, but I did anyway and he was quite pleased to let me open his box and bring him his handful of letters. We chatted about our dogs and the place where we live, but never mentioned his handicap.

My challenge to you is not to do an act of random kindness. (You can do it if you want to.) But how about letting someone do something nice for you?
After I had finished this article with the challenge to do one act of kindness everyday, I went to the kitchen for a drink of water and had another thought. We might not be wheelchair-bound, but many times we are emotionally distant and unwilling to let someone do something nice for us and accept it with graciousness.

So, I suggest to let’s put our wheelchairs back in the car and let someone else get the mail for us today.

When I lived in Tennessee many years ago, I recall road signs at the entrance to the freeways “Give a car – Take a car”. That’s how traffic flowed onto the highway smoothly without bottlenecking during rush-hour traffic. I suspect signs like that wouldn’t do any good today because no one would pay attention to them. Everyone rushes out and pushes their way in! But, it works when let allow it to happen.

Think about, “Give a Smile (Hug) (Gift) (Praise) (Prayer) – Take a Smile (Hug), (Gift) (Praise) (Prayer)”.

Give One - Take One
Here's a Hug!

Take Care on the Journey,



Clay Feet said...

You perceptively but innocently touched one of my weak points. Though it is not hard usually for me to receive favors it has always been confusing and even embarrassing to know how to feel and react to them. I usually come away feeling guilty that I wasn't very grateful or didn't show enough appreciation. It has been this way most of my life.
It seems to be part of the steps into greater maturity. There is the real selfish, thoughtless stage where everything is all about me. Unfortunately I feel that way still too many times. Then there is the discovery of the lift one can experience by going outside the box to bless others. But even that can often be motivated by more subtle selfishness though it is an improvement. But then there is a place of easy transparency, openness and joyful service that is still beyond my easy comprehension at this point.
This does remind me of the blog I posted the same day and alerts me to one of the things that I sense resistance internally. Thanks for the thoughts and insights.

Linda Meikle said...

Dear Clayfeet,
As your friend for many, many years, I know you have a difficult time knowing how to show appreciation. And, I know the feeling! We are ill at ease when others show kindness to us. At times (well, most of the time), we wonder what the ulterior motive is. I still force myself to just say a simple "thank-you" and really mean it. I think the message will come through. (And, don't let your next thought be how you're going to repay the kindness.) We are not alone is this overcrowded boat, but it's important we learn to share the space.

It continues to be strange how we often post the same topic and we haven't even been in touch.

Ginger Brooks said...

Dear Linda,
I love this blog. I made a vow to smile at people when I look into their eyes & you'd be surpised at just how many smiles I get back! I love you a lot & have missed emailing you. Hope you know I love you! Ginger