June 9, 2008

My Lady Diana Rose

This beautiful pink rose bush called the Lady Diana Rose (next to the tall Honeysuckle plant) is almost like a cat with its nine lives!

Purchased from a roadside stand on one of my trips from Ohio to Michigan a couple years ago, the baby seedling was brought to Ohio and tenderly planted in a very large flower pot on the balcony of our second floor apartment. Last summer I posted photos of her large pink blooms on this website.

Then in October, we moved from the second floor to another place on ground level, but the flower pot was too large and heavy to place outside our doorway at the new place. Until we could find a place to keep it, Jim and John huffed and puffed and rolled the great canister with my precious rose bush to the garage and closed the door. I felt terrible about leaving the tender plant alone and without sun or water, but had no choice unless I wanted to leave it at the local dumpster! I worried about it over the winter and wished I could do something with it. I was afraid to water it because of the freezing winter weather and lack of sunshine. (And had no water outlet anywhere near the garage.)

Wouldn't you know, in April when we went into the garage to store some winter items, there stood my wonderful rose plant with little green shoots sticking out from the bottom! It hadn't had sun or water for six months!

Delighted and astonished that it still had some life, Jim dug it up and planted it next to our front door in the little space of soil between the tulip bulbs and the lovely Mother's Day Honeysuckle Plant that he purchased and planted next to the house in May.

Today my Lady Diana presented me with this gorgeous little rose. Its way of saying, "Be strong and never give up!" Life is always present somewhere deep inside. Have faith and you will always find the universe within."

...Couldn't leave out a picture of the little flower bed under our living room window...

Click each photo for close-up views. Notice the tiny little seedlings behind the plants of the flower bed. Those are flower seeds I planted after I put the blooming flowers in. Aren't they cute!

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