June 24, 2008

A Personal Survey I Hope Isn't Too Personal

Hi Guys,Over at MySpace people are always posting surveys so I wanted to do one that would be slightly funny but not give away too many of my secrets. Here's my first survey. The first part of the question was already included.... We just end the sentence. Enjoy and feel free to comment at the end.

1. I love...D & D (Dark Chocolate and Dr. Pepper)

2. Right now I want...the price of gas to go down
3. I feel like...it's a bad hair day every day
4. I hate it when...I step on ABC'd gum.
5. I fear...my kids will never give me grandkids
6. I'm lonely without...my computer (lol)
7. I need...about 2 million dollars
8. Today I...told a lie. I didn't see a UFO.
9. Tomorrow I'm...another day wiser!
10. I just...like older people who have a story to tell
11. I want to meet...in the middle!
12. I'm hungry for...something - but I can't think of what it is!
13. I love it when...it rains in the summertime.
14. I'm afraid of...personal answers ha ha
15. I'm listening to...the constant buzz in in my left ear!
16. I'm wearing...old clothes and shoes that make my feet feel hot.
17. I wish I was in...invisible sometimes
18. I'm craving...pinwheel cookies (my favorite!)
19. I want to get...out of debt (I almost am!)
20. I can...do anything I put my mind to
21. I can't...remember what I was suppose to do this afternoon.
22. I have...published a book
23. I haven't...sold very many books!
24. I'm nervous about...playing the piano in public
25. My Mom thinks I'm...good at playing the piano in public
26. My husband thinks I'm...part angel
27. I think...I am 99 percent angel
28. I'm happy when...I can do that 1 percent without feeling guilty. lol
29. I'm sad when...bugs eat my flowers.
30. I like eating...out too much.
31. I hate eating...too much.
32. I love watching...baby ducks cross the road.
33. I love listening to...someone I like chatting at me.
34. I like playing...the piano alone.
35. I hate waking up to...leftover bad dreams
36. I can see...through a lie.
37. I'm glad that...I haven't had to tell too much here.
38. I'm disappointed that...summer will be over soon.
39. I look like...I'm always worrying about something.
40. I wish I looked like...my little sister.

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Take Care on the Journey,


Linda Meikle said...

Well. I see my sitemeter is gone. Just checking to see if comments work. Whew!

Linda Meikle said...

(I'm still talking to myself here.) The template change-over has been massive and un-nerving as I've been teaching myself how to install each step of the way. I got the Sitemeter back online and only lost one day! It took awhile to figure out which was sitemeter code and what was 'other stuff' code. I love this new style though. It's not a blogger template but someone made it for blogs. Thanks!

I know somebody who is going to going to say 'Way to go, Mama Linda!"

Anonymous said...

How sweet you want to look like me, but I sure don't know why. I never gave it much thought, guess I'd like to be 6 inches taller & a lot skinner, ha ha.
I have new photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/SandyZike/
I love ya,
Little Sis

Katy said...

Yeah, I like the new blog! Way to go, Mama Linda! :)

I enjoyed reading your list, too.

On another totally unrelated topic, this website makes me laugh and laugh.

Who doesn't like animals dressed up as humans? :D

Hope you're well,

Anonymous said...

love the new site Miss Linda and as for grandchildren- my kids probably think you're a pseudo grandma to them- does that count? We love you!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I always forget to sign my name- that was from me, Buffy!

Linda Meikle said...

...That counts! And all my future grandkids will have to call me "Miss Linda".