August 13, 2008

LPN to RN - Back to School Fun

I'm as excited as a 4th grader finding back to school supplies and some nursing supplies I'll need for my RN program that starts October 6.

My son suggested using the time before school starts to start reviewing a book or two from my first classes. My advisor gave me the name of the A&P book, but a quick check on floored me with the price of $141.00! Not to be discouraged, I found a "used' one for $4.00. With tongue in cheek, I ordered it figuring it would be the wrong thing or in such tattered condition I couldn't open it. (Like my 50-year old diaries.)

Well, the book arrived today. A nice sturdy HEAVY box - that was a good sign!

Low and behold. It's the real deal! In pretty good condition with 'footprints' of the previous owner all over the inside. One note says, "Is this picture for real?" Thanks whoever-you-are for all the helpful notes. Priceless!

Also, I wanted to find a "nursing' backpack and tote. I spent a couple hours searching Google to no avail. I found a lot of "nursing' as in baby, but that wasn't quite the area I wanted to go. Finally, I did find a site that sells promotional stuff and while most items had a 50 minimum order, I was able to get one small backpack with a nursing quote on it. I'm still looking for something like a rolling backpack or small luggage carrier on wheels that has a nursing theme on it. Jim says, "It has to be out there. There's nothing that someone doesn't make!"
Speaking of....Our backs are finally starting to get better. Our Chiropractors, Drs. Greg and Heather here in New Albany, never spend less than an hour adjusting and treating. My lower back gets the electrical stem with four patches that send little pulses of electricity between them to help open up the pathways and relieve inflammation for healing. Dr. Greg even adjusted my knees yesterday.
I wonder how many of you are staying up to watch the Olympics and find yourself getting reminded of it in the afternoons with a case of the "sleepies"? I'm the 'watcher' and give hubby updates every morning!
Okay. It's my annual announcement. I'm not shy about reminding everyone that my birthday is coming up on September 3. Not that people forget (do they?), but I do enjoy the week-long celebration. Everyone is invited to be happy and enjoy the birthday week!
That's all for now. Supper time.
Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

I thought of you when I got up with the baby at 12:50am last night- just in time to watch the last two women gymnasts duke it out for the all-around gold. Great timing! But yes, I'm tired today. :)

Congrats on getting your first book. Isn't that an exciting feeling? Good luck finding your nursing bag.


Linda Meikle said...

Hi Katy,
Up with the baby....Hummmm. I still remember those days.

I did get the Primrose seeds and thank-you sooooo much. I used to plant them with the Morning Glories so I'd get blooms morning and evening. I plan to contact the company (listed on the package) for additional seeds!

Hope you're staying well.

Love, Mama Linda