December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 At Our Home

All through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!

It looks like I had no hits on my blog today and no greetings in my mailbox, so one can assume that everyone was busy with family, gift opening, playing with toys, or hanging out with many people.

Our house was pleasantly warm and very quiet except twice when my cell phone rang - my boys calling to wish us happy greetings and assurances that we will all be together next Christmas. That news has me feeling very happy!

One of my favorite gifts this year is a digital frame from hubby. So far, I can't get it to work exactly right. It keeps wanting to show the factory pictures! It does show my photos when I put in a flash drive, but stops at the prompts after going through the pictures and won't let me set the special settings.

Send pictures anyway! I'm sure I'll figure it out as I always do with electronic things.

We opened gifts last night as our Christmas Eve ritual. My sister and I always exchange many little gifts (by mail). We find things for each other throughout the year and enjoy sharing lots of unique items. She even found one of those blankets with sleeves that I had been looking for. (You only see it advertised on TV). Jim already took a nap with it wrapped around his shoulders!

Bobby and Alison sent a sweet gift, and my older sister sent a lovely angel calendar and bracelet. To be truthful, I was very lonely for my boys today. That's not to complain about loving hubby who enjoyed his "first day off from work" reading the paper and offering to help me with anything. It was just a very quiet day, and I didn't have a lot to do except think about my boys skiing in Nevada and playing computer games in Texas!

Tomorrow (Friday), John, Denise, Zack and Victoria should be here to celebrate the day. We had to share, you know. Grandma and Grandpa get the day after. This should be interesting as it's our first Christmas with the grand kids. Zack is almost eight-years-old and Victoria will be five-years-old in a few days. I believe I'm well prepared. ha ha Zack is suppose to say overnight - another first! I already have his bed all made up.

Who knows what 2009 will bring with a new president at the helm - and the world watching - or reacting!
I'm suppose to be attending the RN program the entire year. I might need to find some part-time nursing work but will see how much I can handle and study too.

I looked up what I wrote for Christmas 2007. (You can look up the date in the archives.) It was about as quiet here then as it is now. I wasn't quite as honest in admitting how much I missed my boys last year. Maybe I should have been! LOL

Sunday is hubby's birthday and I have a busy day planned, so things will definitely pick up quickly.

I'm thankful for my family and that we all have work. That I can go back to school. That my boys are happy and doing well. That I have new friends (especially Buffy), and I don't have to think about moving anytime soon!
I'll close with a Christmas Hug ... And Cheers to all

Take Care on the Journey


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Katy said...

Merry Christmas a day late, Mama Linda!