March 24, 2009

14 Minutes and 58 Seconds

Several have asked if I'm still enjoying school. (The LPN to RN program.)

For the record, YES, YES, YES.

My motto continues to ring, "Bring It On", but perhaps not quite so fast. ha ha

I'm getting pretty tired and would enjoy a little break sometime!!! We don't get a spring break, but every 15 weeks, we get one week off. My next week off is the last week in May. I do get every Friday off from class or clinicals, but it seems that day is so packed with catch-up things to do that I'm busy from morning till night too.

This week I've been stressed more than usual. I've had test in every class AND a couple papers to write that required a lot of time and effort. I also did a photo shoot on Sunday that was a blast (baby Jack), but wore me out - even though I had help carrying all the camera equipment. I still have to get those pictures ready, but the photos look so cute! I can't wait for Jack's parents to see them.

Today, I had my mid-term evaluations at clinicals (nursing home), and I worried about that one so badly, it almost made me sick. (It turned out excellent!) The last test of the week (dreaded A&P) is about 12 hours from now.

I tend to get anxious with test-taking, but at least I didn't end up in the emergency room with heart palpation's this week! No. Just feeling stressed mentally and worn out physically.

Most of all, I really miss my boys who live too far away to visit very often. (It's been a couple years since I've seen my boys!) We talk most every week, but I don't bother them during the week because they're busy teachers.

Today I mentioned to my angels that it sure would be nice if one of my boys would call. After a flurry of 55's coming and going during the day (most of you know what that means), I got the call from youngest son about 4 p.m. He asked how I was doing!!!! (It's usually catching up on the boys that takes up most of the conversation.) We chatted about ME (mostly) while he drove home from school, and now I feel SO MUCH better!

That brief moment in time (14 minutes and 58 seconds, according to my cell phone), made all the difference.

Thanks PC! You made my day happier and lighter!

Always remember, the moments you 'give' to someone may mean more than you know! Make them worth it.

(Picture) A favorite photo of my boys, Billy & Philip, taken about 30 years ago, sits on my bedroom dresser where I see it first thing every morning and last thing at night! (I don't care how badly they needed a haircut.)

Take Care on the Journey,


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